Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Productivity via Amazon

Disclaimer: I am not commissioned to write this blog post, but I will embed a couple of Amazon referral links. Nevertheless, you won't regret it.

I just got myself a Kindle Paper White, years after monitoring the Kindle market since purchasing the very first generation Kindle. My medical school friend asked me, why? Why, with all the Mac, iPad, iPad minis... Kindle Paper White? It's simple, precisely because there are too many devices that all flash at me. It will be easy to go blind when all work, hobbies, productivities and learning are on devices, and some even have very small screens.

Kindle Paper White has the Amazon "ink" feature, with back light that you can still view in bright day light and at night. No no no, I am not just reading books. In fact, I really don't have the time. I will be reading the PDF documents, and my Pocket app stored articles. But how? Of course, with a little bit of coding help, I can use Kindle Paper White's "Experimental Browser". Experimental browser as don't use it if your life depends on it. Yet Facebook, NYTimes, even gmail show up in the recommended lists! The 2nd generation paper white has a more advanced browser that is capable to handle modern social websites. Just not so good with JavaScript, JAVA, and fancy things.

Wait a second, if I can use IFTTT or Ruby on Rails  to turn my Pocket reads into RSS feeds or text-based blog entries. Problem solved! My kindle is now also my ereader for all. Thank you.

Okay, if you want to get one too, the second generation is 100 dollars +. You can get the Kindle classical too, but no touch screen : ( Then the possibility isn't so infinite. I still recommend the Paper White.

I thought my friend will use it for medical school textbooks, nope, she is going to be reading Wuxia Chinese Martial Art Novels like Jin Yong. Yeah... productivity, applied a bit ...

Then she worried that she wouldn't get it soon enough before her trip to San Francisco. I said, here's a link to Amazon Prime 30 Day Trial. It's free for 30 Days, and that means FREE two day shipping for all your holiday shoppings!! Productive and economical. In addition, Amazon Prime Instant Video = lots of free videos. Again, savings.

Amazon Prime 30 Day Trial

Here's my idea of Thanksgiving digital saving, save eyes, save money, efficiency, speed, and entertainment all in one. Don't forget, put your Netflix on pause if you get this Prime trail.

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