Monday, December 16, 2013

Dilys' Coding Picture

A contact asked me for pictures of myself coding. I found some interesting memories. And oh my thank you Women Who Code for many of these great memories and Girls Develop It, Girl Geek Dinner, and those sponsors who let us check out their cool venues.

Advanced JavaScript with TA @ Adobe (far right in blue shirt)

Computer badges: firebase API, evernote API, angelhack (I cracked the developer puzzle to get free ticket), Crunchies 2012 award ceremony, rare Codecademy badge, Girls Develop It, Coding Dojo

Demo my final Rails Content Management Project at Coding Dojo. I hacked a Pinterest like dashboard for it.

(far right first person, green shirt) Github Ruby Tuesday by Women Who Code

(far right first person, black shirt)  Ruby Tuesday by Women Who Code @ Klout

Hack night pitch time, Women Who Code, @ yelp

2012 Crunchies Award

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