Friday, December 20, 2013

How I Use Kindle Paper White - productivity tips in Chinese 怎么使用kindle paper white 电子书

Kindle marketing didn't make it obvious how many international features the Paper White can support. It's a surprisingly powerful tablet, not just e-reader. With a decent home internet, your Kindle can do powerful things. You should expect the same functionality for many other languages too.

亚马逊的kindle paper white电子书支持全球中文功能。只要家里的网络够快就可以使用许多辅助功能,在看重要文档和书籍的时候提供附属功能帮助。

Translation 翻译
Reviewing a document or reading a book and need some dictionary or translation help? Kindle Paper White got both covered. It translates to Chinese and many languages. 轻松的用网络翻译功能翻译多国语言。

Adding Notes and Typing in Chinese 中文打字功能
Adding a note for a Chinese colleague or a friend? Searching Google or Baidu for a Chinese novel? You can type in Chinese right in Kindle. 不用安装新的插件,只要简单修改设定就可以轻松的使用中文打字。

Browsing International Websites 浏览中文网站 - 用kindle电子书看穿越小说(笑)
The e-ink technology is flexible enough to display all languages, and Chinese looks amazing on Kindle's Experimental Browser. If the home internet is FAST, then the Experimental Browser is a powerful black and white browser. 只要家里的网络够快就可以轻松使用实验性的网络浏览器。我的朋友想看穿越小说就可以轻松的在网络上搜索自己的最爱

All Chinese 只用中文
Use the setting to change your kindle to Chinese once for all. 在设定中比仅仅可以加入中文输入,还可以把kindle全部改称中文。这样全家都可以用啦。Got a family that speaks only a foreign language? Your entire family can use Kindle now.

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