Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Productivity Tip Today - Fancy Hands your appointments, logistics and basic researches

Assistant for Everyone - Fancy Hands 

This is not a sponsored post.

Please use my referral link if you choose to sign up. 2 people have done so : ) when I simply tweeted about Fancy Hands (zero promo).
Reasons for recommendation:
  • Great price for service
  • API enabled. You can integrate your Facebook, Gmail and let your fancy virtual assistant helps you manage.
  • If you have Founders Card, in general it gives you lots of discounts to web services, referral link here . It's dubbed an exclusive card for Silicon Valley founders, frequent travelers, tech connoisseurs and productivity freaks. You get the idea. It gives you a steep discount on Fancy Hands, Mailchimp, W Hotels and many other services ... a bit elite if you will... #discount 
  • Professional: can do complex requests! Booking and optimizing trip, research to spreadsheet, smart basic researches
  • People already love the referrals
  • Apparently my stats so far are shown on my referral link

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