Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Personal Finance Tax 2014: Roth IRA versus IRA by Scottrade

Scottrade published this handy visualization guide to compare and contrast Roth IRA with IRA. It's perfect reference to last minute contribution to the accounts before the April deadline for tax year 2014. Get smarter at planning your retirement, starting young, by just spending a few minutes on these "lifehacks". 

One doctor friend just became a medical intern. This is the first year she and her colleagues face numerous choices of retirement investments. Personal finance is a big topic, but I think I can help by posting useful high quality information in bite size pieces that will help "hacking" the knowledge fast. Even with the help of high quality information, personal finance, investment and retirement planning have a special set of vocabulary. I will collect questions from readers, and share the answers. The discussion and explanation on topic may be valuable additional reading material. 

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