Tuesday, October 6, 2015

eCommerce News : Shopify announces Amazon login and Twitter buy button

Shopify is a rising star in the eCommerce world. It's a Canadian based company now serves global small businesses with quite a bit of personality. Earlier this year, Shopify opened the Pinterest commerce channel and Facebook advertising channel. A true multi-channel retail new blood, it just announced support from Amazon! Users can now log onto Shopify like logging on to (owned by Amazon). If that wasn't enough, Shopify added another social media partnership - twitter, specifically the Buy Now button. sweet! So what? That's many feuding social media companies rooting for one small Canadian "startup" / IPO'ed unicorn. Shopify is loved, unlike eBay. It's got love and support, so it will do well.

Social Media Tips : remove old tweets

The number of tweets is a key metric on your Twitter profile. If you have a small number of tweets, yet a large follower-to-following ratio, you are a social influencer. Why not boost this stat by going by and cleaning up old tweets? Remove tweets with zero interactions (no favorites nor retweets) AND are no longer relevant. For example: "another sunny day! :-) Sept 5th, 2012" should be removed! 

Rules of Sudoku for Algorithm Exercises

Need to code a Sudoku solver? Here are three rules of Sudoku: A 9x9 grids, Each row ... Each column ... Each of the 9 3x3 grids (examp...