Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Startup Tax How to get Turbotax Discount?

7 easy steps to get Turbotax discount. A good reason to buy TurboTax? The IRS assume people make 20% more mistakes when preparing their own tax. Using TurboTax can potentially reduce auditing risk (note, just lifehack tips, not professional advice, please consult your tax and legal professionals).

01 Google "turbotax discount" literally

Did you know that you can find discounts by literally googling for it? If you don't ask for it, it won't be given. It can take you to a landing page, or a bulk discount site that gives customers more favorable deals. Get $20 dollars off.

02 Use American Express Discount

Did you know that American Express Offer has TurboTax discount? But only for personal filing though.  Save 5% to 10%. 

03 Use Partnership Discounts - Fidelity TurboTax Discount

Some companies offer joint discount! Fidelity offers TurboTax discount for its customers. Save $20.

04 Use a Membership Business Toolbox Discount - FounderCard

Memberships like FounderCard is geared towards startup founders and users. It gives discounts to all kinds of products and services including TurboTax and Moo Business Cards. Save 10% off.

05 Buy TurboTax on Amazon

It's painfully obvious Amazon offers the steepest discount. TurboTax Business 2016 perfect for c corp startups incorporated in Delaware and doing business in California is $50 dollars off! Insane. State filings require additional though. Don't buy the Delaware one. You can't file via TurboTax anyway.
Use my Amazon referral for TurboTax for the steepest discount.

06 Buy TurboTax Disc - Hard Copy

Buying online? You are in a hurry. No discount. Buy a disk? You are probably a real budgeting, accounting person who is price sensitive. Buying a TurboTax disc instead of a digital copy sometimes can save you money. Just keep in mind, you may have to pay more for special and specific filings.

07 Online Merchant Account Discount for TurboTax - eBay

eCommerce platforms like eBay and Etsy have special discount codes for online shops and merchants. Use your subscriber discount for TurboTax and QuickBooks.

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