Saturday, September 14, 2013

ABCamp Inaugural Meetup: Getting Started with Web Development

Interested in getting started with Web Development? Interested in learning what is the technology hype about? Please join our San Francisco meetup, a rare get together opportunity, that is tough to come by given how expensive San Francisco venue cost is.

We will meet and greet, discuss how to get started with Web Development, local communities, resources that are available, job opportunities. There may be special tool demos. You won't be disappointed. I will personally talk about how to better use to be a super beginner!

Experienced developers are encouraged to come and support beginners, share experiences and advice.

This is not just another meetup. We actually want to provide a content sharing and distribution network for all! We cover more languages and fields than necessary. By making it available online and to all Americans and beyond, you get audience and participants from all over the world, old and young.

In this first and one of very few in-person meeting we will have, we want to explore different learning styles and discuss shortcuts and pain-free ways of learning technology to enhance your current job and productivity. That is learning without the risk of jeopardizing your current job, or worry about your future in a new career track. Basic programming skills can significantly increase the productivity of your current job! And no prior programming skills required!!

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