Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One more time with Crunchies | a year's progress report by the "Codecademy Girl"

2013 a year in review, the codecademy girl journeys on
it's a year of intense financial and time investments
it's a year of exploration and uncertainty, but extremely fulfilling learning
it's a year of learning how to analyze, prototype, think like, and be productive like a developer
it's a year in review since the 6th annual crunchies ceremony, a life changing event


  • May Completed 12 weeks of +Coding Dojo and presented 3 projects on demo day. First to obtain a black belt certification
  • October 2013 Startup School 2013 Y Combinator, live tweeted and attended
  • Working at round 1 support
  • Working at round 2 curriculum
  • Cracked the developer code and got a free ticket to Angel Hack Silicon Valley, felt so good, proven my worthiness as a developer in training
  • Deloitte Technology Trend 2013 Annual Report contributor

  • Hackathons: Participating in Chime Hack, Chime for Change sponsored by Gucci [jQuery Mobile][JavaScript] || April 2013 DiscoverSF hackathon, SF tourism challenge, single handedly code up a working demo with teammates [jQuery Mobile] [JavaScript] [Google Map API] [Geolocation] || Women Who Code Hack Night at Yelp
  • April Attendee of Lean In presentation and book signing with +Sheryl Sandberg and Stanford women leaders at the Facebook HQ
  • Events: Attendee of April 2013 HTML5 Developer Conference, Google DevFest at Google HQ

  • Crowdfund raised $455 on GoFundMe for programming education. Why the CrowdFunding? No.1 reason is motivation. I have "angel investors" to answer to. I have to tell them about my progress. At times, I help with their tech projects, as an unpaid consultant: I advised on product, CSS, prototyping, building product, bootcamp ... It's a lot of fun, a sense of community, and responsibility. This blog post is one of those updates. It's about strength. And at one point, programming education does accumulate to a scary amount. 

  • The Crunchies 2012: for the first time, I was nervous about public speaking. I spoke well about business, strategy and consulting, but never about programming. I was humbled and delighted by the overwhelming support from this expert coding and entrepreneurial community. I will never forget people stopping me in hallways afterwards, and telling me how awesome it is that I have started to learn coding. People were there to meet like-minded people. That came first, awards were nice bonuses, frosting on the cake.

  • Learn to Code is like a video game with tons of boss levels but no final boss, it's a journey, and this journey is far from over. All this post is saying is that I didn't drop the ball after 5 minutes of fame. I really like hacking. I have been doing a lot of that after the Crunchies in 2012 and throughout 2013.

Press, Writings and Discussions on beginner coding and bootcamps:

Now I code casually all the time for prototyping, experimenting and productivity sakes, also demoing tutorials. I am trying to find my next career adventure as a Technology Business hybrid, it's my happy mixture. I blog about products, technology, beginner coder, MOOC, online programming education and web development bootcamps, lifestyle in Silicon Valley.


My pledge: I am a strong believer in paying it forward, and that's why I will continue to build tutorials and platforms to support beginners in coding. This blog will continue to grow as a wealth of information. Expect more updates soon. 

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Workshops, Classes, Pair Programming Sessions:

  • One Month Rails by +Mattan Griffel and +Chris Castiglione
  •  +Code School Summer Camp (cool idea but I wasn't exactly on top of it) 
  • +Air Pair Backbone.js, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Advanced JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, Backbone.js, MVC Framework, AJAX with Girls Develop It


Yahoo Hack | Salesforce +Dreamforce Video  '13 | Retail Technology @ +eBay  | +Code School  Code School's  +Gregg Pollack  on 12 Steps to be a better Developer | Google IO Extended | Coding Forward San Francisco: Meet the Developers Behind the Obama Campaign | RailsConf streaming at +New Relic 


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