Sunday, May 29, 2016

Web Analytics Tools & Softwares that Marketers Use on Top of Google Analytics

Summary: Here's an ultimate bucket list of growth hacking, marketing, tracking and analytics tools marketers would use on top of Google Analytics. If you are a sophisticated marketer, you should growth hack with these tools too to gain 360 insights on your customers.

Mixpanel - customer tracking, retention, funnel, customer metrics, visualize funnel, dropout
Hotjar - heatmaps, UX, recording, polls, tracking clicks,
Hubspot - customer tracking, email customization, funnel
Trackjs - developer engineering tracking for javascript errors
Optimizely - A/B testing
SumoMe - content tracking tools for publishers to track pages and posts
BuzzSumo - popularity, competitive intelligence
Impactana - popularity
Rival IQ - popularity, competitive intelligence
Drift -
OnBoardTips - on boarding
Moz - SEO
Yoast - SEO meta data
Majectic Tool -
SEO sitecheckup
Raven - great reporting, build-in SEO auditor
Screaming Fog
Oscilloskope -
Adobe Analytics
Stat -
Facebook insights, Pinterest insights, native social media dashboards
Analytics from Buffer
Mavenlink - internal tracking, project management
crazzyegg - user behavior analysis
yandex metrika
proprietary tools - that works with MySQL or MongoDB, internal CRM

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Social media growth hacking tip for nonprofit organizations

This picture below is a great example from the Chinese Twitter Weibo. Picture depicts animals in distress because of ocean trash dumping. The tweet it says do not (click the button for) like only repost (retweet and share). This is a great social media caption for non profit and environmental organizations trying to raise awareness, boost interaction, and grow the social media account.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Code School launches Facebook react course - front end developmentframework just announced its new course for Facebook front end development framework – react. React has received a lot of hype into 2015 and 2016. It's one of the most rising popular frameworks backed by Facebook. Demmings Facebook engineers are actively using this framework and supporting it. It is an open-source project so anyone can see and contribute.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tutorial Spotlight - Social Media - developing with Twitter Pinterest Facebook Snapchat

Twitter cards

Twitter Analytics

Tutorial Spotlight - SquareSpace - eCommerce platform SEO

Squarespace SEO

Tutorial Spotlight - JavaScript - D3, scrolling, front-end, interactivity, UX

Famous blog : JavaScript is sexy

Famous blog : dailyJS

Introduction to Full Stack JavaScript via Smashing Magazine

How to test if two objects are the same using JavaScript via stackoverflow

Python JavaScript D3 Hack

Evernote JavaScript SDK for Evernote Developers

A small micro check library in javascript


Charts diagrams graphs with JavaScript


Important Javascript Libraries and Frameworks

Functional programming with JavaScript using Underscore. Great for testing too

Tutorial Spotlight - CSS - front-end design animations

30 endangered species CSS design and animation
Species in pieces

Make Pinterest with CSS (CSS Tricks)

CSS animation cheatsheet !
css triggers cheatsheet
troubleshoot css
analyze performance css
css stats of a URL important dev tool
animate icons using css and svg (pretty not necessarily useful)
mac app visually create CSS codes without coding
css for mobile

CSS positioning W3School

CSS Library      flashy pretty scrolling effects also crazy scroll path