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F1 Score - Machine Learning

F1 Score is an useful metric of classification models rather than regression machine learning models. It is an useful metrics for models that also go well with confusion matrix. F1 score is an useful machine learning metrics aka performance score that is also frequently used in statistical analysis. You can read more about F1 score on the wikipedia page and also the sklearn F1 score documentation below:

F1 Score and Accuracy scores are both used in classification tasks. Accuracy score has some shortfalls. For example, if the dataset is obviously biased. For example, if most of the input data is negative (of the negative class only), say 99.99%. Then the machine does not need to explicitly learn anything intelligent. It can just guess "negative"every time, it will still be 99.99% accurate. F1 score is a shorthand to measure a composite score of the confusion matrix - true positive, true negative, false positive, false negative.

F1 score is a combination of recall and precision. It also a shorthand to measure how accurate and useful the result is.

Accuracy is a simple fraction of correctly classified objects over total number of objects.

It can be misleading to only focus on accuracy, especially when data labels are imbalanced, even if data is representative. Certain scenarios are simply more prevalent in the population data. For example, by definition orphan diseases are the minority data points in the real world. 

Get the most out of your Udacity Nanodegree and Subscription

Udacity is pricey. You are on a budget and desperately need a better job. Here are some great tips to take advantage of your Udacity subscription.

Udacity Career Partners and Career Hub

Udacity offer video tutorials for technology as well as how to write a resume, start a startup and more. In addition, each nanodegree is created in partnership with top tech companies, take advantage of these hidden connections. Reach out to content creators and industry leaders from Google.

Udacity Career Conferences

It's real. It works. There are actually top Silicon Valley companies come to review your resume and interview you in person. Highly recommend. I can give a lot of personal anecdote about how well this worked out for me. 

Udacity Career Profile

Completed multiple nanodegrees? You can turn your "ADHD" and inability to stop learning forever into a career advantage: show that you had a the grit and resourcefulness to complete multiple nanodegrees on your career profile. Update it regularly. 

Make your Capstone Project Portfolio Ready

These days, companies hire if you have a great portfolio not a great label. Turn your capstone project into a recruiter ready, professional medium post, a github repo, Linkedin ready slides or PDF. Do this while completing the capstone. It is so much easier. Once you are done with the nanodegree, it's really hard to go back.

For example, Udacity digital marketing project slides are presentation ready. And you get real-world experience marketing for Udacity on Adwords, Facebook and Instagram. 


Though not always helpful, Udacity Nanodegree subscription does come with an online. Remember, you can always request to change mentor if you have any trouble. 

Udacity Forum

A great place for discussion, gaining traffic, and ask for advice. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Better Relationships in Silicon Valley

You are here to win and start a startup, but the journey of being an entrepreneur can be lonely, especially if you are a solopreneur. Have you thought about starting a meaningful relationship while you are here? Here are some tips and resources for you.

Hinge: a professional Tinder like dating app but often for Ivy League educated young professionals

Coffee Meets Bagel blog: another dating app offer some advice on their blog.

A Ted talk about relationships more Ted relationship talks

Former OkCupid blogger made famous insights and findings about relationships and online dating profiles. He has turned those insights into a full book.

Monday, July 16, 2018

100 Social Networks, Resources and Sites for Jobs in Silicon Valley


A women friendly job site completed with great tips, startup office infos and perks, and other pretty things that help ease the job searching stress.


Tinder but for business professionals. Wave match you with young business professionals that you should connect with.


Who says work and love have to be separated? Meet young business and tech professionals using Hinge, a dating app popular in Silicon Valley. 

Silicon Valley HBO TV Show

Need to learn to talk-the-talk walk-the-walk in the Valley? Get inspired and entertained by watching Silicon Valley the HBO show. 

100 Amazing Tools and Resources for Startup Founders

Brainstorm Startup Ideas and Domain Names Using Generators

Bootstrap - Front End Framework

Previously Twitter Bootstrap is a super popular framework for front-end development. 

Use GSuite or Google Domain to Host Your Custom Domain Email

Want to have instead of so that your company looks official and trust worthy? Use Google Work's gmail hosting or the email forwarding service of Google Domain (only works one way - only receives custom domain emails).

Trello Board

Organize development cycles and sprints with Trello Board.

Material Design - Front End Framework and Stylebook

Google's Material Design helps you design Android like apps, paper like animations and layout.

Flat UI - CSS Framework

Design Google Material Design like UI, flat design. 

Prototyping, Wireframing Tools

Invision, Marvel

Marvel can easily mock up mobile apps in minutes, for free.

Free Professional Apps for iPad

Expensive apps like Adobe and premium MailChimp features are actually available in various forms of iPad apps. You can use advanced features for free! MailChimp even have an offline app for collecting emails at events and conferences.


Get gigs done on Fiverr for $5 dollars and up.

Reddit, Product Hunt, Imgur, Hacker News - are all important social networks for founders at Startups

Outsource and Delegate to Offsite Teams

Google Voice

Use google voice to set up a separate number for work.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

File patents, copy right protection.


Google Trend - Product Research & Market Research - Growth

Yoast - SEO for WordPress

Make Gifs and Screenshots

Some Chrome Extensions also have the capability. 


Unsplash - Stock Photo

Unsplash provides high-quality, startup-friend, royalty free stock photos. 

Code Libraries

In addition to frameworks, there are also jQuery UI, WordPress themes, 

WordPress Themes

Startup themes are available for purchase on ThemeForest. These templates will make your website look instantly like a legitimate startup. However, for WordPress speed is a serious concern. Without the snappy speed, startup websites will give off the wrong vibe. How can you raise funds for your tech startup if your website is slow? 

Bootstrap, a popular front-end frame, can be easily integrated with WordPress.

Hire Designers on 99 Design and Fiverr

Splashthat - Make Instant Event Invite Pages

These pages are called splash landing pages. Splash refers how instant and short-lived the pages are, usually used for a particular event or a purpose, or an Optimizely experiment. 

Pinterest Board for Web Design Mood Boarding

Pinterest Rich Pins are content friendly, sophisticated pins (with specialized meta tags) that display detailed information such as recipe, blog article, and Buyable Pins.

Add E-Commerce Capability to Your Youtube Channel and Games

Alto's Adventure and Odyssey - a top selling iOS game uses Shopify as its e-commerce platform to sell specialty merchandise such as stuffed llama - a beloved avatar int he game. 

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More Tips and Tools:

  • Understand your customer journey Google Customer Journey
  • Practice the philosophy of running a lean startup
  • How to boost employee happiness without spending any money by Fast Company
  • MailChimp newsletter integration with Shopify and eBay
  • Co-working spaces are more than just physical spaces for an office. Those are also great places to connect and meet with people. It is a real community valuable for entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs. 
  • Mock up API calls
  • Web Scraping tool Careful most sites are protected with Term of Use, which generally prohibits scraping for commercial purpose. 
  • Organize your code snippets with public and private gists on github
  • version control for designers pixelapse (acquired by dropbox)
  • Use lint and validator tools to validate codes
  • Business Plan

Statistics Basic 101

Core concepts:

Sample vs Population
Establish a hypothesis for the research
Statistics significance and statistical theories

Evaluating Statistics:
Did we achieve the research objective?
Did we find support for the hypothesis?
What is the conclusion?
What is the next step?

100 Amazing Coding, Machine Learning, Data Science Courses Tutorials on the Internet

While learning to code, bettering your coding schools, online learners should avoid getting stuck in the ocean of tutorials and videos - do not get stuck in learners' limbo. It is impractical to know all the details of a framework. Not every pilot knows how to build a plane, not every machine learner needs to know all the math of all the algorithms!
  • Udacity
    • Web Development
    • JavaScript Design patterns
    • How to Build a Startup
    • OOP with JavaScript
    • iOS Swift
    • Product Design
    • Firebase for iOS
    • Introduction to Firebase
    • Linear Algebra Review
  • Coursera JAVA OOP
  • Berkeley School of Information
  • Stanford CS 101 cousera 
  • R programming and genetics algorithms by Johns Hopkins on Coursera
  • Check out our blog post on free Udacity Baidu self driving car seminar
  • Stanford intro to logic past
  • LittleBits teaches hardware and software engineering experience to kids. It is slightly more accessible than Raspberry Pi. Comes with a variety of sensors and components, such as pressure sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor etc.
  • Tutorial code test quiz -
  • W3Schools
    • HTML Dom Events
    • Free tutorials on Angular by w3schools
    • CSS
  • AngularJS
  • Platzi learning
    • Once funded by YCombinator. It invites prominent speakers including YC leaders to talk about startup, finance, data, growth and more. 
  • Manning Book Practical Data Science with R
  • Coursera

Pro Tips for Online Learners

Use Kindle e-ink to avoid eye strains.

F1 Score - Machine Learning

F1 Score is an useful metric of classification models rather than regression machine learning models. It is an useful metrics for models tha...