Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What is a Neural Network - Best Machine Learning Tutorials

Neural networks are important for ML as well as artificial intelligence and deep learning. This Youtube channel explains NN in depth. Take a look.

How to Rotate a Matrix by Gayle Laakmann McDowell - Author of Cracking the Coding Interview

Great tutorial highlights by author of the most popular technical interview prep book Cracking the Coding interview.

Personally because this particular problem is tedious I like to read blog format tutorials. I feel that written format works better for this question and the matrix spiral problem. This is one of the best video format I can find.

Reverse a Linked List in Python - Technical Interviews Programming Interview

Take a moment to think about what would the data structure of a linked list look like in Python.

class Node:
     def __init__(data):
 = data
 = None

Each element of the Linked List is a node which contains data and a next pointer.

We use pointer to indicate a Python variable, which is not the same as the * operator.

To reverse a Linked List, you have to recursively put the current head as the previous node, the list head will become the second to last element and points to None, while the list tail is now the new head.

It's assume that the Linked List has a head pointer just like all Linked Lists defined by its abstract data structure (ADS)

current = head
prev = None
next = None

while current:
     next = = prev
     prev = current
     current = next
return prev

It gets a bit confusing in the middle. It's important to remember that the previous pointer starts with None, because the old head points to None after being reversed. Next serves as a temp pointer, we need to temporarily store, and change it to previous. Since we just completed processing the current node, we store it in the new prev variable, which has the current and new  Then store the next node as the current node. The order matters when assigning and the new current.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Finding Repeats in an Array or a List - Technical Interview in Python Patterns

Practice using Hash map.

def find_repeat(numbers):
seen = set()
for n in numbers:
if n in seen:
return n
return False #if no duplicate found

Instead of returning False, you can also raise an exception. Use this:
raise Exception('custom exception message here')

Getting started with theme development - theme development resources

Ready to make money on the internet? Well, hold your horses, it is not that easy, but developing themes is free to start, though time consuming to optimize, but once you have a product, you can deploy it on any platform. Here are some resources to get you started!

Free themes and giveaways can attract followers, ratings and get you started in the theme business

Shopify Theme and Shopify Partner Program

Shopify allows you to take a cut from retail store subscriptions and sell your themes. You can fetch up to $120 - $2000 dollars. 

Tumblr Custom Themes

Get inspired by Tumblr themes here
Get educated and get inspired. Tumblr themes go up to $49 dollars and more.

Know your artists

Animators and manga artists are thriving on Tumblr. If you were to monetize on tumblr, make sure you know your audience. Here's an example of an artist blog on Tumblr Here''s another

What's a beginner friendly tutorial for getting started with theme development on Tumblr?

Apparently General Assembly Dash has a Tumblr Theme project. It guides you throw basic HTML and CSS and essentially that's what you need to get started. It will walk you through creating a basic bubble shaped profile picture and an input field to collect email addresses.

Amazon supports native ads on Tumblr

Technically Amazon supports banner displays and CPM ads on Tumblr but implementing it on the Tumblr side is a different issue all together. Pay attention Tumblr community guidelines and term of services is always the way to go.

Take Advantage of the Build-in Viral Factors

As someone who has done a lot of social media and content marketing, I think Tumblr has the most re-sharable form of blog posts. It's almost as instant as Favoriting a post. The newcomer with this prowess is Medium. Customize themes should not hinder this experience. In fact, it should highlight social shares and showcase them. 

What is a Neural Network - Best Machine Learning Tutorials

Neural networks are important for ML as well as artificial intelligence and deep learning. This Youtube channel explains NN in depth. Take a...