Thursday, May 10, 2012

Like button 3D Printing Fun

Like button with a trophy base. Cut off the hand, place it vertically in the slot.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

The secret life of 3D printing

To award our best volunteer and also best customer, I proceeded to design a 3D badge (a materialized social badge yay!!) for both of them. Technical difficult made me essentially print the same one for both. I look forward to see Shapeways materials in gold plated, basics (prototype), and more. The actually design took 3 hours on TinkerCAD, but the trouble shooting and Tinkering took another 3 hours. Totally worth it.

The lines that you see were originally supposed to be holes and carve ins so we can style up the letter. Unfortunately the TinkerCAD rendering wasn't perfect for it and Shapeways and iMaterialise didn't pick the changes up either then we went for all solid with minimum hole structures.

Fun experience will make more but not until I see these in person.

Real world tag hunting

The bogus request from P2PU to hunt for HTML tags in real life has yielded a lot of good thoughts. My first impression was that this is stupid. Then I commented :

i had more troubles with this assignment than learning a whole week of HTML I am super impressed with what people came up with and realized that through this assignment I am also more consciously aware of HTML and have a stronger inner connection. Lolol wtf... but yeah seemingly "stupid" but awesome assignment

End up being all spiritual about it... Lolz I realize my inner HTML is really Spam Musubi a great snack food totally unhealthy but totally delicious is probably a fusion food invented in Hawaii. When I was visiting friends in Davis, I ate a lot at the fast food eatery Ohana. 

Why? Look at this it is an image <img> , <div> is the rice, spam, seaweed is overall (<html>). Or may be the whole <html> is the entirety of the food, and the onions are the styling <style>. rice is the  <p>... I can go on and on. Or may be you look at these two together they are a <ol>  <li>

Gosh then I can only imagine what it would be for Sushi platter!! Holy molly. All the contents definitely have styling declaration too~~

P2PU what have you done to my brain!??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Updated August 2, a new post on Flat UI in Teabags.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Javascript Basics

Prototype explained by blog authors:
From WordPress

P2PU challenge HTML #4 - HTML Tags

Amazing treasure bonus : Mozilla's vocab index list of HTML tags!! score~~
Click Here for Mozilla HTML Tag List
Lolz, I immediately flipped to HTML tab in Blogger and looked at what tags are used for the hyperlink. Then i checked for <a> tags in the Mozilla list! Works perfectly

Did P2PU really ask me to find HTML like photos in real life? My first thought : this is getting ridiculous. I am not learning any HTML here. All my knowledge came from CodeAcademy.

And true indeed.

I have to say one thing: reading other people's blog. I really amazed at people's creativity for this strange request. Not only that many moved ahead to complete it, they completed it with care and innovation. Impressed.

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