Thursday, April 28, 2022

Error Message Hardhat debugging error unsupported engine hardhat, current node v18

Error message


Unsupported engine {

package: 'hardhat@2.9.3',

required: { node: '^12.0.0 || 14.0.0 || 16.0.0' }

current: { node: 'v18.0.0', npm: '8.6.0' }




It may be surprising that to use the latest smart contract development tool Hardhat, you will need to use an older version of Node.js, NOT the current node.js 18. Revert it to node 12, 14, 16.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Getting Started with Twilio for Developers

 Twilio mark up language TwiML

<Response> <Say> <Play> <Gather>. There are more we haven’t listed here.

Example markup file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


    <Say>Thanks for calling!</Say>


Natural Language Processing with Twilio

NLP with Twilio

Twilio No Code Solution

No-code development using Twilio Studio, drag and drop, link to make your twilio app.

Twilio Video

Functionality: use command line auto generate an URL utilizes programmable video 
Functionality: video calls

Big Numbers You Should Know - Technical Interviews, Power of 2


Big Numbers You Should Know Technical Interviews Power of 2. 

KB kilobyte, megabytes MB, GB gigabyte, TB terabyte, Peta, Exa, Zetta, Yotta

Udacity illustrates PCA

Udacity uses this analogy to illustrate how to convert a long run-on sentence into a short phrase "I had a coffee and a pastry."

Yarn package manager

 #Installing all the dependencies of project


# Starting a new project

yarn init

"Yarn is a package manager for your code. It allows you to use and share (e.g. JavaScript) code with other developers from around the world."

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Advertising networks, publisher, digital marketing for growth

DoubleClick Campaign Manager


DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google Analytics

DoubleClick Rich Media

DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Sales Manager

Doubleclick Studio

Doubleclick Search

advertising provider networks



Google AdSense

Yahoo Display Network


Microsoft Advertising


Commission Junction

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Moralis best framework for web3, blockchain

What is Moralis: moralis is an easy to use web3 framework, a dapp middleware. 

Multi blockchain, Moralis supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon., avalanche

Dev tools : Moralis is compatiable with Ganache. 

Use cases of Moralis: "This is possible since Moralis provides an infinitely, fully managed bakend infrastructure for all users. ... Moralis also offers ... native support for MetaMask, IPFS, the Moralis NFT API, cross-chain compatibility, etc. ... valuable tools that help developers save time and money by shortening the development process. Another neat function is the Moralis Speedy Nodes functionality, which now comes with full WebSocket support. Moralis’ Speedy Nodes are some of the best, most reliable, and fast nodes available. Moralis already offer nodes for four different networks; ETH, Polygon, BSC, and Arbitrum. Moralis also supports archive nodes of all these networks, which means that it is possible to query information from past states of the respective blockchains. " Moralis

Features: Moralis dashboard provides token balance, NFT balance, historical transactions

Moralis authentication: 

Single Sign On (SSO) aka magic link. Receive an email to click and sign in instead of using username and passwords. 

It's possible to use walletconnect with Moralis. There's a github repo library available.

NFT Endpoints, NFT APIs on Moralis versus Alchemy

Moralis offers many many more NFT features than Alchemy, whose NFT support is in the infant stage. There are only basics, get info get pic. Moralis can do much more. See screenshot above to see a snapshot of API endpoints that Moralis offers NFT.

It's a quick way to display NFT in the browser. Did you know the webb game also uses Moralis? 

Friday, March 18, 2022

Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC in person yacht party

BAYC launched a real in-person yacht party and a warehouse party. These are the twitter threads that track that party and show awesome photos and videos.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Party summarized on twitter threads

Blockchain DeFi Crypto NFT news March-April 2022

Crypto news March-Spring Spring 2022. Crypto is very risky. Do you own research. Even news cannot predict the result of volatile assets. Please read our disclaimer before reading our blog. There is no financial advice on this blog. We are not qualified. Mentioning a token, NFT, blockchain is not endorsement. 

News and regulations can make crypto rise and fall. Remember to read our full disclaimer before reading. 


TempleDAO: A memetic force to be reckoned with (coingecko article)

NVIDIA Ethereum mining


Another Dogecoin Core Release Might Be in the Works, Price Consolidates: Details

Doge Whale Mystery Continues: 261M Dogecoin Moved In A Single Transaction, Again


Google  + Quantum Computing


NVIDIA ethereum mining blocking was futile


Michael Jorda +  Solana + NFT

Metaverse, Gaming, NFT

Gucci + Sandbox + Metaverse blogger

Sandbox integrates World of Women avatars claiming "Diversity, inclusivity & interoperability in the Metaverse! You can now use your World of Women in The Alpha Season 2! You can now play with Snoop Dogg and World of Women's Avatars." Sounds really weird. If not creepy. Sandbox raises an interesting question: "Which NFT collection should be interoperable next?"

Bored Ape Yacht Club launches a trailer for its metaverse / game Otherside. It only garnered 35K views - tiny by youtube standard, but its launch of ApeCoin in game token already reached $13 dollars! That's quite some demand.

metaverse trend in Korea

tezos + metaverse
Tezos, Dogami, metaverse, game fundraise

Decrypt “Ronin, the sidechain for NFT "play-to-earn" game Axie Infinity, has been hit with an exploit that drained $552 million in crypto from its bridge to Ethereum's mainnet. By the time the exploit was disclosed, the value of the crypto lost had increased to $622 million.“ 

Tornado Cash blocks addresses in the Axie Infinity hack

Move2Earn workout game, this guy explains the viral StepN game in Chinese
* warning mentioning an entity is not a form of endorsement. Crypto is highly risky. Not financial advice. Do your own research.  This site is for informational purpose only. 

General economy

Mortgages Rates Surge to Highest Since 2018 "The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate loan jumped to 4.67%, mortgage-finance giant Freddie Mac said, marking the weekly figure’s highest reading since December 2018."

Disclaimer: My company and I may both own crypto currency. All discussed is for informational purpose only. Crypto and blockchain, NFT, gaming are highly risky spaces. These are not financial advice. Risky investment may incur lost of investment and the entire principal. All discussion of technology is for informational purpose only. Mentioning a tech does not mean endorsement. All tutorials are for informational purpose only, cannot be used for commercial nor production use. Have not been tested for security. Using blockchain, cloud or machine learning technology may incur high costs. We are not responsive for costs, damage associated with any of these technology. You may want to monitor the cost, and set budget alarms and quotas whenever possible. 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Web Development Basics 2022

  • ES6 JavaScript - ECMA pronounced ehk-ma decides the standard for javascript. And that's why the newest version of JavaScript is called ES6, ecmascript 6. symbol is new in ES6.
  • JavaScript - Dynamic Typing - Don't have to declare types right away.
  • JavaScript - Primitive Types (no methods, immutable): undefined, null, boolean, number, string, symbol. 
  • Toast message : a temporary message, for example display error.
  • array can store data with different types.
  •  HTTP status code 
    • introduction:
    • Different versions of it
    • MDN
    • Typecasting: changing a variable from one time to another. 
    • Coercion: explicit versus implicit. We need to watch out for this in JavaScript. Often it doesn't work as we would expect. 
    • Comparison and testing. Double equal versus triple equal. Double equal will coerce the types then test. Triple equal will require the type to match as well. This too can be counter intuitive, unexpected in JavaScript. There are also quirky JavaScript equality issues. JavaScript quirky equality issues
  • HTML DOM : Web dev Document Object Model (DOM) turns html documents into a tree like structure of nodes. nodes include img, body and the element node can contain attribute nodes such as src, text. A common task is traversing DOM elements.

Use ready to use, low-code environment:
Did you know you can upload custom font to Wix? Wix let's you start websites using a bit of HTML and CSS. 

Debugging : 

Node.js out of memory error. If encountered try upgrading node js to the latest version see if the problem is resolved. 

JavaScript events
JavaScript addEventListener, js events

Web Server request and response
Can return, de-couple tuple request object result into header, url and method
package.json the file that describes the node project, also specify dependencies, 
npx comes bundled with node
Key concept : request response cycle between client and server
Header is made of key value pairs, such as token value
Body response or data sent to server form date
node js http module is useful handle web requests.

JavaScript allows trailing comma. The extra last comma in objects. And that is okay. 

Content delivery network (CDN)

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon

Moralis Avalanche (blockchain) ($Avax) DeFI #hackathon. Avalanche is not just a faster ethereum. At its core, it's different. This hackathon has a mega prize pool. As Evan from Moralis would say the size of the prize pool is massive in crypto!

Great eco system

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon winners

Feature: power of Avalanche Contract Chain (C-Chain)

covalent subnet, customizable, mix of sharding, wall-off, jurisdiction - regulatory, private network

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What are Stablecoins

Warning: Please read our disclaimer. Do your own research. Our contents are informational purpose only. Even the congress is yet to understand and fully study the use and effect of stablecoins. We are not able to verify external resources like these below.

Decrypto guide to stablecoins

Coindesk : "stablecoins are used for trading, lending and borrowing, but the report added that these tokens may eventually become a means of payment for businesses and households. Another footnote specified that the report is not addressing any potential stablecoin issues under federal securities or commodities laws, but the report itself did acknowledge the SEC and CFTC's authority to oversee stablecoins that meet the provisions of these laws. The legislation would apply to stablecoin issuers that are headquartered in the U.S., operate stablecoins that people in the U.S. can access or otherwise have"

Watch out not all stablecoins are collatoralized What are Stablecoins :

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Binary cross entropy loss function

Generalized cross entropy formula using sigma notation


Binary cross entropy using y, 1-y to represent the probability of class 0 or class 1

sebastian thrun founder of udacity explains binary cross entropy

Sunday, February 20, 2022

PiCoin Crypto

What does hosting a picoin node look like

Alchemy for Blockchain, NFT Review

 Review Alchemy, developer platform, super node for blockchain, NFT, crypto. Alchemy has attracted a lot of attention lately because of high-profile Andreessen Horowitz -led investment. 

Can use alchemy composer to compose request.

"Alchemy is extremely proud to be powering the biggest names in the NFT space, including Makersplace (recently set a record digital artwork sale at Christie’s for $69 Million), Dapper Labs (creators of NBA Top Shot & Crypto Kitties), OpenSea (the world’s largest NFT marketplace), Zora, Super Rare, NFTfi, Foundation, Enjin, Origin Protocol, Immutable, and more."

Alchemy request composer, Ethereum get balance example

Warning Warning, please read the below disclaimer before reading our post:

Alchemy in the news: 
Startup funding, polygon and alchemy

Friday, January 28, 2022

Easy to remember math functions and their graphs

 reposting from the internet

OpenSea NFT basics for developers

Here's what you need to know about OpenSea NFTs as a developers. Before we start, be sure to read our disclaimer and warnings. Remember these contents are for informational purpose only. 

The Rise of OpenSea

Why should you care? Recently OpenSea has had stellar performance, gained steam and attracted amazing investments.

NFTs can have traits

This is an example of Blocky Doge, doge themed NFT by supposedly dogecoin creator. These traits are stored permanently as a part of the metadata of the token on chain. 

Testnet NFT, Rinkeby NFT

Wallets that OpenSea supports
OpenSea supports more than just metamask, for example OpenSea supports Kaikas for Klay WKLAY, aka Klatyn. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Shopify Partner Developer Essentials

example shopify api endpoints






Monday, January 24, 2022

Firebase Stripe Extension for payment debugging

 If your stripe webhook contains errors, Stripe will email you and inform you that requests to this end point has failed. In this case, we got a "Webhook Error: Invalid Secret". 

To fix this bug you will need to navigate back to the stripe extension configuration page in firebase console. 

To get this value you will need to grab it from stripe dashboard, webhook secret, it usually begins with 

Navigate to Stripe dashboard > select Developer from top nav > select webhook from left nav, then select the webhook you created, and select reveal secret in the webhook's menu. 

Signing secret begins with whsec. 

You will need to add this secret to firebase for firebase to successfully communicate with your stripe webhook. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Algorithms bias

Examples of algorithms gone bad, gone wrong, unethical. Lessons to learn and what NOT to do when designing an algorithm. 

Apple's "sexist" credit card.

Stanford researchers' horrid gaydar paper

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Stock, Crypto Technical Analysis

Crypto investment. 

Warning Please be sure to read our Disclaimer before reading this post or any post on our blog, youtube, proprietary website.

  • Bollinger Bands 
  • Breakout: Any breakout patterns?
  • Fees can really affect your takehome profit in crypto. Check out coinbase's fee schedule here
  • Momentum
  • Note the fee is different for makers and takers. 
  • Relative strength index RSI
  • Short interest
    • Roblox example
  • Other non technical, qualitative components: new listing, coinbase new listing
  • 50 day moving average. e.g. a lot of cryptos are correlated with bitcoin 50 day moving average. 50 day moving average below 100 day moving average, some may consider it a bearish sign.
  • WhaleStats: show movements of big ETH whales. What kind of tokens they are buying and trading.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Polygon blockchain developers resources

 Developer advocate of Polygon Xiangan He talks about Polygon development.

The ecosystem of polygon is huge. 

Polygon value propositions and offerings (official website retrieved Jan 2022)

Polygon offerings (official website)

Easy for developers to change ethereum apps to use polygon.

[NEWS] Farming game causes rise in demand of Polygon network, increases fees.

"The rising demand is impacting the usability of the Polygon network. Gas fees have increased dramatically this week, with PolygonScan showing an average gas fee of nearly 764 Gwei on January 5. That's a dramatic increase over the average rate, which fell between 72 and 115 Gwei daily during the last week of December. In U.S. dollars, it means that a Polygon transaction fee has jumped from what's often a penny or less to as much as $0.50, depending on the complexity of the transaction. That's still a fraction of the price of an Ethereum mainnet transaction, but for games and other applications that utilize a lot of transactions, the fees can start to pile up for users. " -

Polygon architecture layers

As developers you will need to own a bit of $MATIC polygon token for bridge, transaction fees etc, example to deploy smart contract to the mainnet.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Crypto & Tech News January 2022

Crypto is very risky. Do you own research. Even news cannot predict the result of volatile assets. Please read our disclaimer before reading our blog. There is no financial advice on this blog. We are not qualified. Mentioning a token, NFT, blockchain is not endorsement. 

General economy:
In U.S. creator economy boom, big tech battles for online talent (creator economics, monetization)

Why is dogecoin going down? Dogecoin Tesla effect erased?

Whale activity after Tesla + Dogecoin announcement (Caution Need verification, whale activities are hard to analyze)
Dogecoin Whale Activity Goes Up 148 Percent After Tesla's DOGE Announcemen (Caution Need verification, whale activities are hard to analyze)

Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Now Accepted by Gaming Giant Nexon

Tesla safety data and Elon Musk's reaction

Metaverse, gaming, NFT: 

SandBox:  Another land sale at Sandbox Jan 13, 2022 Alpha Season 2 Game Jam

Grand Theft Auto x Zynga Farmville  + NFT

Crypto influencer will be fined in Spain

Crypto hit 6 month low

Is bitcoin the new gold?

Robinhood had ~425 million loss. 

Youtube gaming head leaves for Polygon

Robinhood testing wallets

Shib and Dogecoin understands community

Google entering crypto space

"Arbitrum, the Ethereum (ETH) layer-two network, has had its second outage in less than five months due to a hardware problem. According to reports, the network was down for around seven hours. The network was having sequencing difficulties that prohibited transactions from being executed." Cointelegraph

Sunday, January 16, 2022

BigQuery Google Cloud Big Data SQL Basics 2021-2022

To get started you can visit the BigQuery documentation page on Google Cloud - start with the Guide tab. BigQuery is very helpful for big data analysis even if your data science skills and SQL skills are not at the advanced level. 
  • Do analytics on large dataset (Big Data), fast
  • Use SQL syntax to query datasets
  • Machine Learning with BigQuery BQML
    • Use SQL to run machine learning algorithms
  • How to save costs in BigQuery
  • AutoML with BigQuery
  • Google Cloud for Research
  • BigQuery can access datasets
    • Reddit available, Hacker News
Things you can do in Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud key management
Kaggle illustrated database table structure of bigquery, using hacker news as an example

BigQuery datasets example public dataset is organized under projects. A project is a collection of datasets. For example : hacker_news is a dataset. A dataset is a collection of tables. Illustrated by Kaggle.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Pytorch community, core development 2021-2022

 Pytorch community is growing. presented on developer day. 

pytorch just celebrated a  birthday

Today marks 5 years since the public release of PyTorch! We didn't expect to come this far, but here we're๐Ÿ™‚- 2K Contributors, 90K Projects, 3.9M lines of "import torch" on GitHub. More importantly, we're still receiving lots of love and having a great ride. Here's to the future!
Blogger landing

Tesla AI Day


Tesla humanoid presented on Tesla AI Day. It uses neural networks, FSD Hardware (Full Self Driving Hardware) and Dojo training. Dojo is the Tesla super compute. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

How to check Tesla accept dogecoin as crypto payment?

web3 programming front end basics, how to check crypto payment setup using chrome inspector. How to use chrome developer tool to check Tesla may be building front end support for crypto, metamask, dogecoin Crypto is risky, do your own research, not financial advice, not endorsement, mentioning a technology does not mean anything. Informational purpose only.

Check out more uniqtech guide on uniqtech website 

Steps : 
Visit the tesla website
Pretend to initiate a payment on an existing inventory car
Open Chrome inspector, developer tool
Navigate to the source tab
Open the index...js file as indicated in the video.
Control F, Command F search for "dogecoin"

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Creator Economy | Be a Creator in 2022 on Youtube Tiktok Blockchain and Oculus VR

As creator economy continues to boom, it's possible for creators to make small passive income, there's even a path way to wealth.
  • Facebook to invest in VR creators 
  • How much does onlyfan influencers make? How onlyFan creators monetize
    • "Lewis himself runs a Twitter account with 139k followers — mostly male OnlyFans subscribers — and charges $20 to share a post linking to a creator’s account. He says he is currently selling ~400 posts per month." - The Hustle 
    • “Rothfield compiled 250 pages of all the questions she received and turned them into a free marketing ebook directed at s** workers.”
  • Blockchain and web3 is about users monetizing their own content. Blockchains are the ultimate creator platform. 
  • Food creators are flourishing on pinterest including tastemade
  • Before the pandemic youtube used to offer virtual creator bootcamp and in-person workshops for creators with 10K or more subscribers
  • Fortnite allows you to add a creator to support in its in-game store
  • Which creators should people be looking at?
  • Oculus and SparkAR (both Facebook META) have creator programmers
  • Sandbox offers gaming NFTs, allows creators to monetize NFTs
  • In the news
    • In U.S. creator economy boom, big tech battles for online talent (creator economics, monetization)
  • Logan (youtuber)'s boxing matches are one of the most profitable live sports events ever

When crypto gone wrong, hacked, fraud, rug pulled

We love crypto. We are not quite FUD but that being said, there are some concerning incidents in crypto that you should be aware of. Big hacks, cheats, investors, NFT purchase losing money, rug pull, even seizing of equipment! Let's reveal some costly mistakes in crypto.

  • Crypto being over leveraged, forced liquidation
    • WSJ Behind Bitcoin's Recent Slide: Imploding Bets and Forced Liquidations. Dramatic crash underscores fragility of cryptocurrency's recent gains and vulnerability of individual investors
  • Bitcoin mining machines seized
  • DeFi loss
  • Squid game coin rug pull
  • Polygon genesis contract nearly falls victim to a major hack. Thank goodness the severe loss if prevented by a white hat hacker
    • 'Critical' Polygon bug put $24 billion in tokens at risk until recent hard fork
  • Hong Kong NFT project Monkey Kingdom loses $1.3M in phishing hack, launches compensation fund
  • Discord hacking can be the nightmare of every blockchain project and dapps
    • Security of NFTs, discord and blockchain
  • A user has received a significant discount, resulting in 1697 OHM instead of 59 OHM after bonding an OHM/DAI bond that was supposed to be closed off. "OlympusDAO is an experimental project in the cryptosphere. The DAO manages a token treasury that's used to back the OHM currency. The purpose of the treasury is to make sure the token maintains a certain floor price. If the token drops below that price, the assets in the treasury can be sold to buy back OHM tokens — with the goal to bring its price back above that mark."
    • "The DAO uses a process for helping the token to stay above that mark called Bonding. The DAO buys assets from investors (to go into the treasury) and issues OHM tokens to replace them. These bonds usually get a 5-10% discount and the tokens are handing out after a vesting period, which is currently set to five days."
    • Some already call the DAO a ponzi scheme like pool even before this incident
  • OpenSea froze Bored Ape transactions
  • Sandbox
  • "QiDAO acknowledged the exploit via Twitter; however, the team stressed that the vesting contract was exploited through a vulnerability in Superfluid, a smart contracts framework on Ethereum that enables users to transfer assets on-chain, rather than QiDAO itself."
  • Decrypt “Ronin, the sidechain for NFT "play-to-earn" game Axie Infinity, has been hit with an exploit that drained $552 million in crypto from its bridge to Ethereum's mainnet. By the time the exploit was disclosed, the value of the crypto lost had increased to $622 million.“ 
  • Solana wormhole hack & why u should

Getting the most out of hackathons:

  • Hackathons can be great recruiting events. Submit your resume. Get the contact info of the recruiter.
  • Get exclusive previews to alpha beta releases, become a beta tester
  • Get hands-on free training through workshops 
  • Hackathon participation is highly encouraged!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Machine learning training data

 Oxford flower 102 example

Data is already split into train and validation folder. For an additional 3rd dataset, we will need to make the decision to split from train or valid, depends on the prevalence of data, per class.

Within the folders, there are 102 folders, corresponding to the 102 classes of flowers. Some folders have more data, some classes/folders have fewer. The folder name is the numeric value of the flower class. 

This is an example what the flower image data look like. 

Most modern deep learning libraries have the capability to load and organize image data from folders, named with the correct conventions. 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Great NFT Examples in Every Industry

Every one is doing NFT. Here are the great NFT examples in every industry. Be sure to check our disclaimer. Do you own research. Blockchain and crypto has a lot of money volume, and are often targeted by hackers. While these projects have great 

ideas, chances are, they have not all been fully secured. Crypto, blockchain and NFT are extremely risky, and new. Be aware!

Be sure to read our disclaimer before reading this post. NFT and crypto are risky. We own both, and often our NFTs have trouble being re-sold. And the floor price keeps dropping. 


We have updated our disclaimer and terms of use to include domain info and blockchain, crypto related info. Please review.  Link here. By reading, using our content, you agree with what's outlined in the disclaimer article.


  • Kevan Durant
  • Dallas Mavericks:

Celebrities and NFT tokens

  • "Rapper Eminem has purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible token (NFT) for 123.45 ETH, or roughly $462,000." "Rapper Eminem has purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) non-fungible token (NFT) for 123.45 ETH, or roughly $462,000." "Eminem instantly adopted the NFT as his Twitter profile photo, portraying an ape with a brown military-style cap, hip hop attire, and a dazed look."
  • Jordan Solana
  • Celebrity and brand NFTs and colab
  • Game NFT:
  • Square Enix game NFT 
  • English football soccer 

    Music NFT : 

    • Mike Shinoda, Tezos. ZIGGURAT
    • Song a Day

    NFT giveaway example:

    OpenSea competitors

    Other markets are trying to take a bite of OpenSea's lion's share

    Their attempts such as airdrops is eroding the empire.

    Selfie NFT: the most shocking and unexpected NFT comes from GG in Indonesia

    "Ghozali Ghozalu of Indonesia has become an instant star in the non-fungible token (NFT) space after selling photographs of himself on OpenSea. He published his selfies shot every day from the age of 18 to 22 for 0.001 ETH ($3.25) each, and they sold out in a matter of days. Ghozali Everyday's collection is now worth about $1.4 million, a significant increase from the $3,000 the Indonesian made in the initial sale." 

    Poap related but not the same concept. Event attendance badge.

    Use NFT, ENS .eth name for Fundraising. It's easy for donors (who understand crypto) to figure out the address. It's also transparent to track and re-distribute to additional charities. Cuts off the middle man fees and potential issues.

    There are also NFTs that can change traits, they are changeable, they can grow, they can have names added later etc. Novatar for example (just an example, not endorsement, we don't know much about this NFT)

    Non fundgable token great to tracking original limited edition art. Track provenance of a product

    Cool NFTs on the opensea platform:

    • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)
    • Cryptoadz (Comment: not exactly cool, but definitely popular by volume)
    • Coolcats NFT
    • Exosphere NFT very cool

    Access to exclusive events, drop, and restricted discords and communities seems to be major lure for NFT holders. 

    Twitter NFT Profile Picture (PFP)
    Requires twitter blue subscription. Works with ETH wallet NFT. 

    Youtube considers adding NFT (Forbes reports)

    Random animals

    • Gutter pigeons
    • Into the Metaverse (ITM) NFT
    • Adidas originals twitter
    • In the news
    Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) makes even more money with Mutant Bored Ape serum


    Crypto, tokens for cities
    Crypto, token examples: 
    "Harnessing Blockchain For Sustainability" : "Miami is set to become one of the first major US cities to use a decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) network built on Algorand (ALGO) to monitor its air quality. PlanetWatch, a French environmental technology company, has been commissioned to build a network of air quality sensors throughout the city to monitor air pollution concentration. Each sensor monitors air pollution concentration in a specific location, which is then combined into a network to determine where higher amounts of pollution exist."

    SOS airdrop example Reward user for transactions on OpenSea, effectively "stealing"/ attracting OpenSea's highest value users (super users).

    Wednesday, January 5, 2022

    Pytorch community statistics

     Pytorch community statistics November 2021. Is Pytorch still worth learning? The statistics seem to say so. 70% of NeurIPS 19 framework papers cites Pytorch usage. Learn more about the pytorch eco system, contributors, core developers, users, forums, and github downstream projects, citation in academic papers and conferences.

    Git repo pull request, github pull request


    Did you know you can create a pull request (PR) in github in the browser? Navigate to any repositories that you'd like to contribute to, and click the pull request option. 

    Tuesday, January 4, 2022

    Economic Indicators for Stock Market

     Here are some economic indicators that I have heard of, might give signals for various stock investment. Note this blog does not contain any investment advice. I am not a professional advisor. I just like to read about economics and stock market. Please don't take any advice you read here. Do your own research.

    Airline : S&P 500 Airline Index

    Bitcoin ETF: ProShares Bitcoin Strategy fund (BITO)

    Federal (USA) : one-year loan prime rate (LPR)

    Gas price (crypto), gas price (petro)

    Historic data: Yahoo has historic data for stock tickers, as well as some popular cryptos : bitcoin, ETH

    Housing affordability index

    Inflation: Consumer Price Index (CPI, monthly) by Bureau of Labor Statistics 

    U.S. Inflation Hit a 39-Year High in November

    Consumer prices rose 0.8% in the month and 6.8% from a year ago

    iShares Russell 2000 ETF  (IWM)

    median salary

    Nasdaq 100 ETF QQQ

    To learn more about indicators, check out NPR Planet Money podcast December 2021 Family Feud who is indicator of the year. The Indicator from Planet Money Dec 2021

    S&P 500 Index ETF (SPY)

    Individual stocks, qualitative analysis metrics: P/E ratio

    Short interest: what is short interest, how to short? Where to see shorting data.

    Jobs report.

    real estate long term growth rate for housing price in e.g. San Francisco

    Error Message Hardhat debugging error unsupported engine hardhat, current node v18

    Error message npm WARN EBADENGINE  Unsupported engine { package: 'hardhat@2.9.3', required: { node: '^12.0.0 || 14.0.0 || 16.0.0...