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Solana Developer Resources + Getting Started with Solana

Solana is a layer 1 blockchain. 

Why Solana? Fast, cheap, can be robust

 Current event:

- Solana build during bear market

Solana Summer Camp Hackathon

Twitter space talk

Prizes : payments ~50K, grants, no need to give up equity (?),  Prizes are grants, no equity necessary to participate. 

Summer camp. coworking, hacker houses around the world. For example the San Francisco Summer Camp is located at a co-working space called SPACES near the pier 39 occasion front. 

Getting started with Solana

What is Rust [flash card] 👇🏼


Developer lifestyle : really love the solana designs, and color palette, just so good with the new gaming aesthetics, reminds me of cool clubs and gaming conferences. Fun fact, trivia there's even a Solana beer : There's also the Solana IRL Store in Miami and NYC


Get involved Solana Ambassador

Past price

solana SOL $165 December 13, 2021

Getting Start with Rust

Rust is a system language like C C++ and GO. It has included memory management. C++ requires DIY.

Task: Create a Rust project

$ cargo init

Definition: Cargo is the package manager for Rust

Task: run the main program in Rust. Source file has main function

$ cargo run

Main function is always the first function that will be executed when running rust. If one changes function to a different name will get error.

Task: Hello World with Rust. 

pub fn hello(){

println!("Hello World!");


Task: import hello module. Mod is the keyword for module. 

mod hello;

fn main(){



Task: use :: syntax to call function in a module


Task : view startup scripts Scroll down to the bottom of package.json


"start": "nodemon app.js",

"serve": "node",


Task: serialize, deserialize data between code and byte code. Encode and decode. 


Grape (GRAPE), a solution for validating users on Solana. "Create, Reward & Secure any online community by harnessing the power of Solana" - Coingecko

Solana Mobile 

Solana mobile stack in progress, becoming the chain that mobile developers think about (Packy McCormick

Why is the Solana leadership excited about Solana Mobile? All in one Solana platform - comparable to the emergence of super apps like WeChat. Rough transcription:  "WeChat moment for crypto. Super app for everything in crypto. Solana mobile. Crypto can track an address interact with u, know the entire history."

Speaker, currently interaction is mostly on desktop, need the wechat moment for crypto - super app), 

solana in person todo

learning resource

Seen on twitter “The Solana Development Course on @soldevapp is soo good! Great work and thank you to @jamesrp13 and the other contributors! 

Potential Solana courses: (we have not had a chance to try or test these courses) Solana course

Moralis supports Solana. Current two types of development tools are available SDK and REST API. Here are some of the API endpoints 

Solana web3 javascript SDK API

Solana Documentation : Web3 JavaScript API What is Solana-Web3.js?

injected web3 window.solana .

Community size: discord member August 2021 ~ 133,000.

What's Squid Prize? Solana contribution Prize

Solana Supported Wallets

Solana ecosystems, apps, wallets [public]

Warning : only use test wallet, test tokens. Never use real tokens for  experiments. Never to real tokens for development. Always do your own research. Applies to all tech, cryptos and more. 

If using web extension, browser extension need to install before using. 

Flash card for our pro paid members.
Solana Wallet Adapter [pro]

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