Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Softmax function 101 in minutes beginner tutorial

Code up your own softmax function in minutes.

Code your own softmax function in minutes for learning deep learning, neural networks, machine learning

Inspired by an Udacity slide, this tutorial shows you how softmax function works. It's no replacement of production grade highly optimized softmax function, but it gives you a good idea.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Udacity finally launches flying car nanodegree Jan 2018

Udacity would like to sell you your future dream job again in the form of a nanodegree, and this time it is called the Flying Car Nanodegree! Apply now to have a chance of getting in.

See information below link here

Finding outliers two standard deviations above mean machine learning notes 001

Finding outliers two standard deviations above mean machine learning notes silicon vanity uniqtech. There many ways to find outliers. Sometimes domain knowledge is important. One way is to consider any number two standard deviation above or two standard deviation below the mean as outliers.

It's by no means the most robust, but in practice, it may prove to be handy and easy to implement.

Free webhosting with Github in 5 minutes HD

Ever tried to put your code on Github? May be it is for a portfolio, may be it is for a conference. Either way, you can host your website for free on Github! No backend required. The drawback is that there's no database persistence, but the wonderful part is that it's free and fast. It is quite useful! Watch our 5 minute hosting a website on Github Youtube tutorial below.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Understanding Softmax Function 101

Softmax function is one of the most important output function used in Deep Learning, a hot popular branch of machine learning. Softmax turn a vector of numbers, called logits, into a probabilities that sum to one : 0.7+0.2+0.1 = 1. See the above image from Udacity's deep learning nanodegree. The formula takes each individual y value and take the special number e to the exponent of this y_i, also divide it by the sum of all e to the y_i exponents hence it sums to one!

First of all we have a vector of y_i, outputs of connected layers of neurons aka weights and features - dot product.

[1, 2, 3, 4]

sum_of_all_e_exp = e^1 + e^2 + e^3 + e^4
the first output is
p_0 =  e^1 / sum_of_all_e_exp

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree preview

Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree offers real world marketing practice. You get a real budget and play with real world professional tools like MailChimp, Hubspot, Google AdWords, Facebook Ad,  ... There's no guarantee for jobs but that's a solid starting point for practicing and getting your hands dirty with all the marketing tools. What I like is that at the end of course, you will get a full portfolio to show. I was able to get to weekly top list and ultimately get to 150000 impressions. That's a solid experience despite the tiny real world budget! And I got some experience managing Udacity's account get a preview of the one million dollar account.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Bloc Online Web Development Bootcamp Info Session

Bloc held this virtual info session for prospective students interested in its online web development bootcamp service. Watch the Youtube video below. We are not affiliated with Bloc.

I have watched Bloc's free webinar on Alexa Skills development it was quite good!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Famous Websites Build with Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a great MVC framework for rapid prototyping and it has also been used to build robust heavy traffic popular websites!
Websites Built with Ruby on Rails
  • Twitter
  • Airbnb
  • Bleacher Report (sports news media site)
  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • Dribbble
  • Fiverr
  • Github !!
  • Hulu, IndieGOGO, KickSTarter, Groupon, GoodRead, Funny or Die, One Month Rails — a YCombinator startup,, BaseCamp, Square, Strava, ThemeForest, Shopify… you get the idea.
Some of these websites garner millions of visitors daily.
Fun fact: SquareSpace is built with the SquareSpace CMS though it has a Rails look.
Ruby on Rails can also be used for building a landing page that collects emails.
Websites and Apps Built with Ruby Code
  • Shopify heavily uses Ruby and Python. Shopify also has a Rails generator for development, used by Shopify Partners
  • Google Sketch Up
  • Basecamp
  • NASA Research — Langley Research Center, 37Signal, LiveRamp (marketing, cookie browser data)
  • Did you know that Ruby Motion lets you code iOS apps using Ruby?
This list does not include all the gems built with Ruby.
Ruby is mobile portable, can be used in applications that require speed and conservation of space.
Bonus: did you know that everything in Ruby is an object? Did you know that the Ruby language was created by a Japanese computer engineer?
Bonus — Great Ruby on Rails Tutorials and Courses
  • Johns Hopkins Ruby on Rails on Coursera
  • Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorials for beginners
  • RailsCast
  • One Month Rails Security
Rails has strong affinity with Git, Stripe, MongoDB, Heroku, CoffeeScript (integrated), 

React UI, UI UX, Reactstrap React Bootstrap

React UI MATERIAL  Install yarn add @material-ui/icons Reactstrap FORMS. Controlled Forms. Uncontrolled Forms.  Columns, grid