Tuesday, March 29, 2022

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DoubleClick Campaign Manager


DoubleClick Bid Manager

Google Analytics

DoubleClick Rich Media

DoubleClick for Publishers

DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Sales Manager

Doubleclick Studio

Doubleclick Search

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Google AdSense

Yahoo Display Network


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Commission Junction

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Moralis best framework for web3, blockchain

What is Moralis: moralis is an easy to use web3 framework, a dapp middleware. 

Moralis is multi-chain: Moralis supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon., avalanche. "build and deploy dApps on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, and Elrond (more coming)." official website. Moralis Solana API : can try in the admin page

Dev tools : Moralis is compatiable with Ganache. 

Use cases of Moralis: "This is possible since Moralis provides an infinitely, fully managed bakend infrastructure for all users. ... Moralis also offers ... native support for MetaMask, IPFS, the Moralis NFT API, cross-chain compatibility, etc. ... valuable tools that help developers save time and money by shortening the development process. Another neat function is the Moralis Speedy Nodes functionality, which now comes with full WebSocket support. Moralis’ Speedy Nodes are some of the best, most reliable, and fast nodes available. Moralis already offer nodes for four different networks; ETH, Polygon, BSC, and Arbitrum. Moralis also supports archive nodes of all these networks, which means that it is possible to query information from past states of the respective blockchains. " Moralis

Features: Moralis dashboard provides token balance, NFT balance, historical transactions

Moralis authentication: 

Single Sign On (SSO) aka magic link. Receive an email to click and sign in instead of using username and passwords. 

It's possible to use walletconnect with Moralis. There's a github repo library available.

NFT Endpoints, NFT APIs on Moralis versus Alchemy

Moralis offers many many more NFT features than Alchemy, whose NFT support is in the infant stage. There are only basics, get info get pic. Moralis can do much more. See screenshot above to see a snapshot of API endpoints that Moralis offers NFT.

It's a quick way to display NFT in the browser. Did you know the webb game also uses Moralis? 

Moralis API 
latest function name from latest sdk version is getTokenBalances

Moralis Components
Moralis components [public]

Friday, March 18, 2022

Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC in person yacht party

BAYC launched a real in-person yacht party and a warehouse party. These are the twitter threads that track that party and show awesome photos and videos.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Party summarized on twitter threads

Blockchain DeFi Crypto NFT news 2022

Crypto news March-Spring Spring, June and Beyond 2022. Crypto is very risky. Do you own research. Even news cannot predict the result of volatile assets. Please read our disclaimer before reading our blog. There is no financial advice on this blog. We are not qualified. Mentioning a token, NFT, blockchain is not endorsement. 

News and regulations can make crypto rise and fall. Remember to read our full disclaimer before reading. 


TempleDAO: A memetic force to be reckoned with (coingecko article)

NVIDIA Ethereum mining


Another Dogecoin Core Release Might Be in the Works, Price Consolidates: Details

Doge Whale Mystery Continues: 261M Dogecoin Moved In A Single Transaction, Again


Google  + Quantum Computing


NVIDIA ethereum mining blocking was futile


Michael Jorda +  Solana + NFT

Metaverse, Gaming, NFT

Gucci + Sandbox + Metaverse blogger

Sandbox integrates World of Women avatars claiming "Diversity, inclusivity & interoperability in the Metaverse! You can now use your World of Women in The Alpha Season 2! You can now play with Snoop Dogg and World of Women's Avatars." Sounds really weird. If not creepy. Sandbox raises an interesting question: "Which NFT collection should be interoperable next?"

Bored Ape Yacht Club launches a trailer for its metaverse / game Otherside. It only garnered 35K views - tiny by youtube standard, but its launch of ApeCoin in game token already reached $13 dollars! That's quite some demand.

metaverse trend in Korea

tezos + metaverse
Tezos, Dogami, metaverse, game fundraise

Decrypt “Ronin, the sidechain for NFT "play-to-earn" game Axie Infinity, has been hit with an exploit that drained $552 million in crypto from its bridge to Ethereum's mainnet. By the time the exploit was disclosed, the value of the crypto lost had increased to $622 million.“ 

Tornado Cash blocks addresses in the Axie Infinity hack

Move2Earn workout game, this guy explains the viral StepN game in Chinese
* warning mentioning an entity is not a form of endorsement. Crypto is highly risky. Not financial advice. Do your own research.  This site is for informational purpose only. 

General economy

Mortgages Rates Surge to Highest Since 2018 "The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate loan jumped to 4.67%, mortgage-finance giant Freddie Mac said, marking the weekly figure’s highest reading since December 2018."

Disclaimer: My company and I may both own crypto currency. All discussed is for informational purpose only. Crypto and blockchain, NFT, gaming are highly risky spaces. These are not financial advice. Risky investment may incur lost of investment and the entire principal. All discussion of technology is for informational purpose only. Mentioning a tech does not mean endorsement. All tutorials are for informational purpose only, cannot be used for commercial nor production use. Have not been tested for security. Using blockchain, cloud or machine learning technology may incur high costs. We are not responsive for costs, damage associated with any of these technology. You may want to monitor the cost, and set budget alarms and quotas whenever possible. 

Dev tools

Foundry is working on deployment features May 2022
Solidity, hardhat extensions plugins available for Visual Studio Code


gm, for good morning. Avocado for dev advocate. 

Ethereum Validator

Heard on the internet (not verified) how much does it take to be a validator of ETH2
"It's been 32 ETH for awhile. There are pools you can enter with less, and not have to manage a node. But yeah 32 ETH to be a validator.
ether validator contract?"

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Web Development Basics 2022

Installation : 
Task: check package library/framework version number. 
node -v
npm -v
npm and yarn do similar things

  • ES6 JavaScript - ECMA pronounced ehk-ma decides the standard for javascript. And that's why the newest version of JavaScript is called ES6, ecmascript 6. symbol is new in ES6.
  • JavaScript - Dynamic Typing - Don't have to declare types right away.
  • JavaScript - Primitive Types (no methods, immutable): undefined, null, boolean, number, string, symbol. 
  • Toast message : a temporary message, for example display error.
  • array can store data with different types.
  •  HTTP status code 
    • introduction:
    • Different versions of it
    • MDN
    • Typecasting: changing a variable from one time to another. 
    • Coercion: explicit versus implicit. We need to watch out for this in JavaScript. Often it doesn't work as we would expect. 
    • Comparison and testing. Double equal versus triple equal. Double equal will coerce the types then test. Triple equal will require the type to match as well. This too can be counter intuitive, unexpected in JavaScript. There are also quirky JavaScript equality issues. JavaScript quirky equality issues
  • HTML DOM : Web dev Document Object Model (DOM) turns html documents into a tree like structure of nodes. nodes include img, body and the element node can contain attribute nodes such as src, text. A common task is traversing DOM elements.

Use ready to use, low-code environment:
Did you know you can upload custom font to Wix? Wix let's you start websites using a bit of HTML and CSS. 

Debugging : 

Node.js out of memory error. If encountered try upgrading node js to the latest version see if the problem is resolved. 

JavaScript events
JavaScript addEventListener, js events

Web Server request and response
Can return, de-couple tuple request object result into header, url and method
package.json the file that describes the node project, also specify dependencies, 
npx comes bundled with node
Key concept : request response cycle between client and server
Header is made of key value pairs, such as token value
Body response or data sent to server form date
node js http module is useful handle web requests.

JavaScript allows trailing comma. The extra last comma in objects. And that is okay. 

Content delivery network (CDN)

Mouse event, draggable droppable dragging and dropping a div usually has default behaviors that need to be cleared and disabled first. They can make debugging very difficult and confusing.

MEAN stack

“A Promise is an object representing the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation. Essentially, a promise is a returned object you attach callbacks to, instead of passing callbacks into a function.” - codeburst medium

Dark mode : some themes come with one click flip dark mode button. Dark mode is build into the theme.

Image optimization: use lazy loading attribute, place placeholders or use pre-loading for images, iframes.

What is Next.js? Next.js builds on top of React. It’s more opinionated. "Next.js is a simple framework for building React applications that handles many gory details related to routing and SSR."

A-Frame VR in the browser, based on three.js games. Script pdf with python export some pages

Tutorial CS50 Harvard web dev with python and JavaScript 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon

Moralis Avalanche (blockchain) ($Avax) DeFI #hackathon. Avalanche is not just a faster ethereum. At its core, it's different. This hackathon has a mega prize pool. As Evan from Moralis would say the size of the prize pool is massive in crypto!

Great eco system

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon winners

Feature: power of Avalanche Contract Chain (C-Chain)

covalent subnet, customizable, mix of sharding, wall-off, jurisdiction - regulatory, private network

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What are Stablecoins

Warning: Please read our disclaimer. Do your own research. Our contents are informational purpose only. Even the congress is yet to understand and fully study the use and effect of stablecoins. We are not able to verify external resources like these below.

Decrypto guide to stablecoins

Coindesk : "stablecoins are used for trading, lending and borrowing, but the report added that these tokens may eventually become a means of payment for businesses and households. Another footnote specified that the report is not addressing any potential stablecoin issues under federal securities or commodities laws, but the report itself did acknowledge the SEC and CFTC's authority to oversee stablecoins that meet the provisions of these laws. The legislation would apply to stablecoin issuers that are headquartered in the U.S., operate stablecoins that people in the U.S. can access or otherwise have"

Watch out not all stablecoins are collatoralized What are Stablecoins :

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Binary cross entropy loss function

Generalized cross entropy formula using sigma notation


Binary cross entropy using y, 1-y to represent the probability of class 0 or class 1

sebastian thrun founder of udacity explains binary cross entropy

React UI, UI UX, Reactstrap React Bootstrap

React UI MATERIAL  Install yarn add @material-ui/icons Reactstrap FORMS. Controlled Forms. Uncontrolled Forms.  Columns, grid