Friday, July 29, 2022

Interesting Books - Property Brothers real estate and interior design book


Did you know the property brothers have a book? My favorite part is the page where they talk about real estate lingos and translate it to laymans. Like what does an agent mean when he/she say quaint. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Debugging error RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

"RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded"

Issue the maximum recursion depth is reached. The maxinum depth is 1000 in python.

solution 01

 "The default is 1000 levels deep and you can change that using the setrecursionlimit function in the sys module."

solution 02 

Use an iterative approach. 

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Tesla Charging Tips Shared By Tesla - How to Charge Tesla Quickly, Efficiently

Tesla: "

  • Find the fastest Supercharger Filter by three bolts in navigation
  • Navigate to the Supercharger Battery will precondition for faster charging
  • Arrive with 20% battery or less Maximize charge rate
  • Leave space between cars
  • Neighboring stalls may share power Move your car after charging
  • Idle fees may apply 

" - per Tesla released note

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Go Pro reelready stabilization

 Go Pro 9 10 has build in video stabilization, called hypersmooth 2.0 (in-camera stabilization). GoPro sells a separate software called Reelready GO for $99+ bucks which will take in gyroscope data, to stabilize post-production. The GoPro player can also play stabilized video if the footage comes from a gopro camera with gyro data

Solana Developer Resources + Getting Started with Solana

Solana is a layer 1 blockchain. 

Why Solana? Fast, cheap, can be robust

 Current event:

- Solana build during bear market

Solana Summer Camp Hackathon

Twitter space talk

Prizes : payments ~50K, grants, no need to give up equity (?),  Prizes are grants, no equity necessary to participate. 

Summer camp. coworking, hacker houses around the world. For example the San Francisco Summer Camp is located at a co-working space called SPACES near the pier 39 occasion front. 

Getting started with Solana

What is Rust [flash card] đŸ‘‡đŸŒ


Developer lifestyle : really love the solana designs, and color palette, just so good with the new gaming aesthetics, reminds me of cool clubs and gaming conferences. Fun fact, trivia there's even a Solana beer : There's also the Solana IRL Store in Miami and NYC


Get involved Solana Ambassador

Past price

solana SOL $165 December 13, 2021

Getting Start with Rust

Rust is a system language like C C++ and GO. It has included memory management. C++ requires DIY.

Task: Create a Rust project

$ cargo init

Definition: Cargo is the package manager for Rust

Task: run the main program in Rust. Source file has main function

$ cargo run

Main function is always the first function that will be executed when running rust. If one changes function to a different name will get error.

Task: Hello World with Rust. 

pub fn hello(){

println!("Hello World!");


Task: import hello module. Mod is the keyword for module. 

mod hello;

fn main(){



Task: use :: syntax to call function in a module


Task : view startup scripts Scroll down to the bottom of package.json


"start": "nodemon app.js",

"serve": "node",


Task: serialize, deserialize data between code and byte code. Encode and decode. 


Grape (GRAPE), a solution for validating users on Solana. "Create, Reward & Secure any online community by harnessing the power of Solana" - Coingecko

Solana Mobile 

Solana mobile stack in progress, becoming the chain that mobile developers think about (Packy McCormick

Why is the Solana leadership excited about Solana Mobile? All in one Solana platform - comparable to the emergence of super apps like WeChat. Rough transcription:  "WeChat moment for crypto. Super app for everything in crypto. Solana mobile. Crypto can track an address interact with u, know the entire history."

Speaker, currently interaction is mostly on desktop, need the wechat moment for crypto - super app), 

solana in person todo

learning resource

Seen on twitter “The Solana Development Course on @soldevapp is soo good! Great work and thank you to @jamesrp13 and the other contributors! 

Potential Solana courses: (we have not had a chance to try or test these courses) Solana course

Moralis supports Solana. Current two types of development tools are available SDK and REST API. Here are some of the API endpoints 

Solana web3 javascript SDK API

Solana Documentation : Web3 JavaScript API What is Solana-Web3.js?

injected web3 window.solana .

Community size: discord member August 2021 ~ 133,000.

What's Squid Prize? Solana contribution Prize

Solana Supported Wallets

Solana ecosystems, apps, wallets [public]

Warning : only use test wallet, test tokens. Never use real tokens for  experiments. Never to real tokens for development. Always do your own research. Applies to all tech, cryptos and more. 

If using web extension, browser extension need to install before using. 

Flash card for our pro paid members.
Solana Wallet Adapter [pro]

Thursday, July 21, 2022


Alchemy jsonrpc, eth_getBalance request result is 0x429d069189e000

Startup Tool - Square Payroll, Square Team, and Square Payment Review

We have been using Square Payroll for our startup. It takes care of filing and forms. Which is pretty amazing. You are probably familiar with Square payment POS point of sale system. Did you know it also offer free online shop and URLs (ecommerce portal like shopify), tracks inventory, . It also offers payroll, time card, team time tracker via the Square Team app, clock in clock out is easy. Payroll supports contractors and full time employees, handles direct deposit. We haven't tried it yet but these benefits and HR options are available : external HR as a service, benefits such as shopping for healthcare, retirement plan. So cool. It's a joy to not deal with these HR pain points. That makes a startup founder happy. 

Startup Engineering 101

 draft in progress

Traction : active user revenue

Product Market Fit

What Problem are you trying to solve?
Figuring out Sources of Motivation

Communications, Culture and Hustling

Minimize email time and meeting time (that's why so many startups prefer Slack, the conversation is immediate and transient). Every email should add value, else, just delete it. Replace long meetings with a morning standup meeting to set goals, remove obstacles and make sure each person can start the day right. Do this as long as you can, till you are too big. 

Common Failures

When user education requirement is high. It takes a long time for users to understand your project and the use case of your product.

Users don't have the problems often. 


YCombinator how to apply

Top Things to do on Twitch

 You can watch more than live streaming of games on twitch. Twitch can be a sports platform, community interaction, watch games, learn coding, live coding.

  • Things you can watch on twitch: competitive chess games. Live coding by pro developers.
  • Use OBS for live streaming, and use an iPad as a second monitor. 
  • Developer and conferences on Twitch: e.g. Neo4j Graph database

Monday, July 11, 2022

Firebase Basics 2022

Firebase is an app development platform, owned and supported by Google. Firebase helps developers launch serverless database. 

These are the enterprise users that use Firebase.

Firebase extension: Firebase plugin for external APIs such as MailChimp, Stripe. 

Firebase Extension Event: released 2022, add additional custom logic, code on 3rd party API. Event based, more customization on Firebase Extension. Additional Custom logic. Example firebase function, firebase extension event code snippet. 

Firebase offerings : screenshot from firebase developer event by google

Firebase security rule testing. Example pseudo code :  if request id == resource id can view, edit. Basically means if the creator of the object is equal to the requester of the object, go ahead and let them view and edit. Use Firebase emulator to develop and test. 

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Excel for Data Analysts

Automation (è‡ȘćŠšćŒ–æ“äœœ): automate data analysis in excel 

Columns: ranges from A B C D ... to AA AB AC...

Dashboard : did you know you can create interactive, complex dashboard in excel. There youtube tutorials how to do this, and do statistical analysis on your data.

Data Analysis (æ•°æźćˆ†æž): 

Data Format:

Dialog box : additional small controls, menu, modals popped up after selecting a menu item.

Pivot table: Pivot table row column, value, filter is what not to show

Ribbon : the control menu where all the copy paste, formatting buttons are.

Advanced functions in Excel:
Financial functions, solver, historic trend line, trend line fitting, correlated movements.

Pro tips:
It's possible to select data cells and name those cells. See an example here : 
This is called named range.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Compare Turbotax Products Infographics

 This infographics is from This is not financial advice. Just find it helpful comparing different products of turbotax. As an entrepreneur, I often have to make decisions about which Turbotax version to choose. 

For my home business with schedule C + investments I often have to choose the best one - Turbotax home and business. Previously when I had rental no business, I just had to use premier. Again this is not financial advice. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Flask 2022

 increase jinja2 template cache limit from 50 to above. to speed up flask app significantly source: One line of code cut our Flask page load times by 60% (Medium)

Use case of flask: 

Use Flask as database, so data can persist. 

Display dashboard data. Create dashboard

Alternative to flask : fastAPI

Saturday, July 2, 2022

How to set up walletconnect web3 wallet using moralis?

This gives an hypothetical idea of how to add WalletConnect (which includes Trust Wallet) using Moralis. All you have to do is to include walletconnect as a provide. The challenge is the walletconnect is provided by an old github library. It may not work any more. 

 Warning this is an older tutorial and an older extension. All our tutorials and codes have not been tested in the production environment. We are not responsible for costs and damages. Do your own research. Any crypto codes must be thoroughly tested and audited by you.

Firebase functions

Firebase function example code. 

 source: fireship, moralis, 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Blockchain Example GameFi Analytics Metrics

These are the metrics, KPIs that GameFi companies may care about DAU, 

Weekly Active Users, WoW% growth etc, volume and stickiness DAU/MAU

 Example source : twitter 

React UI, UI UX, Reactstrap React Bootstrap

React UI MATERIAL  Install yarn add @material-ui/icons Reactstrap FORMS. Controlled Forms. Uncontrolled Forms.  Columns, grid