Sunday, July 10, 2022

Excel for Data Analysts

Automation (自动化操作): automate data analysis in excel 

Columns: ranges from A B C D ... to AA AB AC...

Dashboard : did you know you can create interactive, complex dashboard in excel. There youtube tutorials how to do this, and do statistical analysis on your data.

Data Analysis (数据分析): 

Data Format:

Dialog box : additional small controls, menu, modals popped up after selecting a menu item.

Pivot table: Pivot table row column, value, filter is what not to show

Ribbon : the control menu where all the copy paste, formatting buttons are.

Advanced functions in Excel:
Financial functions, solver, historic trend line, trend line fitting, correlated movements.

Pro tips:
It's possible to select data cells and name those cells. See an example here : 
This is called named range.

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