Sunday, December 26, 2021

YC OpenSea Recruiting Event

Is OpenSea, a YC company, heavily recruiting via YC in preparation for an IPO?


"YC Tech Talks Crypto, NFTs & AMA w/ CoFounder of OpenSea
Speakers: Devin Finzer CEO co-founder @opensea, Nemil Dalal PM of crypto @coinbase"

OpenSea used YC's work for startup events and candidate pipeline to host a recruiting event. Coinbase engineering lead was also a part of this event. This is an invite-only event. Candidates will have to apply first via YC's work for startup portal, entering detailed work info, resume info. It took a while. Candidate profile is labeled with "yc network", "Crypto 2021" etc. Candidates have to pre-select the roles they are interested in : marketing, dev, community etc, and will be limited to applying to those roles. OpenSea, coinbase, 
Algofi (S21), Fast, low-cost crypto lending market on the Algorand blockchain (according to their YC profile)
Dharma Labs (S17) The easiest way to buy 74+ crypto tokens with USD  (according to their YC profile)
Filta (S21) The Face Filter NFT marketplace  (according to their YC profile)

OpenSea's is rumored to IPO? 
Is OpenSea, a YC company, heavily recruiting via YC in preparation for an IPO?
Comment: personally, I am not sure how credible it is. It seems a bit pre-mature. 
Bloomberg Crypto : Former Lyft CFO Roberts Joins Crypto Startup OpenSea. "Roberts, known for shepherding Lyft through rapid growth to a successful IPO and adjusted profitability, said OpenSea is already profitable. He said although it doesn’t need to raise more cash, it could use the financing to acquire companies, strike partnerships and create joint ventures to further expand the use of NFTs into new industries. " "I’ve seen a lot of P&Ls (profit and loss statements) but I’ve never seen a P&L like this,” said Roberts, adding that although he still feels it’s “day one” for the NFT industry in general and OpenSea in particular he’s already planning its IPO."

NFT Market Place OpenSea


According to Coinbase blog, OpenSea is by far the largest NFT market place in 2021. Not included in this graph: and coinbase NFT (yet to be launched)

Sunday, December 19, 2021

MongoDB 2022

MongoDB is a versatile nosql database that is great for web apps, dapps blockchain decentralized apps, even mobile apps. In 2022, MongoDB skills are still important relevant for data scientists. 

The document model of MongoDB is flexible enough to be used to store all kinds of data. See official illustration below

It can be used for transactional data, search, mobile, analytics, data lakes, and can be used to model key-value store, geospatial data, relational, object, even graph! 

"MongoDB is document oriented open source database which allows you to store JSON documents" - Johns Hopkins

MongoDB is a modern database services like firebase, neo4j, redis, HBase, Apache Cassandra, GraphQl


can use google cloud kubernetes to run mongodb server

MongoDB can be used with node.js to build sophisticated web apps, even provide authentication service, though one should never code an auth service from scratch. It's a huge security issue. 

Blockchain, Crypto, Web3, Defi, GameFi Basics

Arbitrum: Ethereum's scaling solution

"ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 token used within the APE ecosystem." - coinbase

Web3 : the next revolution of web after Web1 and Web2. 

DeFi Summer: Summer of 2020, a Renaissance of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a popular time to launch DeFi startup. DeFi 1.0

DeFi 2.0 Year 2021.  

Be sure to read our disclaimer first before reading any of our content. Thank you.

Blockchains and tokens:

Coinbase : April 2021 Coinbase became the first crypto company to go public in the stock exchange.

CoinMarketCap : You can find coin prices, price API and also contract address on coinmarketcap. For example, Pancakeswap may ask you to enter token address. I sometimes use CoinMarketCap to look up the address. But watch out there are forked, obsolete, outdates addresses. I got stuck with some hard forked old tokens, which I had to transfer at a loss. Warning: all contents on this website is informational only. Crypto is extremely risky. Do your own research.  There is no financial advice on this blog. Mentioning an entity does not mean endorsement.

Enzyme : coinbase education, like an on-chain investment club

Expressions: what you are feeling is FOMO (fear of missing out).  Ape. "WAGMI" (we are going to make it). Tipping Tuesday. Tipping Jar. gm is short for good morning. Lower case only. It’s for saying hi in web3

Fantom : explained by coingecko

"loTeX is currently focused on growing its network of real-world data oracles - trusted sensors and devices that offer verifiable sources of data." -  Definition coinbase education。

Luna terra explained by coingecko

Metaverse offering: facebook, microsoft, accenture

Multisig wallet: (vocabulary)

""A multisig wallet is a wallet shared by two or more users called copayers. Depending on the kind of wallet, the number of signatures required to sign a transaction will be lower or equal to the number of copayers of the wallet. For example, a 3-3 wallet is a multisig wallet that is shared by three people and requires three signatures to sign a transaction. A 2-3 wallet is a multisig wallet that is shared by three people and requires two signatures to sign a transaction. You may also see “2 of 3” to indicate the number of copayers needed.""

Comment: keep in mind, it is hard enough for one person to keep track of crypto wallet passphrase, if the signature holders forget or sadly pass away, this can really be a problem. 

Walmart, cryptonews :

Coinmart: Walmart announced plans to allow customers to buy Bitcoin from Coinstar kiosks in some of its US stores.

Polygon - What is polygon $MATIC ? "Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 3000+ applications hosted, ~600M total transactions processed, ~60M unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured." polygon, source gitcoin. The skill of ethereum development should be transferrable for polygon developers. Plug and play, replace a few configurations.

Smart contracts: 

Tezos: tezos community NFTs, Tezos art work are relatively more affordable. It is popular in Latin America (Red Bull racing in Mexico) and South Asia (Moon + Mike Shinoda). Tezos likes to say it is energy efficient, greenest, efficient, because it uses proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work. It also collaborates with Cambridge on environment credit market place. Partnerships: McLaren racing, Red Bull Racing.

Validator: personally, sometimes I wonder if staking rewards help platforms become large validators, who in term earn validator (mining-like) rewards, and then only give a portion of these back to the user?!

Web3 : meme how web2 developer (Web developers) become web3 developers.

web2 to web3

Saturday, December 18, 2021

What's Gitcoin? Blockchain for social good

 Gitcoin offers learning opportunities as well as earning opportunities: grants, fellowships, hackathons. It is a blockchain token for public goods, for social good. "Support public goods. Support open source."

Build web3 apps, DeFi decentralized apps,

Gitcoin can potentially offer experienced web3 developers / defi developers $3000 per project over a quarter to work for open internet.

Gitcoin grant. Fund gitcoin projects

Gitcoin tezos

Join gitcoin discord community to participate

More web3 learning communities

Friday, December 10, 2021

Voice assistant, AI Assistant Alexa Siri (Facebook), Twilio Basics

 We previously wrote extensively about Alexa. How to get started, understand the voice interaction model, low-code development environment for Alexa skills. Use the right panel search bar to explore these articles. Today we want to expand the talk to be more general and include other voice assistant technology such as acquired by Facebook. 

Voice assistants have evolved to be modern, and AI enabled in 2022. Now they are smart voice assistants.  They are not routes - rule based logic that routes users to the right department, phone book, voicemail. They are intelligent, often enabled by natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. 

Some keywords have not changed: 

Intent: what is the action that user wants to achieve, e.g. buy eggs
Entities: important nouns in utterances, which helps us understand the user's intent and the subject and object the intent is acting on. e.g. "egg". Can also be geographic locations, time, dates etc. Select a part of utterance as wit location entity  example facebook wit demo distance between Seattle and Menlo Park
Utterance: what the user actually tells the voice assistance e.g. "Put some organic eggs in my shopping cart." Utterances can come in many forms. Must be thoroughly tested include many examples, and be natural.

Be sure to always handle errors: there should be a fall back answer "I am sorry I cannot understand what you said. Try say xyz. You can also contact us at xyz"

Twilio now also offers intelligent AI based intent classification. can be used with cloud functions and twilio studio. gives user NLP capabilities without code. Providing utterance examples and labeling entities is easy. Click and submit. also allows easy incorporation of smart replies in Facebook Messenger. It's useful for business pages as well. I might be biased because I participated in hackathons and was impressed!

At the hackathon, I was able to test out using curl

curl -i -X GET "{page-id}?fields=about,attire,bio,location,parking,hours,emails,website&access_token={page_access_token}"

Be sure to replace page-id and page_access_token with your own parameters.

I was able to hook API with twilio workflow.  What's even cooler is that you can use postman to test API! The facebook team used glitch to demo their app with node.js, webhook . I liked the idea of the glitch but it had a learning curve for me, so I quickly gave up. ,

The workflow of is :

- Create a facebook developer app and get a developer API

- create a facebook page to use in messenger

Messenger apps are associated with a specific Facebook Page.

Using on Facebook page can help seller answer questions, automatically make product recommendations. Using Facebook tools has one caveat the license is often not fully open sourced. Your custom app likely is not private to Facebook, just like source code of iphone apps aren't private. Apple can potentially make clones. Facebook has similar terms too. Watch out. 


When we first got started with Alexa there were only 25000 skills. How many skills does Alexa have today? Comment below.

Easy alexa quiz app: true or false questions, question banks. Give hints when users need it.

No code alexa? Program alexa skills without coding? There was a service called Storyline. Alexa seems to have its own inhouse AWS solution called Blueprint, perhaps the easiest way to make an Alexa app without coding.

Additional Twilio offerings:
Twilio Machine Learning

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Blog roadmap - topics we want to cover, expressions

Learn to code is still our favorite topic. We'd like to help you become the first person in your family to code. The struggle is real. There's no role model in the family. Hope you find the greatest learn programming community online! While you are at it. Let's pick up some blockchain skills. What's new for 2022? Make learn programming (python), machine learning, or blockchain web3 (javascript) your new year resolution!
  • Topics: data visualizaitons, AWS, business intelligence, blockly, react, react router, async await.
  • Digital literacy, coding literacy, pays dividend when you look for your next job
  • Data structure + algorithms = programs.  Data structure aka fancy data types 
  • Questions to ask: what does this app do?
  • Use emojis when possible. use emoji as chapter title. 
  • Publish citable articles in the future. Currently not possible. 
  • Demo whenever possible. 
  • Future: write white papers. 
  • Debugging, stack trace, 
  • Making our articles more citable for academic papers. They are being used right now, but we need to improve it. 
  • Making developer new year resolution courses.
  • Data
    • Data Engineering
  • Developer
    • Best practice
    • Pro tip, super pro tip
  • Learn to code
    • Our favorite topic
    • New year resolution!
    • Learn to code at any age
    • Learning to code is like learning a new language it simply takes time to be good . But there are corners to cut. It's possible to be more effective at it. 
    • Be the first generation coder: the first one in your family to learn to code. What does it mean to be the first one in your family to learn to code? The struggle is real! Change the life of your family! Medium article coming soon.
    • #learntocode, #learnprogramming #codingbootcamp, #100daysofcode
  • Social
    • Early subscriber club

CoinMarketCap API for crypto developers, blockchain developers

 While the free version of CoinMarketCap API is limited, it gives fun useful information. Please read our disclaimer before using this post. The API can be found on  Here are somethings you can find in the coinmarketcap API

Market cap
Volume (24 hours)
Circulating Supply
Change (24 hours)

you will be able to plot a simple price plot.

What you won't be able to do without spending a lot of money:

historic price

An important object is the response body returned by the coinmarketcap API.

Did you know that the most basic coinmarketcap api functionality can be accessed using R Programming? There's a package for that on github : CoinmarketcapR. This is a community package. We are not sure how safe, secure and how it can be best used. An initial looks shows that : this library is somewhat popular, has youtube tutorials (unofficial), can access some basic coinmarketcap APIs, while most APIs are deprecated. The library needs to be updated. It goes well with R. 

In news articles, we often hear that crypto has reached certain dollar amount of global market cap. CoinMarketCap can give you that number with a function call.

With advanced coinmarketcap API pricing and package, it's possible to do a bit of intermediate to advanced technical analysis. 

Did you know that the coinmarketcap website is often used to check contract addresses on Ethereum, and other blockchains such as binance smart chain. 

Below is the curl command to get  a list of current crypto prices using your coinmarketcap api key. Remember to replace the your-api-key-here with your actual api key. The free api key is relatively generous. It even shows a list of currency prices. 

curl -H "X-CMC_PRO_API_KEY: your-api-key-here" -H "Accept: application/json" -d "start=1&limit=5000&convert=USD" -G

Friday, December 3, 2021


We all heard that facebook wants to be META but one simply doesn't just become meta $MANA $YGG. Crypto may go up and down but it is "always sunny in the metaverse" - Robinhood.

YGG holds game tokens like Axie Infinity token, $MANA, etc. It can be thought of as a proxy to buying game tokens. It’s available in But it is at 6month all-time-high ATH (This is not financial advice. Please do your own research. Crypto is extremely risky. There is not as much transparency as expected.)

snoop dog

Metaverse game that every one is posting "naked" avatars

Animated avatar

Players will have to convert money (fiat) to $SAND, use $SAND Sandbox token to buy NFTs (include art, decors, avatars and wearables) and land which can be used in game. Sandbox has many notable partnerships: Snoop Dogg, Atari, Care Bear etc, even a laser eyed bored ape.


Metaverse Stage
Use case: use for events, technical conferences, music stage, concerts

Virtual skyscraper
"Multiple top notch crypto companies, Binance, KuCoin, , took residence in the virtual sky scraper of bloktopia"

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Responsive Design - UI UX Tailwind


Image: Tailwind UI UX responsive design breakpoint, mobile friendly. 

Newsletter November Part 2

Exclusive right has been retained to repost this on the internet. Uniqtech only posts on,, and here occasionally. All other posts are not authorized, may contain malicious links. In this special edition, we will talk about both machine learning (our usual data) as well as web3 - the next evolution of web. In the next newsletter, in early December, we will also analyze the job postings of a few web3 and blockchain companies such as NFT marketplace OpenSea. Our staff recently attended their recruiting event. Blockchain curriculum and flash cards are available for pro members at NO additional charge. It's included in your $5 / month membership! Yay. 

Blockchain and web3 seem to be the future, though Elon Musk surely disagrees (he tweeted today), though he seems to support Dogecoin. Art Basel, a premium fine art, NFT art, and blockchain art fair is happening today in Miami, the city of crypto.

Because blockchain is a public, distributed database, we data people, machine learning practitioners won't be in foreign territory. What we know have a lot of synergy! If you know web development, even better. 

A reminder : you can log into the website with either gmail or github! 😸 The technology is Google Firebase Authentication. cheers

Any feedback, questions are welcome or through the message tab on the site. 

You can become a pro Medium member via our uniqtech referral link. A portion of your membership fee will automatically be given to us and help us build tutorials on medium! Join our 1100+ subscribers to the data science bootcamp. 

Did you know that you can request content at Pro substack members get all the content. If you are a medium pro, clap for our stores and subscribe, we can release some premium tutorials to you too.

You can now tip us dogecoin! 🐕 or any crypto 🚀 🌕

Like our tutorials? You can donate/tip us! Help us make more tutorials. Send us $DOGE any #crypto Like our tutorials? You can donate/tip us! Help us make more tutorials. Send us $DOGE any #crypto powered by @coinbase not tax deductible. #learntocode #100DaysOfCode #learnprogramming tutorials on medium: #machinelearning #data 

This is a part of the @coinbase #weacceptcrypto campaign!

You can tip us or pay your membership $5/month payment using Crypto. 🐕

In the past, we discussed the preprocessing, vector representation aspect of deep learning models. Data cleaning and processing should take up to 80% of machine learning practitioners' time, but today we need to address the elephant in the room : deep learning training. This is both the art and math of AI. In the machine learning section, we will discuss training loops.

Easter egg for subscribers :

Best resources for understanding deep learning math and formula [flash card, pro, easter egg, PRO only] 🥚


We have updated our disclaimer and terms of use to include domain info and blockchain, crypto related info. Please review.  Link here. By reading, using our content, you agree with what's outlined in the disclaimer article.


Did you know the hottest crypto and NFT trends are based on the blockchain technology, a public ledger system which is also a database! And that's why our paid substack subscribers / website members will get free blockchain learning materials. We publish tutorials great for the Data Science Bootcamp (publication). 

What is EVM? [flash card]

Premium Medium members, comment on our posts, clap, follow us on twitter @siliconlikes send screenshots to to win blockchain tutorial screenshots. We won't be able to send u the entire package, but we will send u as much tutorial "candies" as possible~ Active members will automatically be entered into the next free study material raffle, no re-entry necessary! New graduate, students without earnings can apply for scholarships 3 months pro member on our LTC site.

Kaggle (data science competition site, a part of google) is hosting a crypto forecasting competition right now. Check it out and learn - Talking about Google, Google also hosts digital skills workshops and some of those are free - educating the employees of tomorrow's job market! Talking about free education, pro members, check the previous newsletter on substack for free premium coursera based training (easter eggs).

This week the majority of our engineering time is spent on chainlink hackathon. The sponsors are impressive : polygon, avalanche, moralis, - huge names in blockchain tech. We also noticed that blockchain gives almost 10x higher prize pool than conventional hackathons. 

We may generate NFTs for our subscribers. Any coding NFTs you would like ? Message us with your ideas

How to prepare for hackathons and competitions? We have lots of tips for you. Our staff has won Facebook HQ Pytorch deep learning, Udacity Angular JavaScript hackathons.

The blockchain glossary, vocabulary list landing page is live! More construction is needed, but it's available as a smart tutorial. Anyone who log in can view. Doesn't have to be a member. Member can view premium flash cards.

Previously we launched NFT smart tutorial landing page

Recently our staff made a first purchase on NFTs and cryptos. We learned a lot about the initial minting, reveal, what can go wrong in code, deployment and how to track on blockchain. Will share more soon. Want to know more, message us We are happy to share drafts with members. 

Web3 technology explained

 [pro, high quality, pro tip, web3] 

Everyone is talking about web3.This is what Robinhood newsletter said:

This crypto punk explains web3 with just a tweet!


Metaverse also include gamefi, requires developer to have skills such as : in-game economy and game algorithms / design

Metaverse gainers blockchain


This newsletter's machine learning section is dense!  Don't worry, we will resurface these flash cards and incorporate them into lessons, so we can slowly memorize these flash cards through repetition. 


rule of thumb: how to calculate dot product [PRO member]

rule of thumb, in_features, out_features [PRO member]

Why did OpenAI researcher build codex after GPT-3

UTC timestamp [blockchain, time series, data, data type, data preprocessing, date time]

Pytorch hook

Weakness of GPT-3 model

This newsletter's mega topic


Today's main focus in Machine Learning training is : training loop and gradient

What is training? Training is the learning part of "machine learning". In iterative processes, your models compare predictions (y_hat) with ground truth (y) in supervised learning. Then it will compute a heuristic of distance, which represents how good or far off is the prediction, also represents how distant is the prediction from the ground truth. Your models' goal is to minimize the distance using math and algorithms tricks, educated guess, even randomization. 

Depends on the metrics chosen, the distance result in very different numbers. There are strengths and weaknesses of each distance function, making each of them suitable for different tasks. There's no one magical distance function. An example of distance function in regression is euclidean distance. An example of distance function in classification is multi-class cross-entropy. In some scenarios, when comparing two vectors, their dot product can be used as the distance function. The choice of distance function takes trial and error. And can be an art. 

Check out the machine learning flash card landing page for more information on training APIs how the .fit function in scikit-learn different from pytorch custom loop.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of machine learning (a perfect partnership of math, statistics, computer science, probabilities, even biology, neuroscience and more), there are often different versions and names for the same terminology. It's confusing for beginners, even experts. Other names for distance function are similarity measures, loss function, cost function. 

We won't be able to explain and teach the training loop in one newsletter. We will need to create a series of youtube videos for our subscribers. But we want to show you the codes, line by line, and what's the purpose of each line. How does pytorch training loop differs from Tensorflow? 

On the machine learning flash card landing page, we explained tensorflow and scikit-learn has a high level API .fit() To train a model you just have to call the fit API on X(input) and y(output) in supervised learning. The pytorch custom training loop is a bit more involved. Just a few more lines of code. You can also write custom loops in Tensorflow. In this newsletter we just want to link to the source code. Don't worry about understand every little detail. We will want to record videos that explain these algorithms line-by-line. But if you take a close look, the training loop is under 50 lines of code. That's pretty manageable! Don't be intimated. If we learn one section a day, we will be done in a week. 

Pro members check out the pytorch custom training loop, annotated here, in this flash card. 

Annotated flash card for pytorch training loop source code

"sklearn (scikitlearn) and keras just call .fit() to train. The format is, y_train). In Pytorch you will have to do a bit DIY your own custom training loop."

Tensorflow also supports custom training loop [pro, tensorflow, training, ]

Like our tutorials? You can donate/tip us! Help us make more tutorials. Send us $DOGE any #crypto powered by @coinbase not tax deductible. #learntocode #100DaysOfCode #learnprogramming tutorials on medium: #machinelearning #data

Chain rule, review [flash card, gradient, public]

Best resources for understanding deep learning math and formula [flash card, pro, easter egg, pro only] 🥚

Understand matplotlib in one minutes. Data visualization cheat sheet [pro tip, high quality, data viz, cheat sheet]


More contents regarding interview coming in the next newsletter. We will be analyzing web3 blockchain job posts such as from work-for-startup expo at Y Combinator and NFT market place open sea. As you know we are huge fans of hackathons! Recently we participated in Chainlink smart contract hackathons. We have a lot of tips to offer. The prizes in blockchain hackathons are insane they are 10x higher than what traditional hackathons offer. It's truly a blockchain renaissance. We will offer more information in the next newsletter.

onsite interview basics

Like our tutorials? You can donate/tip us! Help us make more tutorials. Send us $DOGE any #crypto powered by @coinbase not tax deductible. #learntocode #100DaysOfCode #learnprogramming tutorials on medium: #machinelearning #data

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

How to play sandbox play-to-earn game strategy guide

Strategy guide and walkthrough for Sandbox alpha

wasd keys for directions 

space bar for jumping

T for emote

shift + w forward + sprinting

debugging: your browser is not compatible, your browser is not supported. Solution : use the latest chrome.

Only those with alpha pass unlocks the entire alpha week content and can earn the highest price.

Those without alpha pass can purchase (very expensive on opesea $10,000 US ++ and filled with spammers), or play Alpha Quest and participate in official twitter daily contest to win.

Must participate by replying on the day of, with a screenshot, and fill out a google form with wallet address, and link to tweet (of screenshot) to win.

There are at least three other tasks that can be done by non-alpha-pass holders: visit each fraction land, count deer, lynx, brown bear (6,5,2 depends on the order you are asked, you can actually guess this one multiple times instead of counting it. this is not the number in the market. It's literally in the alpha land you are in right now), fix a few beacons (locating the 5 beacons) .

Some beacons are hard to find. Be sure to use jumping (space bar) to access some places. Look for ladders and stair cases. We will show you below.

picture : in october snoop dog ran a contest for his private party pass

Day 1 create avatar, post screenshot, link to it in google form

Day 2 take a picture with snoop dog... same as above

Day 3 Get lasered by the Bored Ape with laser eyes!  

When doing tasks look for these yellow indicators. They tell you where to go. They are helpful. 

You can get the beacon task from this dude. 

Visiting different fractions. Their land are different colors. When you enter the world, go through the hall way almost to the laser eye ape, on the first floor, behind a different statue, that's the open field to the 3 fractions. 

Quest: how to locate and repair the beacons in sandbox alpha

Get the counting task and answer to this dude. You can take a guess instead of counting.

For fun, you can dance Gangnam style, use T for emote

Type in /help in chat for commands.

One beacon is located at a tough to spot place, you have to jump off a ledge to see it. 

One is on top of these building, enter one of the room, for the secret stair case to the top.

Tough to find 

Final one is in a house filled with fish, the stairwell looks like this.

For day 1 you have to hang out with snoop dog.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Set up advanced charting in Robinhood

 Did you know you can get EMA, MACD, RSI in Robinhood? You can now view semi-advanced technical charts in Robinhood. Check it out

Friday, November 26, 2021

Setting up Github developer access tokens | Debugging git push not working requires | How to get Github Access Token

Access token is now required for Github repo git push as of August 13, 2021.  This post solves git push does not work due to authentication errors. After August 13, 2021, Github requires access tokens instead of password login. This post covers how to get github access token for your own developer account. It solves when using receiving "remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021." error message after using git push

remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead.

remote: Please see for more information.

See the screenshot below to go to setting > developer setting > personal access tokens to generate your access token. For max security select a recent expiration date.

You will also select the appropriate permissions, for example will need to select the repos permission to make git push work.

Github log in with token

Now that you generated the developer token (which you have to do whenever the previous expires), you will need to log in with the token. authenticate github using access token

Now you will need to remove the old credentials. Warning: this is tricky, you might be logged out, and lose progress, so please do your own research, and only use these commands if you know what you are doing. Read more on the github documentation below. 
git credential-osxkeychain erase

When using a command that requires access token, such as git push, you will be asked to authenticate. Enter your username like you normally would, instead of password, use access token for the second part. If you lose it, you can repeat the earlier step and generate a new one. Delete the old one that you no longer need.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, DAO Lifestyle

Welcome to the crypto renaissance! Live a futuristic, ideal, cool lifestyle in Web3, enabled by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and DAOs. 

Why is NFT so popular right now? NFT made many price records in 2021: "Decentraland, most of the recent headlines have been about digital art being sold for eye-popping prices. This includes a $560K New York Times column, Beeple’s $69M JPEG, a $7M Cryptopunk icon, and Jack Dorsey’s $2.9M tweet, among others." CBInsights

Crypto cities:

First, warning, please read our disclaimer: 



Famous NFTs : Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Degenerate Ape Academy, and CryptoPunks. All are on OpenSea. Watch out for copy minters elsewhere. Each NFT has different traits properties, some are digitally rare, and perceived to have different personalities, different desirability. A common thread: red laser eyes are considered crypto maximalists, and are expensive


#NFTNYC, largest NFT conference, 

Bored ape yacht club party, warehouse event, and exclusive meetup

NFT Use Case: 

NFT can partner with consumer brands. NFT can be luxury goods. NFT can be wearables. NFT can deliver fashion : Karl Lagerfeld, fashion icon, figurine sold out in less than one hour. 


What can be tokenized? It seems that everything is being tokenized. Art, NBA plays, 

blockchain data technical challenge : correctness, sync, real time, reliability, up time, scalability, connection to the chain


Saturday, November 20, 2021

Firebase starter code, setup

import firebase from 'firebase/app'
import 'firebase/firestore'
import 'firebase/auth'
const config = {...}

Install import proper libraries, and components such as firebase core, firestore, firebase auth.

The firebase config object can be copy and pasted from your firebase project setting page. 

Follow firebase tutorials and development on #FirebaseSummit

Also check out the youtube channel

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

CoinGecko GeckoConf NFT Gone Wild Live Blogging, Summary, Schedule, Links and Resources

Hey I am a VIP attendee at the CoinGecko NFT conference. I am so excited. There's a lot going on! The super benefit of VIP attendees is that you get more free NFTs, high quality NFTs, dedicated discord chat, a VIP Poap and a different raffle pool! It was awesome.  I will be live blogging during the event to share the most notable, exciting highlights. You save time, you get the most out of GeckoConf! I also blog about blockchain development, web3 development hackathons and more!

Remember to read our blog disclaimer on blockchain, crypto and NFT. 

GeckoCon sponsors : geckocon features a list of impressive sponsors including, tezos, klaytn, aws, gather town, bybit and more.

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Live blogging about CoinGecko #GeckoConf #GeckoLand. 

To join Gather town Gecko land on gather town do use this link:

The original tweet is here and it is confusing

Once inside look for the NFT gallery, free workshop (12 languages), and a teleporting portal to decentraland - another famous, gamified 3D space, the NFT exhibit there is cool.

It's insane how many NFTs were given to VIP attendees and general attendees at GeckoCon. People who paid full price early for the VIP ticket definitely got the most NFTs. There were partnership with Sandbox, Cometh and even a soccer NFT.

If you have a .eth ENS name totally use it, so that you are recognizable. I am collaborating with madamcrypto.eth yay.

the main live event page

Some people had access troubles, for that you will need to email the team. There's an email in the order confirmation email. Also you can join the discord and ask questions there. 

There are fours roles in discord admin, premium (for premium gecko subscribers), attendees and VIP attendees.

Really cool NFT giveaway and Poap

The VIP ticket is actually a Poap. That's pretty rad. You can also enter a raffle with that. There are also NFT drops from Tezos and Gala. Some Gecko themed. Some of us missed the NFTs. It ran out OR we bought the ticket late OR didn't fill out the form in time OR the email notification went into spam folder. Tragedy indeed. 

Fantasy cards (small purchase)

Free NFT workshop for literally every language, wow

Conference schedules:

CoinGecko is located in Asia, attracts an international audience including Americans, Singaporeans, Japanese and more. The workshops are offered in many languages! 

Time for the conference use East Coast time EST - New York Time. It's early for West Coast - 5AM but not too bad. 

Day2 Track 1& 2

Day 3 Track 1 & 2

How to get cheap tickets in the future?

Your coingecko candies can trade for discount code, wearable NFTs as well as full price discount VIP ticket.

But the best deal is to use a speaker promotion code and get your VIP team nearly 60%-70% off.


TZ APAC HQ in Singapore

Tezos partners with Red Bull and McLaren to create two series of NFTs state of NFT COO founder NFT data platform session 01 after keynote

Former Linkin Park Mike Shinoda was at GeckoCon talking about indie NFT illustrator Moon, Tezos and launching his own generative music NFT to be released in December 2021

GeckCon sponsors are doing really well right now.

Keynote and welcome

Check out the entire thread of cool images and notable moments from this conference in this twitter thread.

State of NFT:


  • Number of wallets is an important metric. Participation widened.
  • Market Distribution: collectible non-fungible temporarily is no.1, but he thinks art and META are next.
  • Currently NFT weekly sales in August is absolutely crazy, much more than 6 months ago.
  • There's a sharp fall at the end of the active wallet slide because data retrieval ended before week end. It's not a true drop off.
  • There are more buyers than sellers.
  • People are buying more assets, not buying SUPER expensive outlier assets.
  • Market distribution: there are star assets like Axie Infinity (No.1 / No.2 spot), Crypto Punk, Bored Ape Yacht Club, ....
  • Data : cryptopunks are extremely centralized, invested by market makers not just average users. estimates only 2/3 of the cryptopunks are circulation. People claimed punks for free but forgot or lost the key.Top 10 punks have the 27% of the total supply of punks. That's highly centralized.
  • Metric: retention rate
Metaverse session
  • In the metaverse even the car you are driving around is an NFT, Rad!
Music session

  • There three distributions of land before end of year alpha go live
  • One land distribution already happened. One likely to be in December. One last one right before the alpha go live
  • Main mechanism is farming, there's also crafting 4 building blocks. The citadel is safe to farm. Phase 2 robots will be introduced outside land.

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