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Set up advanced charting in Robinhood

 Did you know you can get EMA, MACD, RSI in Robinhood? You can now view semi-advanced technical charts in Robinhood. Check it out

Friday, November 26, 2021

Setting up Github developer access tokens | Debugging git push not working requires | How to get Github Access Token

Access token is now required for Github repo git push as of August 13, 2021.  This post solves git push does not work due to authentication errors. After August 13, 2021, Github requires access tokens instead of password login. This post covers how to get github access token for your own developer account. It solves when using receiving "remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021." error message after using git push

remote: Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead.

remote: Please see for more information.

See the screenshot below to go to setting > developer setting > personal access tokens to generate your access token. For max security select a recent expiration date.

You will also select the appropriate permissions, for example will need to select the repos permission to make git push work.

Github log in with token

Now that you generated the developer token (which you have to do whenever the previous expires), you will need to log in with the token. authenticate github using access token

Now you will need to remove the old credentials. Warning: this is tricky, you might be logged out, and lose progress, so please do your own research, and only use these commands if you know what you are doing. Read more on the github documentation below. 
git credential-osxkeychain erase

When using a command that requires access token, such as git push, you will be asked to authenticate. Enter your username like you normally would, instead of password, use access token for the second part. If you lose it, you can repeat the earlier step and generate a new one. Delete the old one that you no longer need.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, DAO Lifestyle

Welcome to the crypto renaissance! Live a futuristic, ideal, cool lifestyle in Web3, enabled by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and DAOs. 

Why is NFT so popular right now? NFT made many price records in 2021: "Decentraland, most of the recent headlines have been about digital art being sold for eye-popping prices. This includes a $560K New York Times column, Beeple’s $69M JPEG, a $7M Cryptopunk icon, and Jack Dorsey’s $2.9M tweet, among others." CBInsights

Crypto cities:

First, warning, please read our disclaimer: 



Famous NFTs : Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Degenerate Ape Academy, and CryptoPunks. All are on OpenSea. Watch out for copy minters elsewhere. Each NFT has different traits properties, some are digitally rare, and perceived to have different personalities, different desirability. A common thread: red laser eyes are considered crypto maximalists, and are expensive


#NFTNYC, largest NFT conference, 

Bored ape yacht club party, warehouse event, and exclusive meetup

NFT Use Case: 

NFT can partner with consumer brands. NFT can be luxury goods. NFT can be wearables. NFT can deliver fashion : Karl Lagerfeld, fashion icon, figurine sold out in less than one hour. 


What can be tokenized? It seems that everything is being tokenized. Art, NBA plays, 

blockchain data technical challenge : correctness, sync, real time, reliability, up time, scalability, connection to the chain


Saturday, November 20, 2021

Firebase starter code, setup

import firebase from 'firebase/app'
import 'firebase/firestore'
import 'firebase/auth'
const config = {...}

Install import proper libraries, and components such as firebase core, firestore, firebase auth.

The firebase config object can be copy and pasted from your firebase project setting page. 

Follow firebase tutorials and development on #FirebaseSummit

Also check out the youtube channel

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CoinGecko GeckoConf NFT Gone Wild Live Blogging, Summary, Schedule, Links and Resources

Hey I am a VIP attendee at the CoinGecko NFT conference. I am so excited. There's a lot going on! The super benefit of VIP attendees is that you get more free NFTs, high quality NFTs, dedicated discord chat, a VIP Poap and a different raffle pool! It was awesome.  I will be live blogging during the event to share the most notable, exciting highlights. You save time, you get the most out of GeckoConf! I also blog about blockchain development, web3 development hackathons and more!

Remember to read our blog disclaimer on blockchain, crypto and NFT. 

GeckoCon sponsors : geckocon features a list of impressive sponsors including, tezos, klaytn, aws, gather town, bybit and more.

Like what you read? Tip madamcrypto.eth below. All kind of addresses available:





Live blogging about CoinGecko #GeckoConf #GeckoLand. 

To join Gather town Gecko land on gather town do use this link:

The original tweet is here and it is confusing

Once inside look for the NFT gallery, free workshop (12 languages), and a teleporting portal to decentraland - another famous, gamified 3D space, the NFT exhibit there is cool.

It's insane how many NFTs were given to VIP attendees and general attendees at GeckoCon. People who paid full price early for the VIP ticket definitely got the most NFTs. There were partnership with Sandbox, Cometh and even a soccer NFT.

If you have a .eth ENS name totally use it, so that you are recognizable. I am collaborating with madamcrypto.eth yay.

the main live event page

Some people had access troubles, for that you will need to email the team. There's an email in the order confirmation email. Also you can join the discord and ask questions there. 

There are fours roles in discord admin, premium (for premium gecko subscribers), attendees and VIP attendees.

Really cool NFT giveaway and Poap

The VIP ticket is actually a Poap. That's pretty rad. You can also enter a raffle with that. There are also NFT drops from Tezos and Gala. Some Gecko themed. Some of us missed the NFTs. It ran out OR we bought the ticket late OR didn't fill out the form in time OR the email notification went into spam folder. Tragedy indeed. 

Fantasy cards (small purchase)

Free NFT workshop for literally every language, wow

Conference schedules:

CoinGecko is located in Asia, attracts an international audience including Americans, Singaporeans, Japanese and more. The workshops are offered in many languages! 

Time for the conference use East Coast time EST - New York Time. It's early for West Coast - 5AM but not too bad. 

Day2 Track 1& 2

Day 3 Track 1 & 2

How to get cheap tickets in the future?

Your coingecko candies can trade for discount code, wearable NFTs as well as full price discount VIP ticket.

But the best deal is to use a speaker promotion code and get your VIP team nearly 60%-70% off.


TZ APAC HQ in Singapore

Tezos partners with Red Bull and McLaren to create two series of NFTs state of NFT COO founder NFT data platform session 01 after keynote

Former Linkin Park Mike Shinoda was at GeckoCon talking about indie NFT illustrator Moon, Tezos and launching his own generative music NFT to be released in December 2021

GeckCon sponsors are doing really well right now.

Keynote and welcome

Check out the entire thread of cool images and notable moments from this conference in this twitter thread.

State of NFT:


  • Number of wallets is an important metric. Participation widened.
  • Market Distribution: collectible non-fungible temporarily is no.1, but he thinks art and META are next.
  • Currently NFT weekly sales in August is absolutely crazy, much more than 6 months ago.
  • There's a sharp fall at the end of the active wallet slide because data retrieval ended before week end. It's not a true drop off.
  • There are more buyers than sellers.
  • People are buying more assets, not buying SUPER expensive outlier assets.
  • Market distribution: there are star assets like Axie Infinity (No.1 / No.2 spot), Crypto Punk, Bored Ape Yacht Club, ....
  • Data : cryptopunks are extremely centralized, invested by market makers not just average users. estimates only 2/3 of the cryptopunks are circulation. People claimed punks for free but forgot or lost the key.Top 10 punks have the 27% of the total supply of punks. That's highly centralized.
  • Metric: retention rate
Metaverse session
  • In the metaverse even the car you are driving around is an NFT, Rad!
Music session

  • There three distributions of land before end of year alpha go live
  • One land distribution already happened. One likely to be in December. One last one right before the alpha go live
  • Main mechanism is farming, there's also crafting 4 building blocks. The citadel is safe to farm. Phase 2 robots will be introduced outside land.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

What is a Smart Contract? - Blockchain tech explained

 What's a smart contract? Chainlink explains it really well. Be sure to read our disclaimer before proceeding to read the tutorial.  Please always read our disclaimers and terms of service before reading our posts. 

"When deployed to a blockchain, a smart contract is a set of instructions that can be executed without intervention from third parties. The code of a smart contract determines how it responds to input, just like the code of any other computer program.

A valuable feature of smart contracts is that they can store and manage on-chain assets (like ETH or ERC20 tokens), just like you can with an Ethereum wallet. Because they have an on-chain address like a wallet, they can do everything any other address can. This opens the door for programming automated actions when receiving and transferring assets.

Smart contracts can connect to real-world market prices of assets to produce powerful applications. Being able to securely connect smart contracts with off-chain data and services is what makes them hybrid smart contracts. This is done with oracles, which we will discuss later in this tutorial."

The language for programming smart contracts is solidity. 

"Solidity is a statically-typed curly-braces programming language designed for developing smart contracts that run on Ethereum."  official doc. Inspired by other programming languages. .sol extension. solidity is for smart contract programming.

Ethereum virtual machine : where ethereum programs are run

Remix : online playground / editor for trying out and running solidity code in the browser.

^ to specify version greater than the one specified.

smart contracts are essential a bunch of codes that are to be executed.

kind of like a microservice, everyone can see it, and execute the code. Look like a class but more than a class.

An example of smart contract - Chainlink

In the screenshot above, you can see this smart contract has one variable, publicly accessible - message. When initiated, the message would have been set, and there's also a function to update that variable. 

The first pragma specifies the version of solidity. The main logic is enclosed in a class like contract HelloWorld{ ... }.

Smart contract vulnerability, loop hole, failure can cause severe losses, hacking of tokens, assets, exchanges and just about any dapps. We often hear genesis smart contract problems being exploited. This not a component of blockchain that you should be coding yourself, don't re-invent the wheel. Only use well tested, audited contracts written by experienced, top developers. This is not a component you will want to hack together. A reminder: please read our disclaimer and term of usage: to summarize our tutorials and posts are for informationaly purpose only. They are not for production use, not for commercial use. They have not gone through security review. They are just toy examples.

One interesting trivia about solidity contracts is that it does not allow decimals aka floating point numbers as a data type. 


Smart contract, solidity, data types:

int defaults to int256

Disclaimer - WARNING:

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DOM Tree Basics - What's a DOM Tree


Here's the visualization on wikipedia of a DOM tree.

#webdevelopment basics #DOM #100DaysOfCode

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Setting up environment variables for dev environment

 It's very important to protect API keys, private keys in blockchain and API development. In general the best practice is: do not have API keys, or any secrets, sitting unprotected in code bases, even if it is in the server side logic. Front end code is definitely a big no no. We use environment variables to manage private keys and secrets. Some cloud platforms such as Google Cloud offers encrypted, cloud managed keys, with extra features such as key rotations, that's pretty cool.  Here're are some tips from Chainlink smart contract hardhat starter kit. 

There are two options of setting environment variables: store credentials in a .env file AND set it in command line. Remember to add any env file to .gitignore else you risk losing your credentials and subject your app to attack and misuse. Bad parties can steal your API keys make unauthorized transactions /requests and incur cost / lost.

The bash one works directly in the command line. The .env one is to be used with the dotenv npm package.

dotenv (node, npm package, weekly download 15,514,927 as of Jan 2022). "Dotenv is a zero-dependency module that loads environment variables from a .env file into process.env."

# with npm

npm install dotenv

# or with Yarn

yarn add dotenv

To verify installation is successful, also check the package.json file. 


Create a .env file in the root directory of your project. Add environment-specific variables on new lines in the form of NAME=VALUE. For example:




process.env now has the keys and values you defined in your .env file.

const db = require('db')


  host: process.env.DB_HOST,

  username: process.env.DB_USER,

  password: process.env.DB_PASS


Once we define environment variables in the .env file the values are available with the process.env. prefix. That's pretty cool. Definitely exclude the .env file form git history and git push.

The environment variables sit near the operating system, or the virtual environment the code is running on. The code only pulls the value of the secrets. "Platforms can have its own unique mechanism for storing and retrieving environment variables. "

Getting started with Chainlink for developers

Chainlink Developer Resources: Chainlink offers developer the ability to use Oracles for writing hybrid smart contracts. Oracles are like blockchain middleware. Chainlink provide decentralized oracle networks, aiming to provide better crypto, randomness and security for data and DeFi apps.

Top Features:


It's important for blockchain to have deterministic values, which is great for reaching consensus, but real world apps often need variables - values that are changing, such as when querying a weather API. This is where Oracle comes it. Oracles fulfill the need to help blockchains connect with the real world while still providing decentralized infrastructure.
this is a keyword you will hear a lot getting started with Chainlink. 
What are oracles:
"mechanisms of blockchains, smart contracts have no built-in capabilities for interacting with external resources like data providers and API services as a means of verifying the outcome of real-world events happening outside the blockchain. This creates what is known as the blockchain oracle problem and represents one of the greatest limitations to representing everyday contracts on the blockchain. To overcome this lack of connectivity, hybrid smart contracts use oracles as middleware to retrieve external data inputs, push data outputs to external systems, and perform scalable off-chain computations. Not only do oracles serve as a two-way bridge between smart contracts and the outside world, but they also provide a security framework for protecting against any single point of failure such as data manipulation and downtime." - official doc

The business model of chainlink is fascinating, being the middleware of blockchain, serving such a crucial role, chainlink always can charge fees, and chainlink always gets paid. 

"Chainlink Price Feeds provide a large collection of streaming market data. Developers can currently integrate easy-to-deploy code to retrieve Price Feeds for crypto assets, commodities, FOREX, and more market data, opening up a huge number of potential applications. "

"Not just an endpoint, API, has to be decentralized to secure
Separate service, middle ware that lives on top of the chain
Oracle is responsible for connecting to the api of the outside world. 
If it is one point of failure, each to hack, easy to compromise." - zak ayesh developer advocate chainlink

Chainlink can do some stuff that blockchain won’t want to do or cannot do : random number, time keeper. Chainlink does this by using decentralized oracles, running hybrid smart contracts. Chainlink network aims to be trust-less : no need to rely on brands, big corp promises. 

Data feed: 

"Chainlink Data Feeds are the quickest way to connect your smart contracts to the real-world market prices of assets. For example, one use for data feeds is to enable smart contracts to retrieve the latest pricing data of an asset in a single call." 

data from different chains, and even real world data e.g. weather, e.g. retrieve the current ETH/USD price. Clients include top DeFi apps.

Data feed - contract addresses : 

Chainlink warns the data quality is important. Always check if you are using the best quality data feed.

Random number generation : 

Random number generation is often useful in blockchain development.

Programming language:

You will get experience with (no prior experience required): Solidity, Javascript with web3.js, Python with (if you prefer python > javascript)

Tutorials landing page:

Chainlink hackathon: 

There are many workshops and bootcamps to help you get started. View past winners

Massive alumni success. If won, can pitch to vc. resume builder. 

Chainlink use case

Read more ... 77+ Smart Contract Use Cases Enabled By Chainlink . Trivia knowledge: this post used to be called 44 ways, and now it is increased to 77 ways. More on chainlink use cases. 

Other roles/functions in the chainlink ecosystems: What brought you to Chainlink? A Integrate Price Feeds/Market Data/External APIs, B Integrate Verifiable Randomness (VRF), c Integrate Proof of Reserves, D Integrate Chainlink Keepers, E Build Cross-Chain Applications, F Become a Data Provider, G Become a Node Operator

Chainlink Starter Kit:
Chainlink Starter Kit has chainlink smart contract codes, and supports Hardhat, Brownie, Foundry etc. For more support: discord, documentation, stack overflow, Starter Kit. 

Play to Earn Blockchain, Crypto, NFT Games

In this article we will discuss the Play-to-Earn Economy, aka P2E.  Perhaps the most famous play to earn game is Axie Infinity, which amassed 1 million Daily Active Users (DAU). Its protocol revenue is only second to Ethereum, wow. 

Too busy to read? Watch this youtube documentary about Axie Infinity:
The video explaining play to earn went somewhat viral. People in struggling communities are playing Axie Infinity to change their life. 

The concept play-2-earn is also connected with the idea of Metaverse, real estate NFT, in-game purchase, in-game economy etc.

How does Axie Infinity make money? | How does Axie Infinity earn fees

"The Axie Infinity economy consists of a governance token (AXS) and a second token called Smooth Love Potion (SLP) that serves as an in-game currency, along with NFTs that represent both game characters and virtual real estate." - coinbase

"Every time an Axie is traded, a plot of real estate is sold, or two Axies are bred, the protocol takes a fee priced in a combination of AXS and SLP. Rather than go to the developers, this revenue is placed in the Axie treasury, which has ballooned to nearly $600 million."

Axie Infinity is not actually available in the United States. Its enormous success was based on emerging markets alone: Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Venezuela  etc.

Games of web2, pre blockchain games, employs the free-to-play, or freemium model. It's to get started. Axie Infinity requires 3 to get started. You will have to do buy, rent, or obtain an AxieInfinityScholarship in order to get started. When the game first started, Axies average $10 per creature, now it is estimated to be north of $500 per creature.

Of course $1500 is not affordable at all for people in the Philippines. There are now systems of lending: when lending axies to others, the loan originator also gets a cut of the winning. You can think of this as a credit, borrowing / banking system build on top of the game. However, it is also smelling of pyramid when gamers have to pay to join and thus by recruiting new members, the game becomes more profitable for those at the top of the pyramid. 

Yield Guild Games (YGG) "YGG is essentially a holding company for play-to-earn gaming assets. Starting in 2020, they’ve been buying up yield producing NFTs, governance tokens, and ownership stakes in promising gaming projects and protocols." - coinbase "Similar to how Uber pairs people who want to earn money driving with people who need rides, YGG pairs people who want to make money gaming with the NFTs they need to earn in play-to-earn games." YGG even has its own asset report (July) " By the end of July, the YGG treasury had amassed 19,460 NFTs valued at over $10M across 12 play-to-earn games. Axie Infinity NFTs comprised close to 90% of that value."

With Sandbox's huge raise recently, we wonder if YGG has increased again, significantly in value. YGG also has a token. If you are interested in NFTs and games, it might be good to look at YGG's portfolio for brainstorming ideas. "YGG has also made early stage investments across 8 play-to-earn games via SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)". May be this name is inspired by YCombinator SAFE? 

Seriously best article about GameFi by coinbase blog

Federal regulator in the gaming world? Product managers of games long know that in-game economy can be regulated. Players can be incentivised or disincentivised to certain activities. In Axie Infinity, the Fed is called the Sky Mavis.

"If Axie Infinity is its own digital nation, game developer Sky Mavis serves as its Federal Reserve. Where the Fed has various tools it uses to influence the economy, Sky Mavis can adjust the SLP issuance rate and breeding fees with the aim of keeping the Axie economy healthy. Just like a real economy, digital economies have to consider the effects of inflation."

For those already overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, a simple rule to keep in mind is axies are bought using Ethereum. If you want a part of the Axie Infinity earn but don't have time to learn one more thing. Consider Ethereum as your asset. Not financial advice, not qualified to give financial advice. WARNING Read our full disclaimer.  WARNING

People have been using the analogy Ready Player One over and over again: where people living in dystopia can have their lives changed by their in-game performance in the metaverse where they play to earn. It's an exciting time and it is a sad time. Fortune rarely honors those who gamble or try to make-rich-quick-scheme. But for now, it's an exciting time to be a gamer. 

Read more about Axie Infinity on coinbase, source 2 below


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Blockchain NFT Cryptocurrency Hackathon Resources

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT concepts explained to developers. Understand the technical side of blockchain technology. Learn more about Web3 economy including Dapps, DeFi, DAOs, DEXs, GameFi, smart contracts. Decentralized tech with crypto and smart contracts can potentially provide transparency, trust, consensus, guaranteed execution. The crypto part makes the system potentially difficult if not impossible to manipulate / influence.         

What is Blockchain? "Blockchain is the innovative database technology that's at the heart of nearly all cryptocurrencies" - David Rodeck, John Schmidt. "By distributing identical copies of a database across an entire network, blockchain makes it very difficult to hack or cheat the system." 

Blockchain technology is useful not just for cryptocurrency. There are many new innovative application, usage of blockchain tech.

Blockchain: ideally blockchain technology is decentralized into a large network of nodes, where it'd be hard for a single party to take over a large number of nodes /computers. There's trust in the tech, security, and ability to execute the exact contract. "Decentralization solves the trust problem through redundant data validation." - From Technology to Society: An Overview of Blockchain-Based DAO. A public ledger. Sometimes double entry ledger. 区块链 - blockchain

Crypto: scarcity - can have limited supplies like Bitcoin. Divisibility of money can generate smaller denominations.

Crypto Kitty: one of the early successful, massive NFT games. 

Consensus: consensus model.  money is a consensus mechanism - MIT. 

Crypto Cities: ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin discusses crypto cities and political DAOs on his personal blog. Vitalik  Buterin on Crypto Cities

DAO : Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). in a typical DAO, each token carries some form of voting rights. Every token is like a vote. Gives rise to e-governance and the concept of governance coins.

Dapps: decentralized apps

DeFi: decentralized finance. An example is stablecoins, lending and borrowing, trading on dencentralized exchanges. Without the middleman, such as a bank.. 

DEX: decentralized exchange.

Dogecoin nodes recently upgraded to version 

Ethereum: the famous cryptocurrency that powers many top NFTs and DeFi apps. Year 2015

Gas fee: 

Ledger: transaction ledger, balance ledger

Mainnet vs Testnet: Mainnet is the live, production environment with the actual ledger. Testnet uses testnet tokens, for development experimental work. will be recorded but is for testing. A example testnet for ethereum Ropsten test network. 


NFT: 不可替代令牌, 中文名叫非同质化通证 数字艺术品 - digital art

OpenSea: is perhaps the largest NFT art platform and e-commerce site. 

Oracle : one use case for oracle is for checking crypto conversion price before completing a payment. 

Proof of work

Proof of stake

Smart contract: a piece of code that executes to ensure the rules and exact actions are taken during a transaction. Can be used to guarantee execution. 

Solidity is the code for smart contracts. It has java like syntax. 

Statistics: useful statistics how many blocks in the blockchain. how many blocks are added per minute / interval / duration.

Tokens and blockchains you may encounter at hackathons:

Metis Layer 2, Solana, ICON, 

Tokens that are useful :

Metis can support DAO. Mobile first tokens/blockchains include : Celo, PiCoin

Transaction speed: 


Neighborhood hacks : build a blockchain tacoshop with

Read the full disclaimer. Not financial advice. Not for trading use. Hypothetical discussions only. Informational only.

Disclaimer: My company and I may both own crypto currency. All discussed is for informational purpose only. Crypto and blockchain, NFT, gaming are highly risky spaces. These are not financial advice. Risky investment may incur lost of investment and the entire principal. All discussion of technology is for informational purpose only. Mentioning a tech does not mean endorsement. All tutorials are for informational purpose only, cannot be used for commercial nor production use. Have not been tested for security. Using blockchain, cloud or machine learning technology may incur high costs. We are not responsive for costs, damage associated with any of these technology. You may want to monitor the cost, and set budget alarms and quotas whenever possible. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

NFT why do people want it?

 How are NFT used to provide owners desirable social and wealth status?

  • Top NFTs are so expensive, it clearly showcase multi-millionaire status. Bored ape yacht club has no NFT below $100,000
  • People use their crypto punk and ape NFT as social media profile picture and even speaker photo at NFT and decentralized conference 
  • VIP a exclusive access to art, social, party events. Example: bored ape yacht club actually hosted a yacht party at NFTNYC
  • Community : owners join private club , lounge in the form of digital forums such as Discord server. 
  • NFTs are collectible by nature. Each attribute has different level of rarity. 
  • NFTs are digitally scarce art. They are not scarce physically, because one can right click and save and make copies. There's even running joke about right-click-and-save. 

For all our crypto articles please read our disclaimer first

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Blockchain, crypto, stock, personal finance DISCLAIMER WARNING

WARNING, Disclaimer IMPORTANT: My company and I may both own crypto currency, NFT and other blockchain related products. We may currently or in the future invest in crypto, blockchain, NFT, token related companies.  All discussed is for informational purpose only. Crypto and blockchain, NFT, gaming are highly risky spaces. These are not financial advice. Risky investment may incur lost of investment and the entire principal. All discussion of technology is for informational purpose only. Mentioning a tech does not mean endorsement. All tutorials are for informational purpose only, cannot be used for commercial nor production use. Have not been tested for security. Using blockchain, cloud or machine learning technology may incur high costs. We are not responsive for costs, damage associated with any of these technology. You may want to monitor the cost, and set budget alarms and quotas whenever possible. Not financial advice. Always do your own thorough research before investing. I am not a professional. Blockchain technology changes all the time, our post may be out of date, inaccurte, unusable, or not secure. Please always check with the underlining technology documentation for the latest, greatest, official guidance. Our posts are for informational purpose only. We will NOT be responsible for any issues, nor damages, nor losses. 

Developer Tool Libraries Glossary Vocabulary List

 One sentence about each library from the documentation or wikipedia


ARKit : AR platform, develop for Apple devices, requires A9 chip and iOS11 or above

"Babel · The compiler for next generation JavaScript" also useful for cross browser compability of javascript. Turn react js into vanilla javascript that browsers can read.  "Babel is a toolchain that is mainly used to convert ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backwards compatible version of JavaScript in current and older browsers or environments."

"CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It has over 86 thousand libraries and is used in over 3 million apps. "

React 360 (by Facebook open source)

Create amazing 360 and VR content using React.

.rc file extension usually refers to some kind of configuration

SemaFor - The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA (Microsoft), a program “to detect semantic deficiencies in deepfakes, such as a photo of a man generated with anatomically incorrect teeth or a person with a piece of jewelry that might be culturally out of place.”

"package.json | npm Docs This document is all you need to know about what's required in your package.json file. It must be actual JSON, not just a JavaScript object literal. A lot of the behavior described in this document is affected by the config settings described in config."

ViroReact  (by Facebook open source)

Under the hood, this framework is based on two APIs that dominate the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality for mobile phones: ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android.

Watchman (by Facebook open source)

Watches files and records, or triggers actions, when they change.

"webpack is a module bundler. Its main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser"

YAML "is a human-readable data-serialization language. It is commonly used for configuration files and in applications where data is being stored or transmitted.". There are utilities libraries that allows us to quickly install and meet app requirements based on yaml file specifications. 

Getting started with Node.js 2021-2022

common file names conventions

app.js, server.js, index.js

index.js : contains code for server side logic. index.js is the server code file


npm run build: will run utilities to build and bundle javascript files if possible. After generating the bundle.js, be sure to include it in a script tag in the HTML file. 

npm run start

The request module has been deprecated. Many web API requests make use of this module. Using this module will throw errors. MDN Fetch API "This kind of functionality was previously achieved using XMLHttpRequest. Possible alternative: Fetch provides a better alternative that can be easily used by other technologies such as Service Workers. Fetch also provides a single logical place to define other HTTP-related concepts such as CORS and extensions to HTTP." Mozilla MDN

Global scope: publicly available variables at the top level of a browser window

If a JavaScript variable is initiated without value, the default is undefined. let myVar; myVar == undefined; // returns true

Old way of declaring variable is using var, global scope. The new way is let and const. let and const are better for block scope declaration? 

Image Processing Library for Node.js
Sharp is a high-performance module for resizing and formatting

Shopify offers Shopify CLI command line tool rails or node.js

Going beyond basic console logging in JavaScript:
  • console logging error
    • console.error('error message or code')
  • console log warning message in JavaScript
    • console.warn('message')
  • console logging time
    • console.time('label') // print out time with the label
    • console.timeEnd('label') measure how long the script takes
  • clear console
    • console.clear()
  • Print out complex console log message in table structures, returns a nice table
    • console.table({object key : value})

Server Status Code - Web Development

 status line : 

status code | reason phrase

000 found and ok

2xx things are okay

3xx we need to do something different to find it

302 found document located somewhere else

404 not found

4xx something wrong with the browser side

500 server error

5xx something wrong with the server side 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Blockchain, NFT gaming, Web3, Play to Earn, Cryptocurrency explained

Web3 content creation and monetization simply explained:

Web3 creator economy explained by Tarique Sha, beautifully and elegantly on twitter.

Bored Ape Yacht Club parties in NFT New York City #NFTNYC. 

Read uniqtech's mini report here:

BAYC wristband explained by their twitter account. The access it carries.


Twitch game streaming partners with (who recently featured Matt Damon in an ad promotion).

News, regulation on Stablecoin


News, reddit

Reddit may enter the NFT space by converting karma points into tokens.


Coin swaps:

Some swaps we have heard of coinmarketcap, pancake swap, uniswap. We have not tried most of these options. Our non-professional understanding is that swap is likely a taxable event. We are not accountants, and do not have professional knowledge. This is not tax advice. Swapping also incur fees, there're parameters that you want to tune such as tolerance. 


Blockchain mining, even with a pool can be costly. Specialized equipment also requires upfront investment of $500 to the thousands. Often they are sold-out. Google Cloud service forbids using its infrastructure and resources for mining. Electricity can be costly. 

Disclaimer: My company and I may both own crypto currency. All discussed is for informational purpose only. Crypto and blockchain, NFT, gaming are highly risky spaces. These are not financial advice. Risky investment may incur lost of investment and the entire principal. All discussion of technology is for informational purpose only. Mentioning a tech does not mean endorsement. All tutorials are for informational purpose only, cannot be used for commercial nor production use. Have not been tested for security. Using blockchain, cloud or machine learning technology may incur high costs. We are not responsive for costs, damage associated with any of these technology. You may want to monitor the cost, and set budget alarms and quotas whenever possible. 

Data analysis

Data visualization of common math formula.