Thursday, November 11, 2021

NFT why do people want it?

 How are NFT used to provide owners desirable social and wealth status?

  • Top NFTs are so expensive, it clearly showcase multi-millionaire status. Bored ape yacht club has no NFT below $100,000
  • People use their crypto punk and ape NFT as social media profile picture and even speaker photo at NFT and decentralized conference 
  • VIP a exclusive access to art, social, party events. Example: bored ape yacht club actually hosted a yacht party at NFTNYC
  • Community : owners join private club , lounge in the form of digital forums such as Discord server. 
  • NFTs are collectible by nature. Each attribute has different level of rarity. 
  • NFTs are digitally scarce art. They are not scarce physically, because one can right click and save and make copies. There's even running joke about right-click-and-save. 

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