Sunday, November 7, 2021

Blockchain, NFT gaming, Web3, Play to Earn, Cryptocurrency explained

Web3 content creation and monetization simply explained:

Web3 creator economy explained by Tarique Sha, beautifully and elegantly on twitter.

Bored Ape Yacht Club parties in NFT New York City #NFTNYC. 

Read uniqtech's mini report here:

BAYC wristband explained by their twitter account. The access it carries.


Twitch game streaming partners with (who recently featured Matt Damon in an ad promotion).

News, regulation on Stablecoin


News, reddit

Reddit may enter the NFT space by converting karma points into tokens.


Coin swaps:

Some swaps we have heard of coinmarketcap, pancake swap, uniswap. We have not tried most of these options. Our non-professional understanding is that swap is likely a taxable event. We are not accountants, and do not have professional knowledge. This is not tax advice. Swapping also incur fees, there're parameters that you want to tune such as tolerance. 


Blockchain mining, even with a pool can be costly. Specialized equipment also requires upfront investment of $500 to the thousands. Often they are sold-out. Google Cloud service forbids using its infrastructure and resources for mining. Electricity can be costly. 

What's a token burn?

Disclaimer: My company and I may both own crypto currency. All discussed is for informational purpose only. Crypto and blockchain, NFT, gaming are highly risky spaces. These are not financial advice. Risky investment may incur lost of investment and the entire principal. All discussion of technology is for informational purpose only. Mentioning a tech does not mean endorsement. All tutorials are for informational purpose only, cannot be used for commercial nor production use. Have not been tested for security. Using blockchain, cloud or machine learning technology may incur high costs. We are not responsive for costs, damage associated with any of these technology. You may want to monitor the cost, and set budget alarms and quotas whenever possible. 

Always do your own research and consult professionals before making any decisions. The contents on our sites and channels are NOT financial advice. 

WARNING: when developing for blockchain, definitely use testing throwaway wallet, testnet and testnet tokens to develop your dapp and test extensively. Deploy to testnet first and get testnet coins.  Even if you are a good developer, you will want to use well-tested contract, smart contract templates like OpenZeppelin. And get professional audit help. 

A warning and a reminder : None of our content is for production use. None of our content is production ready. None of our contents or codes have to been tested in production environment. In other words, our contents are NOT suitable for production/live environments. Our contents are informational only. Our contents are NOT tested, or developed for live environment.

WARNING: mentioning a technology is not a form of endorsement. Quoted opinions are those of the authors, not of Uniqtech. Please read our disclaimers before using our content. This applies to all of our contents, channels and websites. 

Mentioning a crypto, stock does not mean endorsement. This is not financial advice. We do not have financial advisory licenses. Do your own research. Cryptos and stocks are very risky. All contents here are hypothetical, informational, educational purpose only. We may own said crypto. 


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