Wednesday, November 17, 2021

CoinGecko GeckoConf NFT Gone Wild Live Blogging, Summary, Schedule, Links and Resources

Hey I am a VIP attendee at the CoinGecko NFT conference. I am so excited. There's a lot going on! The super benefit of VIP attendees is that you get more free NFTs, high quality NFTs, dedicated discord chat, a VIP Poap and a different raffle pool! It was awesome.  I will be live blogging during the event to share the most notable, exciting highlights. You save time, you get the most out of GeckoConf! I also blog about blockchain development, web3 development hackathons and more!

Remember to read our blog disclaimer on blockchain, crypto and NFT. 

GeckoCon sponsors : geckocon features a list of impressive sponsors including, tezos, klaytn, aws, gather town, bybit and more.

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Live blogging about CoinGecko #GeckoConf #GeckoLand. 

To join Gather town Gecko land on gather town do use this link:

The original tweet is here and it is confusing

Once inside look for the NFT gallery, free workshop (12 languages), and a teleporting portal to decentraland - another famous, gamified 3D space, the NFT exhibit there is cool.

It's insane how many NFTs were given to VIP attendees and general attendees at GeckoCon. People who paid full price early for the VIP ticket definitely got the most NFTs. There were partnership with Sandbox, Cometh and even a soccer NFT.

If you have a .eth ENS name totally use it, so that you are recognizable. I am collaborating with madamcrypto.eth yay.

the main live event page

Some people had access troubles, for that you will need to email the team. There's an email in the order confirmation email. Also you can join the discord and ask questions there. 

There are fours roles in discord admin, premium (for premium gecko subscribers), attendees and VIP attendees.

Really cool NFT giveaway and Poap

The VIP ticket is actually a Poap. That's pretty rad. You can also enter a raffle with that. There are also NFT drops from Tezos and Gala. Some Gecko themed. Some of us missed the NFTs. It ran out OR we bought the ticket late OR didn't fill out the form in time OR the email notification went into spam folder. Tragedy indeed. 

Fantasy cards (small purchase)

Free NFT workshop for literally every language, wow

Conference schedules:

CoinGecko is located in Asia, attracts an international audience including Americans, Singaporeans, Japanese and more. The workshops are offered in many languages! 

Time for the conference use East Coast time EST - New York Time. It's early for West Coast - 5AM but not too bad. 

Day2 Track 1& 2

Day 3 Track 1 & 2

How to get cheap tickets in the future?

Your coingecko candies can trade for discount code, wearable NFTs as well as full price discount VIP ticket.

But the best deal is to use a speaker promotion code and get your VIP team nearly 60%-70% off.


TZ APAC HQ in Singapore

Tezos partners with Red Bull and McLaren to create two series of NFTs state of NFT COO founder NFT data platform session 01 after keynote

Former Linkin Park Mike Shinoda was at GeckoCon talking about indie NFT illustrator Moon, Tezos and launching his own generative music NFT to be released in December 2021

GeckCon sponsors are doing really well right now.

Keynote and welcome

Check out the entire thread of cool images and notable moments from this conference in this twitter thread.

State of NFT:


  • Number of wallets is an important metric. Participation widened.
  • Market Distribution: collectible non-fungible temporarily is no.1, but he thinks art and META are next.
  • Currently NFT weekly sales in August is absolutely crazy, much more than 6 months ago.
  • There's a sharp fall at the end of the active wallet slide because data retrieval ended before week end. It's not a true drop off.
  • There are more buyers than sellers.
  • People are buying more assets, not buying SUPER expensive outlier assets.
  • Market distribution: there are star assets like Axie Infinity (No.1 / No.2 spot), Crypto Punk, Bored Ape Yacht Club, ....
  • Data : cryptopunks are extremely centralized, invested by market makers not just average users. estimates only 2/3 of the cryptopunks are circulation. People claimed punks for free but forgot or lost the key.Top 10 punks have the 27% of the total supply of punks. That's highly centralized.
  • Metric: retention rate
Metaverse session
  • In the metaverse even the car you are driving around is an NFT, Rad!
Music session

  • There three distributions of land before end of year alpha go live
  • One land distribution already happened. One likely to be in December. One last one right before the alpha go live
  • Main mechanism is farming, there's also crafting 4 building blocks. The citadel is safe to farm. Phase 2 robots will be introduced outside land.

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