Wednesday, December 1, 2021

How to play sandbox play-to-earn game strategy guide

Strategy guide and walkthrough for Sandbox alpha

wasd keys for directions 

space bar for jumping

T for emote

shift + w forward + sprinting

debugging: your browser is not compatible, your browser is not supported. Solution : use the latest chrome.

Only those with alpha pass unlocks the entire alpha week content and can earn the highest price.

Those without alpha pass can purchase (very expensive on opesea $10,000 US ++ and filled with spammers), or play Alpha Quest and participate in official twitter daily contest to win.

Must participate by replying on the day of, with a screenshot, and fill out a google form with wallet address, and link to tweet (of screenshot) to win.

There are at least three other tasks that can be done by non-alpha-pass holders: visit each fraction land, count deer, lynx, brown bear (6,5,2 depends on the order you are asked, you can actually guess this one multiple times instead of counting it. this is not the number in the market. It's literally in the alpha land you are in right now), fix a few beacons (locating the 5 beacons) .

Some beacons are hard to find. Be sure to use jumping (space bar) to access some places. Look for ladders and stair cases. We will show you below.

picture : in october snoop dog ran a contest for his private party pass

Day 1 create avatar, post screenshot, link to it in google form

Day 2 take a picture with snoop dog... same as above

Day 3 Get lasered by the Bored Ape with laser eyes!  

When doing tasks look for these yellow indicators. They tell you where to go. They are helpful. 

You can get the beacon task from this dude. 

Visiting different fractions. Their land are different colors. When you enter the world, go through the hall way almost to the laser eye ape, on the first floor, behind a different statue, that's the open field to the 3 fractions. 

Quest: how to locate and repair the beacons in sandbox alpha

Get the counting task and answer to this dude. You can take a guess instead of counting.

For fun, you can dance Gangnam style, use T for emote

Type in /help in chat for commands.

One beacon is located at a tough to spot place, you have to jump off a ledge to see it. 

One is on top of these building, enter one of the room, for the secret stair case to the top.

Tough to find 

Final one is in a house filled with fish, the stairwell looks like this.

For day 1 you have to hang out with snoop dog.

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