Sunday, December 26, 2021

YC OpenSea Recruiting Event

Is OpenSea, a YC company, heavily recruiting via YC in preparation for an IPO?


"YC Tech Talks Crypto, NFTs & AMA w/ CoFounder of OpenSea
Speakers: Devin Finzer CEO co-founder @opensea, Nemil Dalal PM of crypto @coinbase"

OpenSea used YC's work for startup events and candidate pipeline to host a recruiting event. Coinbase engineering lead was also a part of this event. This is an invite-only event. Candidates will have to apply first via YC's work for startup portal, entering detailed work info, resume info. It took a while. Candidate profile is labeled with "yc network", "Crypto 2021" etc. Candidates have to pre-select the roles they are interested in : marketing, dev, community etc, and will be limited to applying to those roles. OpenSea, coinbase, 
Algofi (S21), Fast, low-cost crypto lending market on the Algorand blockchain (according to their YC profile)
Dharma Labs (S17) The easiest way to buy 74+ crypto tokens with USD  (according to their YC profile)
Filta (S21) The Face Filter NFT marketplace  (according to their YC profile)

OpenSea's is rumored to IPO? 
Is OpenSea, a YC company, heavily recruiting via YC in preparation for an IPO?
Comment: personally, I am not sure how credible it is. It seems a bit pre-mature. 
Bloomberg Crypto : Former Lyft CFO Roberts Joins Crypto Startup OpenSea. "Roberts, known for shepherding Lyft through rapid growth to a successful IPO and adjusted profitability, said OpenSea is already profitable. He said although it doesn’t need to raise more cash, it could use the financing to acquire companies, strike partnerships and create joint ventures to further expand the use of NFTs into new industries. " "I’ve seen a lot of P&Ls (profit and loss statements) but I’ve never seen a P&L like this,” said Roberts, adding that although he still feels it’s “day one” for the NFT industry in general and OpenSea in particular he’s already planning its IPO."

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