Thursday, December 9, 2021

Blog roadmap - topics we want to cover, expressions

Learn to code is still our favorite topic. We'd like to help you become the first person in your family to code. The struggle is real. There's no role model in the family. Hope you find the greatest learn programming community online! While you are at it. Let's pick up some blockchain skills. What's new for 2022? Make learn programming (python), machine learning, or blockchain web3 (javascript) your new year resolution!
  • Topics: data visualizaitons, AWS, business intelligence, blockly, react, react router, async await.
  • Digital literacy, coding literacy, pays dividend when you look for your next job
  • Data structure + algorithms = programs.  Data structure aka fancy data types 
  • Questions to ask: what does this app do?
  • Use emojis when possible. use emoji as chapter title. 
  • Publish citable articles in the future. Currently not possible. 
  • Demo whenever possible. 
  • Future: write white papers. 
  • Debugging, stack trace, 
  • Making our articles more citable for academic papers. They are being used right now, but we need to improve it. 
  • Making developer new year resolution courses.
  • Data
    • Data Engineering
  • Developer
    • Best practice
    • Pro tip, super pro tip
  • Learn to code
    • Our favorite topic
    • New year resolution!
    • Learn to code at any age
    • Learning to code is like learning a new language it simply takes time to be good . But there are corners to cut. It's possible to be more effective at it. 
    • Be the first generation coder: the first one in your family to learn to code. What does it mean to be the first one in your family to learn to code? The struggle is real! Change the life of your family! Medium article coming soon.
    • #learntocode, #learnprogramming #codingbootcamp, #100daysofcode
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    • Early subscriber club

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