Thursday, June 30, 2022

Growth : Viral TikTok Trends, Songs, Audio, Hashtags. What's going viral?


These are marketing and viral ideas you can use for creating Tiktok videos. 


Perhaps what's amazing about Tiktok is storytelling with the songs and tunes we already love.
  • Avicii - The Nights  Avicci live a life you will remember 
  • Song I love you to infinity
  • Duke & Jones - My Money Don't Jiggle Jiggle It Folds (Lyrics) TikTok Song
  • Vibe with these top 2022 Tiktok songs
  • Other songs : first let me take a selfie. 
  • If I die young doing something for YouTube (disclaimer: don't do something stupid for youtube. WARNING the title of the song does not represent our opinion. )
  • Take this waltz Lenard
  • Winter takes it all / winner takes it all
  • Song ily (i love you baby)

Animals, Pets, Cats, Dogs

  • #CatsofTiktok
  • Selective Participation : sleeping cat, baby, dog, puppies
  • Show me your pet, then show me what your pet is named after
  • Just a baby
  • In a minute imma need some kitty kibble, lamb or chicken, to chunk me up!
  • Pet thought bubble
  • Separation anxiety
  • Loaf check, 10/10 loaf
  • Paw song
  • Nappy song
  • Try owning cat today
  • Microphone : cat eats, Camera : cat smells everything
  • Distinguished gentleman
  • Cats have OCD
  • Cat career video memes
  • Owning a cat, try cats today
  • How many taps till your cat get mad
  • Show me someone that lives in your house rent free

Fancy, Travel, Dreamy, Life is like a movie, Adventure

  • Je te laisserai des mots (song)
  • Just makes sense song
  • Transformation, Comparison, Before and After 
  • How did this become this e.g. food, jelly shot, pets growth
  • Can we skip to the good part
  • things you must do before you leave this world
  • ma che vuoi, vertical orientation, often referred to as the Italian hand gesture ma che vuoi, sometimes called the "finger purse." In Italy this gesture tends to be used in disagreement, frustration, or disbelief and can mean “What do you want?” or “What are you saying?” according to
  • Avicii - The Nights  Avicci live a life you will remember 
  • Like you are broké (broke but fancy, broke and still living classy)
  • You are coming home with me, hotel travel
  • Travel hacks
  • Travel in Japan
  • Things that just makes sense xyz
  • travel and safety tips


  • Broadcast eating Mukbang
  • Broadcast cat eating with tiny microphone 
  • Extra or basic
  • Other people get kids I get coffee


Learn on Tiktok, learn with tiktok, 


  • capitalism popped off today ? capitalism paid off today?
  • Collector check. Show me your most expensive item
  • CEO, entrepreneur Jefferey Bezo
  • Do I need this, no
  • capitalism popped off today ? capitalism paid off today?
  • Cool products, designs
  • Broké

Interactive, Reaction, Duet

  • React to viral videos, viral creators
  • React to dances


  • California living in different reality


  • Something that feels illegal
  • Lifehack, randomly saw one day, can't live without
  • Tech stories, life hack, 
  • Budgeting
  • A new viral song about ADHD


  • Big lips filter (instagram, effect) blog


  • emotional damage.  e.g. dogecoin emotional damage. 

Being an adult is hard, fail at being an adult

  • Adult lullaby
  • Is is anxiety is it laziness or is it ADHD song
  • Other people get kids I get coffee

Content Ideas for TikTok Live

  • A calligraphy artist writing livestream viewer's name in Chinese
  • Follow No.1 / lucky interactive viewer of Tiktok live. Give them a shoutout.
  • Have seen a lot of creators ask for gifts in livestream. Not sure if kosher with Tiktok policy

More ideas

  • Instagram worth hotels around the world
  • Cooking, recipes
  • Find the difference
  • Drawing process
  • Lifestyle, Gen Z Millennial : Other people get kids I get coffee. Digital nomad. Vlog
  • It all went wrong
  • Youtube study music, chilled cow
  • Smash photos together, sync photo to music beat
  • Tea for 1, chen xiang the incense that sinks
  • Adult lullaby
  • Food, garden, interior design (urban outfitter style), room with plants
  • 7 second video, 7 second photo, no hashtag necessarily, here's proof see?
  • monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday


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