Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Plugins :  sublime plugin for sublime editor, extensions for vscode. 

VSCode (VS Code) basics:

Drag file to text editing panel to preview, edit and write code. 

View > Layout > Two columns to view files side-by-side

Another reason to use Visual Studio Code, VS Code will display a little color swatch right next the hexadecimal value of CSS colors. 

Live server, live preview, hot loading functionality available for web development. 

Visual Studio Code can be used for JavaScript, Python, Deep Learning. Visual Studio Code VS Code extension code runner, run multiple languages including javascript. (node.js must be installed). Click on code runner, select language javascript. 

Click hold terminal output tab drag it to the right, to dock it there, 

Typing code on iOS: Did you know you can long hold symbols/keys for more programming friendly syntax? For example, long hold the quote key to type ' instead of ".  When typing in notepad, the double quote is stylized, not valid programming script syntax. 

Build a portfolio, publish to Github, and or using Github page. 

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