Saturday, January 22, 2022

Stock, Crypto Technical Analysis

Crypto investment. 

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  • Bollinger Bands 
  • Breakout: Any breakout patterns?
  • Fees can really affect your takehome profit in crypto. Check out coinbase's fee schedule here
  • Momentum
  • Note the fee is different for makers and takers. 
  • Relative strength index RSI
  • Short interest
    • Roblox example
  • Other non technical, qualitative components: new listing, coinbase new listing
  • 50 day moving average. e.g. a lot of cryptos are correlated with bitcoin 50 day moving average. 50 day moving average below 100 day moving average, some may consider it a bearish sign.
  • WhaleStats: show movements of big ETH whales. What kind of tokens they are buying and trading.

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