Friday, January 21, 2022

Polygon blockchain developers resources

 Developer advocate of Polygon Xiangan He talks about Polygon development.

The ecosystem of polygon is huge. 

Polygon value propositions and offerings (official website retrieved Jan 2022)

Polygon offerings (official website)

Easy for developers to change ethereum apps to use polygon.

[NEWS] Farming game causes rise in demand of Polygon network, increases fees.

"The rising demand is impacting the usability of the Polygon network. Gas fees have increased dramatically this week, with PolygonScan showing an average gas fee of nearly 764 Gwei on January 5. That's a dramatic increase over the average rate, which fell between 72 and 115 Gwei daily during the last week of December. In U.S. dollars, it means that a Polygon transaction fee has jumped from what's often a penny or less to as much as $0.50, depending on the complexity of the transaction. That's still a fraction of the price of an Ethereum mainnet transaction, but for games and other applications that utilize a lot of transactions, the fees can start to pile up for users. " -

Polygon architecture layers

As developers you will need to own a bit of $MATIC polygon token for bridge, transaction fees etc, example to deploy smart contract to the mainnet.

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