Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Creator Economy | Be a Creator in 2022 on Youtube Tiktok Blockchain and Oculus VR

As creator economy continues to boom, it's possible for creators to make small passive income, there's even a path way to wealth.
  • Facebook to invest in VR creators 
  • How much does onlyfan influencers make? How onlyFan creators monetize
    • "Lewis himself runs a Twitter account with 139k followers — mostly male OnlyFans subscribers — and charges $20 to share a post linking to a creator’s account. He says he is currently selling ~400 posts per month." - The Hustle 
    • “Rothfield compiled 250 pages of all the questions she received and turned them into a free marketing ebook directed at s** workers.”
  • Blockchain and web3 is about users monetizing their own content. Blockchains are the ultimate creator platform. 
  • Food creators are flourishing on pinterest including tastemade
  • Before the pandemic youtube used to offer virtual creator bootcamp and in-person workshops for creators with 10K or more subscribers
  • Fortnite allows you to add a creator to support in its in-game store
  • Which creators should people be looking at?
  • Oculus and SparkAR (both Facebook META) have creator programmers
  • Sandbox offers gaming NFTs, allows creators to monetize NFTs
  • In the news
    • In U.S. creator economy boom, big tech battles for online talent (creator economics, monetization)
  • Logan (youtuber)'s boxing matches are one of the most profitable live sports events ever

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