Sunday, January 16, 2022

BigQuery Google Cloud Big Data SQL Basics 2021-2022

To get started you can visit the BigQuery documentation page on Google Cloud - start with the Guide tab. BigQuery is very helpful for big data analysis even if your data science skills and SQL skills are not at the advanced level. 
  • Do analytics on large dataset (Big Data), fast
  • Use SQL syntax to query datasets
  • Machine Learning with BigQuery BQML
    • Use SQL to run machine learning algorithms
  • How to save costs in BigQuery
  • AutoML with BigQuery
  • Google Cloud for Research
  • BigQuery can access datasets
    • Reddit available, Hacker News
Things you can do in Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Cloud key management
Kaggle illustrated database table structure of bigquery, using hacker news as an example

BigQuery datasets example public dataset is organized under projects. A project is a collection of datasets. For example : hacker_news is a dataset. A dataset is a collection of tables. Illustrated by Kaggle.

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