Monday, January 17, 2022

Crypto & Tech News January 2022

Crypto is very risky. Do you own research. Even news cannot predict the result of volatile assets. Please read our disclaimer before reading our blog. There is no financial advice on this blog. We are not qualified. Mentioning a token, NFT, blockchain is not endorsement. 

General economy:
In U.S. creator economy boom, big tech battles for online talent (creator economics, monetization)

Why is dogecoin going down? Dogecoin Tesla effect erased?

Whale activity after Tesla + Dogecoin announcement (Caution Need verification, whale activities are hard to analyze)
Dogecoin Whale Activity Goes Up 148 Percent After Tesla's DOGE Announcemen (Caution Need verification, whale activities are hard to analyze)

Dogecoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Now Accepted by Gaming Giant Nexon

Tesla safety data and Elon Musk's reaction

Metaverse, gaming, NFT: 

SandBox:  Another land sale at Sandbox Jan 13, 2022 Alpha Season 2 Game Jam

Grand Theft Auto x Zynga Farmville  + NFT

Crypto influencer will be fined in Spain

Crypto hit 6 month low

Is bitcoin the new gold?

Robinhood had ~425 million loss. 

Youtube gaming head leaves for Polygon

Robinhood testing wallets

Shib and Dogecoin understands community

Google entering crypto space

"Arbitrum, the Ethereum (ETH) layer-two network, has had its second outage in less than five months due to a hardware problem. According to reports, the network was down for around seven hours. The network was having sequencing difficulties that prohibited transactions from being executed." Cointelegraph

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