Monday, August 22, 2016

Japanese Prime Minister Super Mario appearance at Rio Olympics

Japanese Prime Minister dressed as Super Mario made a viral appearance at Rio Olympics 2016.   A video commercial promoting the Tokyo Olympics 2020 was broadcasted at the stadium in Rio Olympics' closing ceremony.

The video highlighted Japan's amazing landmarks, history, hit video games, and animations, including Super Mario.

At the end of the video, athletes passed a red ball symbolizing the Japanese flag, country of the rising sun, to the prime minister dressed in sharp navy blue business suits.

As he headed out of the Japanese parliament in his limousine, he realized that he would be late for his appearance in Rio, so he transformed into Super Mario and upon examining the map of Rio (a word play on Mario's name "Ma RIO") he dived into the iconic green Super Mario pipe and appeared in miraculously person at the Rio stadium wearing the Mario hat carrying the red ball.

The video went viral fast. Everyone thought it was a really clever play. With the popularity of the recent hit game - Pokemon GO, the prime minister is doing his part to promote the gaming industry of Japan and its Olympics Game in 2020. The showmanship is stunning. After all, Japan is still the 3rd largest economy in the world and cannot wait to show its glamor and rich culture.

Tokyo Tower, Senso Ji template at Asakusa, Shinkansen Bullet Train, Shibuya Crossing (Lost in Translation), Captain Tsubasa (animation) are also featured in the video.

Captain Tsubasa appeared
in Tokyo Olympics 2020 promo

The video is copyrighted and cannot appear on Youtube. Download the NBC Sports app on your smart phone in the United States to view the featured video before it disappears.


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