Friday, August 2, 2013

Code Tagging Real Life | Flat UI in Teabags and HTML in Spam Sushi

There was a very strange Mozilla P2PU course back then on HTML at the school of webcraft (Harry Potter-ish, hoorah)!  Strangely when you get a lot of non-developers together, they found the strangest tags at the strangest places. Inspired, I found HTML tags in spam musubi aka Spam Sushi! Yeah wtf, still my all time top post on this blog.

Each sushi piece is perfectly wrapped in tag pairs, has text as sushi rice, and attributes marked by spam or Mackerel or tuna... yeah... messed up.

Blog flat ui tea bags from JapanBut look what I found today, flat UI in packaging design: my favorite ancient teahouse in Japan.

Blog flat ui tea bags from Japan
 May be the roasted Hojicha can be think of as Orange in flat, but Gyokuro is almost as green as Sencha right? So why the color? But indeed it is pretty. Functional?

Debatable, but does give a quick cue.
The typography shouts a clear message though! It's a Teabag!! Just kidding. The Tea names are pretty easy to read. Not sure why the tea bag sign is so obvious. One bonus point on Japanese-style details: the tea word is completely redesigned with the english letters blent into Kanji

But just like many flat UI, it is vibrant, beautiful, HAPPY, and easy-to-read, yet not functional enough to tell me anything about the tea yet. The elaborate diagram below only explains why tea bags are important and convenient... yeah we know.

Blog flat ui tea bags from Japan

Jokes and cynicism aside, isn't it exciting to see Flat UI in packaging, i.e. wild from the computer world? I think it makes me love this traditional ancient teahouse even more. It really has its own style.

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