Friday, January 30, 2015

Hotel at Home : W Hotel Lifestyle

Once a consultant, always a consultant. On the many nights spent in hotels, consultants have learned to accept brand hotels as their homes. It's a must to ensure sanity. Starwoods hotels and their loyalty program SPG are particularly popular among posh technology and business strategy consultants with shiny suits and a bit of tech savy modern twist. 

#SPGLife W Hotels really stand out in modern hotel culture. The brand like many other hotels offer merchandise for sale online for customers to "take the hotel home". Today I came across three interesting pieces of merchandise on a specialty W Hotel sales

Modern Tech Savy Lifestyle: W Hotel Take Home Merchandise that Really WOWs

W Hotel Room Scent Perfume / Home Fragrance

Marketing now employs scent to invoke memory and longing. W Hotel defines the scent of modern taste with this perfume like Westin defines its SPA like hotels with the scent of white tea.

W Hotel Room Accent - Pillow, Cushion and Throws

W Hotels strive to invoke a sense of youth, sexuality, modern urban lifestyle, this tiara beauty queen must have inspires a sense of wild youth and adventure - party life as the #SPGLife ?

Even for the symbol of modernism, this throw has too much of an electric blue for a bandana / bed throw.
But it really shines brilliant design when you take a close look at the pattern.

This brilliant throw has a unique W HOTEL Dallas pattern spelling out silhouette of oil drills, longhorns and hardcore machinery. It shines light on the life of the American south, the trucks, fields and the people, making this a unique piece worth a second look.

W Hotel Room Lifestyle Accessories - Tote

Just like the pillow, this "princess" beauty queen tiara tote is designed to shout we need "pampering", a bit modern sexy and the City? Urban cinderella? Such a rich kid of instagram tote #RKOI

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