Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily Economics Stock Market Digest Last Day Week of Feb 23 - Apple

Important news that you should be reading and forming your own opinion this week : Apple, Impax Laboratories, 

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, you should never take my advice. These are my notes, my personal understanding as a part of daily / weekly stock investment researching. Feel free to get feel of what may be important or notable, but I am not making any recommendation here...

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Apple (AAPL) Car - What we know from CNN Money

Apple (AAPL)'s Jonathan Ive is obsessed with cars.  Apple's sensor filled car has been sighted in Hawaii.

Japan Display may open new plant for Apple (AAPL)

Impax Laboratory (IMPAX) to Report Earnings on Feb 24th (Tuesday)

How would Aptiom do in the Wall Street Stock Market

Treato patient reviews seems to indicate more negative opinions than positives. But these are individual reviews, not verified, not rigorous scientific studies. Can only be used as a second, third, even fourth opinion. Treato indicated that PCYC's Imbruvica had more positive reviews, but the sample size is still small just 24.

APTIOM is recently approved by FDA. Its actual performance is still a mystery. It's taken for seizers, epilepsy, complex partial seizers among adults.

Dividend Calendar

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ:NYSE) dividend ex-date 2/20/2015

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation (MAR:NASDAQ) dividend ex-date 2/25/2015

P/E Ratio is high right now 32.3, though earnings are good EPS = 2.57
Note and comment: Starwoods and other competitors may not be doing well this year... need more research.

Alaska Air (ALK:NYSE) Group, Inc.  dividend ex-date 2/20/2015

EPS = 4.44, P/E = 14.4, dividend $0.20 - QRTR

Nike Inc (NKE:NYSE)   dividend ex-date 2/26/2015

EPS = 3.36, P/E = 28.3, dividend $0.28 QRTR

Cheesecake Factory Inc (CAKE:NASDAQ) dividend ex-date 2/23/2015

EPS=1.96, P/E=25.1, dividend $0.165

Hershey Co (HSY:NYSE) dividend ex-date 2/23/2015

EPS=3.76, P/E=28.5, dividend $0.535

Estee Lauder (EL:NYSE) dividend ex-date 2/25/2015

EPS=2.92, P/E=28, dividend $0.24

Nordstrom Inc (JWN:NYSE) dividend ex-date 2/25/2015

EPS = 3.77, P/E=21.7, dividend $0.37, Nordstrom earnings actually fell short 2/19, but price still hiked for many dollars. Not a buy at this time.

Herman Miller (MLHR:NASDAQ) dividend ex-date 2/25/2015

EPS =  1.49, P/E = 21.1, dividend $0.14. May be Herman Miller will find its market among the newly rich engineers and having filled up startup and venture capital offices.

Time Warner Inc (TWX:NYSE) dividend ex-date 2/25/2015

EPS=4.40, P/E=19.2,  dividend $0.35. Huge hike in Feb, already very expensive. 

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