Wednesday, September 23, 2015

eBay has the ambition to be the next Amazon but it isn't working

The Battle of Two eCommerce Sites

This year, eBay celebrated its 20th birthday and really beefed up its seller standard. Users can easily request full refunds, and even when the seller cooperates, the "Item Not as Described" still counts against the seller as a high defect rate. While eBay has added new tools like promoted listing, it became much harsher towards its sellers by implementing many new standards,  lowering its tolerance for customer-seller resolution, becoming stricter with item relisting and listing in general. These moves are alienating its younger and newer sellers for sure.

Some more senior sellers are used to standard hikes, and are used to making small changes to comply. But younger sellers like myself are seeing the increasing value of platforms like Shopify which respects sellers and allows sellers to take back control. It is a proof that happy sellers can give great customer experience.

eBay wants to make itself more like Amazon, who is knowing harsh towards its sellers and at times will shut down one's livelihood. But customers don't see eBay as a generic site like Amazon, but a very specialized used goods, specialty goods site. Without those items, and many individual sellers, eBay will have trouble attract new customers. Its brand name is simply not associated with new products. It'd better work with younger, innovative sellers to change that, rather than shutting them out with hard-to-nagivate standards that have way too much history, legacy and lack simplicity.

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