Sunday, May 29, 2016

Web Analytics Tools & Softwares that Marketers Use on Top of Google Analytics

Summary: Here's an ultimate bucket list of growth hacking, marketing, tracking and analytics tools marketers would use on top of Google Analytics. If you are a sophisticated marketer, you should growth hack with these tools too to gain 360 insights on your customers.

Mixpanel - customer tracking, retention, funnel, customer metrics, visualize funnel, dropout
Hotjar - heatmaps, UX, recording, polls, tracking clicks,
Hubspot - customer tracking, email customization, funnel
Trackjs - developer engineering tracking for javascript errors
Optimizely - A/B testing
SumoMe - content tracking tools for publishers to track pages and posts
BuzzSumo - popularity, competitive intelligence
Impactana - popularity
Rival IQ - popularity, competitive intelligence
Drift -
OnBoardTips - on boarding
Moz - SEO
Yoast - SEO meta data
Majectic Tool -
SEO sitecheckup
Raven - great reporting, build-in SEO auditor
Screaming Fog
Oscilloskope -
Adobe Analytics
Stat -
Facebook insights, Pinterest insights, native social media dashboards
Analytics from Buffer
Mavenlink - internal tracking, project management
crazzyegg - user behavior analysis
yandex metrika
proprietary tools - that works with MySQL or MongoDB, internal CRM

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