Friday, December 23, 2016

From 0 to 1 Getting to your first sales on Shopify

You have set up your Shopify store, now what? It's time to get your first sales. How? While there are many opportunities to make sales online (the entire ecommerce market is huge), it's hard to get a slice of the big pie. At first. Here are a few tips for you. My store was featured in Christmas 2015 by UberRUSH (Uber postmate delivery) as a top 50 San Francisco small business store on the Shopify platform. we sell high quality gifts that you often find in modern art museum stores!

Message to fellow sellers
Hi sellers, I just wrote this blog post. Please give me some feedback if you can. This is my advice to future sellers on Shopify platform. My store was featured on UberRUSH San Francisco as a top 50 small business seller. They featured my store last Christmas. 2 of my products reached the top 5 list!Among my tips mentioned in the above blog post, 1. generating noise on social media (using hashtags is very important) and 2. frequently checking and making discount offers in abandoned carts are two top tips that generate the most increase in sales. 

Generate some noise on Social Media

Social media is your grassroots marketing. Spread the word about your products on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Enable store function on Social Media

Did you know that you can sell your products directly on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter? Shopify platform allows you to partner up with the big guys: run a Facebook store and enable Buyable pins in minutes. Don't forget Wanelo.

Spread the words to friends and family

I personally emailed my friends to ask them to consider my store for their Christmas shopping. I offered free gift wrapping, tax discount 10% off purchase, steep discount for slow items... They were doing me a favor but also gained value by getting free delivery, free advice and discounts. 

Use the #ShopifyPicks hashtag

Shopify's social media account will feature cool meaningful products on the Shopify platform. You can potentially get them to pay attention to you by using the #ShopifyPicks hashtag. Do not spam. Play nice.

Post to relevant forums

How did you find my blog post? You likely saw it in the Shopify forum just now. Special interest forums guarantees you perfectly targeted audience, who are also supportive and responsive. They are your most relevant audience. Selling  special skateboard and parts, better look for the best forums. You are guaranteed thousands of visitors and some great feedback if you ask.

Check abandoned carts often

Initially when your store needs time to mature and perfect, customers may visit your store and lose trust, interest or encounter difficulties. Use the Abandoned Cart feature to identify these potential customers, write them messages and offer a timely discount code.

Hustle and don't give up. 

I bought startup and entrepreneurship posters and posted them on my wall. I even wrote XyzName Hustles on my coffee mug. Whenever things get difficult, I get a mini boost from those entrepreneurship quotes.

I live and eat in the Silicon Valley. I write about everything Silicon Valley including startup, tech, learn to code, food and ecommerce. 


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