Monday, May 27, 2013

Founding of CodeDiv

Last week, I founded the ultimate resource (video collection and multi-media analysis) I am putting together after a result of my learning to code journey!

Top topics that I cover include: bootcamps, popular technologies, choosing languages,  understanding different bootcamp shops, setting up basic technologies

Why? There's a noble purpose behind it. I make plenty of the videos free and resources free for all visitors. The price is super cheap for the video collection. This is aiming to introduce all to programming. My philosophy is that, I don't want to repeat or dare to compare myself to all the great tutorial sites out there. I won't do that. But I figured out how to use short cuts and be very smart at analyzing info. That's what I can teach that others cannot.

The website itself is an learning and teaching experience. I am using very cool technology to improve it progressively.

Thanks for checking it out. Tweet me @i_stanford I will personally answer your questions, and point you to the best resources for you.

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