Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Innovation at PayPal - ebay Inc? Yes way!

At bay area GGD, that is girl geek dinner, #ebayggd, at the door, you get a glass, and a business card case, then this mysterious sign up sheet. I signed up. It was almost compulsive, didn't think twice about it. Then when the time arrived, I couldn't find a cup to drink, so I went to the tour... yeah, wtf

Then we were led from the 2161 town hall to the PayPal building ... then some innovation center/lab sign, then we were in...

A W Hotel like diving room, with all the modern furnitures, decors, huge flower bundles that you can imagine, except it is a very bright, white is the predominate color and theme.

Our host asks everyone to sit down and watch him present on a big iPhone like screen (those huge ones at a Apple Store window pane). He dresses like a hipster designer... i.e. he dresses better than everyone else that is a developer in the building.

He showed up pinterest like tabulation of sales list, great drag, and drop, swipe and even some "wand waving" motions on the gesture enabled screen for demo. He goes on explaining the persona of the average mother that would shop in the living room, or even on TV (in the near future of everywhere commerce).

He explains that user will get recommendations that are relevant, personalized, even realtime (an offer they just retrieved from TV interactive ad), and even a personalized profile that includes more than demographic info : you can see all the items that you have bought and even estimating their resale price.

Before long, we were hustled into another room where a well-dressed lady in designer style print clothes explain how PayPal's mobile app will work in a burger venue. Much like Square, you can open a tab, you can check in via PayPal (non-social, no sharing) or you can share socially, and get seated (on the restaurant facing version), get special promotions, and most importantly you can pay and just leave.

What if you are in a rush? You are really going to appreciate the future of this app.

There's more, you see a mock-up fully setup market, an outdoor clothing shop, even a theater. What a great scenario, interactive, high-tech demo location and setup. You almost feel like you are in a SPA or therapy session.

It reminded me of the once existed Stanford creativity room in Tressider student center. Oh wow. Way to go PayPal and the ebay Inc. reinvented. As a seller as well as a developer. I was hyped.

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