Sunday, January 5, 2014

App nation 2013 recap and productivity apps

Productivity Apps

These are my personal opinions on productivity apps. Please critique make suggestions! Would love to hear from you. 

Task Management Productivity

  • NEW~ Shoots&Leaves reviewed: could it be the developer friendly todo / task management that hackers always wanted?  
    • An app that I always wanted: turns a photo snapshot of the moment into a reminder / clipboard text / todos even markdowns! This is got to be a developer favorite. I am still testing it but wrote my review already, because the hacker friendliness
    • My review: One of my productivity finds. I always take picture info/task for myself but they easily get lost in the cameraroll. I like this app for allowing me to upload to imgur right away or to Dropbox if I want to be private. I don't think I have to give it permission to access my cameraroll, a privacy plus of course. Most fun of all it allows templating, a mustache like coder friendly syntax that allows dynamically forming texts: Read {{title}} by EOD {{url}} . Or even markdown! Win. Still testing 5 star for now, working and not crashing
    • The name seems to be spin of the popular yet humorous grammar, writing and etiquette book Eats, Shoots & Leaves (do you know what it means? ;-)

  • Wunderlist
    • Fast speed yet powerful todo list management with recurring task scheduling (a big productivity boost), categorization, star/favoriting, reminder and clock. Easy to use across all Mac and Apple mobile platforms. Drag and drop features.
  • Asana
    • For embodying agile development practice, task prioritization and management with easy drag and drop and also reprioritization / reordering. Keyboard smart, can reduce mouse clicking.

Logistics Productivity

  • Fancy Hands +Fancy Hands 
    • I like Fancy Hands because it is a subscription plan for a number of fixed requests each month. Say I pay $25 dollars for a 5 request plan, making it a merely $5 dollars per request. It is incredible! The staff is US based, and English-speaking, which can be very helpful in certain geo-specific tasks and tasks that require cultural backgrounds like passion for the super bowl.  The most important part is that I don't have to hire by the hour, or negotiate the rate / quote for each task. If I have time for that logistics, I didn't have to get a virtual assistant help in the first place.
      Fancy Hands review - affordable efficient virtual assistants

Career Productivity

  • Levo resume
    • A women friendly and aesthetically pleasing free resume builder tool made by a classy virtual community online +Levo League  that aims to promote women's career successes! It's enjoyable to use. 
      Levo League Resume Builder Phone App

Social Network Productivity

  • Using private social media networks like Path +Path 
    • I use Path because it is intimate. I can tone down my sharing filter instead of worrying intensely about PR and impact. It auto shares (given permission) some of my social data like geolocation, sleep time, status and views, saves me time. It allows me to share contents like music and books, saves a lot of explanations.
      Path -  a private social network

Coding Productivity
  • AirPair +Air Pair 
    • I use AirPair to level up after attending code school and attending hackathons. It allows me to meet one-on-one with an expert and get a high quality session tailored to my needs. Will write a guest blog post on airpair about it soon! I can imagine AirPair is also good for developers learning new technologies but already are busy with projects at hand or have their billable hours filled up. This is a quick efficient to get started.
      AirPair - pair programming and coding for developer productivity

Mental Storage and Information Management Productivity

Same Day Delivery Services if you value your time

Department store shopping like Toys R Us Lowe's  - eBay Now

Mini food catering and satisfying tapioca / boba or Philz coffee cravings  promo code fpt2 for $10 delivery credit.

Reading and information consumption productivity

  • Pocket
    • Easy to use mobile apps and webpage views, can archive and favorite, tag at ease. Light weight, fast yet powerful. Bonus: smart reading features like Recommended Reading, Long Read vs Short Read Classification

Financial Management Productivity

  • BillGuard
    • I'm still testing this one out but so far I like  it's lighter weight than minted, I can use Credit Cards only features. Swipe and fast archive, action, labeling features. Quickly check if bills are reasonable. Automated smart engine tells you if others have flagged a particular transaction. 

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  1. Great resources of apps those are meant for the productivity purpose. One more inclusion from my end could be the task management software from Replicon - The user friendly and calendar based interface is all meant for the betterment of the successful business model in order to reach the goal.


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