Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dilys joins AirPair

the 2013 hacker girl joins AirPair
My new career chapter begins with AirPair yesterday! After an incredible time at the Crunchies and a dream work at Codecademy, I am proud to join the AirPair team for an unique apprenticeship! I will be shadowing Igor Lebovic, previously now an AirPair co-founder, focusing on Marketing and SEO internship, content creation and management  functions. There will be a lot of opportunities to write about two of my favorite subjects: technology and programming!

I’m blown away by how tactical and efficient AirPair’s SEO and marketing efforts are, for what looks on the outside like a normal engineering startup. No wonder why they were able to grow so big from nothing but an idea in 2013.

If you are looking for a marketing internship at an exciting startup company, talk to me! 

What does AirPair do?

AirPair  | Better Software, Faster.

AirPair is instant access to the world's best software engineers for real-time help via video chat and screen sharing. 

AirPair helps keep software teams un-stuck and up to date with the latest technologies and practices, with experts spanning Rails, Angular.js, JavaScript, Backbone.js, PHP, and many more!

Air Pair is also a Y Combinator Company.

AirPair customers write about how they use AirPair to get expert programming services
Read about Pivotal Labs and AirPair's philosophy on Pair Programming

Find AirPair on AngelList | Find AirPair on CrunchBase | AirPair on Twitter

Why AirPair? The AirPair Team

Before joining AirPair, I was already a "super user" in its early stages, racked up 5+ sessions with Edward Anderson on JavaScript, jQuery and Backbone.js. The past time as a trusting customer made joining AirPair an easy decision. This video below is one of our Backbone sessions.

AirPair has a strong sense of  hackerpreneur culture. Every team member is a developer with a strong business acumen and startup genes. We all growth hack in client service, content and business dev.

Jonathon founded multiple startups and is currently the product guardian angel, Igor was SVP of and spearheads marketing & SEO, and Maksim was Business Dev for Pivotal Labs, and currently architects optimal operations and drives growth!

It's my first day, I already had my first standup meeting, huddles, worked in open space, used the valley's favorite productivity apps like like Trello and Hackpad. One thing I love about our productive team is that we constantly share helpful tips and hacks. You bet I wrote a few lines of JavaScript too!

What kind of work will I be doing?

AirPair's content is technical. serves developers who are experts and also those who seek expert help. Each session covers at least one technology, and a technical aspect of development (Pair Programming, Code Review, Code Mentoring or Problem Solving). Being a content creator in the marketing function requires me to handle technical information and turn it into useful resources for our users, with guidance from Igor of course. There will be a lot of chances to interact with expert developers too.

This is another chapter of my journey. Who knows where it will lead. The beginning of 2014 will be an interesting time. This journey starts with a short-term learning / interning period. It may leads to future gigs.


  1. This is awesome Dylis! Congrats :D What a cool gig.

    1. nice of you to stop by! thanks for the support : ) checkout
      And can't wait to talk to you about your new journey

  2. So awesome Dilys! Congrats! Would still love to interview you sometime.... :)

    1. Let's do it. I am on Skype much more often now, and twitter too. I work with social media in work hours. When's a good time?


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