Thursday, January 9, 2014

Peer to Peer Coding Badges - a new pay-it-fwd personal project

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3:25a.m. couldn't sleep, has an epiphany: I finally know my No.1 personal project wish list item is building a peer-to-peer gamified developer support system. It's inspired by Mozilla P2PU open source P2P learning community! In fact this blog exists because of absurd yet awesome HTML tasks from a previous course. The procedure is simple: I make badges for beginners to earn, and eventually lead to advanced developer involvement through social interaction.

GOAL: badges are fun, getting recognized is fun, while people "watching" is more fun, get some feedback! Celebrate beginner coders and developers in training with CodeSumJewels

Badges for those who are badge-suckers just like me <3 

Here are some rules, but don't worry too much about them. The No.1 and 2 value adding thing will be getting that P2P interaction, and record evidence of your own accomplishment! These are great materials for personal blogs!

Peer-to-Peer Review Procedures

  • Players: the submitter, the reviewer, the judge
  • Items: badge, evidence, confirmation
  • The submitter applies for a badge, with some rules
  • The submitter provides evidence, e.g. screenshot / GitHub account, to the judge
  • The judge / web agent helps find a reviewer
  • The reviewer should be a holder of the badge at the time of the review
  • Some badges allow reviewer to be nominated, can be a slightly more advanced user
  • The reviewer spends 5 minutes review evidence, gives confirmation or rejects
  • The reviewer should provide a reason in the case of rejection
  • The reviewer earns invisible coder karma!
  • The judge will award the badge to the submitter if application is successful
  • The judge will provide reviewer feedback if application is rejected

It's still a peer-to-peer procedure because reviewer level doesn't always have to be greater than the submitter (in the case where the submitter is the first to earn the badge, she/he can also nominate a reasonably accredited peer to review the badge). Exceptions can be made when there's sufficient evidence supporting the achievement. For example, the submitter has a star jaded GitHub account, including a public repo of which she authored in Backbone.js, and the repo has been forked or starred, she should qualify for at least the basic badge for Backbone.js

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