Monday, April 23, 2012

Wizard with wand, Coder with editor

Cute concept from P2PU. The quest is to find a proper "wizard wand" for Mac. Shouldn't be that hard, but haven't found any yet. May be Bluefish? A top runner right now.

UPDATE April 30, 2012

I lied I will be trying Komodo Edit (which is free) first then use Bluefish as a backup if it doesn't work out! Yay. Thanks for everybody for the help. As a beginner Mac OS programmer finding a right editor wasn't easy


Komodo is actually free!! Have to search Komodo Edit (not Komodo IDE which is very expensive). I chose Komodo because it is actually free (no trial expiration) and it is great for Mac. i am intimated by that it is a pro tool, but why not learn from the best. If I struggle, something good will come out of it when I win the challenge.

UPDATE Feb 23, 2013

New Choice of Editor: Sublime Text 2.

Why? It is free and free forever until you wanted to pay, it is available for Mac and PC. It is light, faster than Komodo. It allows you to open files in directories. After some really experiences, I love this. 


  1. I have been using TextWrangler because that's what my HTML/CSS Professor used. But Treehouse uses sublime and I have been wanting to download it but they require the newest version of Mac Software and I am not ready for that so sticking to TextWrangler


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