Monday, March 23, 2015

Have a coffee chat with Dilys via Square Cash?

Let's chat over a virtual latte using Square Cash.

Why coffee? I love coffee, which makes me really happy so I give better advice.

What's in it for you? The right advice at the right moment can change your life! For a cup of coffee, you can pick my brain for 15 minutes. We can chat about: growth hacking, e-Commerce, learn to code movement, consulting, startup, Y Combinator, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and more...

Why you want to chat with Dilys? She's unconventional and had a fabulous year in the learn to code movement, read about it here. She also has a shiny linkedin profile

  1. Use Square Cash to send me some "tips"$buydilyscoffee
  2. Select a hashtag # topic that you want to chat about for 15 minutes. See my twitter profile for ideas
  3. We just had a virtual coffee chat worth celebrating! It will go down in micro consulting history! The advice-giver is happy the advice-receiver is happy. The world is a better place.

Let's have a cup of coffee via Square Cash

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