Monday, March 9, 2015

All you need to know about Apple Watch pictures minxmin recap - [Live Blogging] Apple 3/9/15 event unveiling Apple iWatch

Dilys is live blogging the Apple March 9th iWatch unveiling event.

  • Get your full recap on Apple's Apple Watch Announcement today? pictures and minute by minute live blog 
  • What are the different designs and availability of Apple Watch? All about Apple Watch iWatch

    • Apple Watch Sport Collection
      Apple CEO Tim Cook present Apple Watch Sport collection at today's live event.

        Molten aluminum for Apple Watch
      • premium aluminum: custom design alloy light yet strong
        Apple Watch wants you to get excited about material science and the beautiful aluminum alloy it's using for its premium watch.
      • Apple wants you to love the material science porn-level new standard manufacturing of Apple Watch Sport

    • Apple Watch Collection

      • Of course Apple has no ordinary stainless steel Apple Watch #AppleLive
      • Mirror finish
      • Diamond like carbon extra layer give you the extra premium finish
      • Apple stainless steel Apple Watch with carbon layer for a black smooth finish.
      • Milanese loop
        Apple stainless steel Apple Watch with Milanese Loop and carbon black finish

      The Apple Watch Watch Collection has the largest number of customizations of styles and fashion designs to choose from.
    • Watch Edition

      • Limited availability, limited edition
      • Retails for $10K = $10,000
      • Available in limited retail stores
The Apple Watch Watch Edition is the premium collection with a price tag of $10,000 available only at limited stores. It's a collector piece, limited edition.

  • #AppleWatch comes in 3 collections find out here Aluminum Steel and Gold 
  • Pre order on April 10 Apple Watch #AppleLive ultimate fitting experience choose the one that's right for you. Available April 24th.

  • How does the Apple Watch charger work?
  • The back of an Apple Watch, where the magnetic charger snaps into place.
    • Apple watch comes with a magnetic charger that will snap into place automatically.
      Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charger that snaps into place.

  • Wow holy crap Apple all out for Chinese clients Wechat with stickers now available immediately on Apple Watch
A day in life of an Apple Watch - Apple appeals to Chinese customers with WeChat app. 
A day in life of an Apple Watch - Apple appeals to Chinese customers with emoticons and stickers.
A day in life of an Apple Watch - Apple appeals to Chinese customers with emoticons and stickers including the popular Tsuski

  • Apple builds an Apple Watch app store, an iPhone app, to distribute apps built for the watch.

    • Wow #Apple designed with #ALLDAY battery life 18 hours! Magnetic charger.
    • This however isn't significantly different from the Pebble watch distribution.
  • #Apple builds an app #appstore for #AppleWatch
  • "Hey Siri" like "OK Glass" interacting with Siri without tapping #AppleLive #Siri versus #GoogleGlass
  • The new Apple Watch wants you to get excited about the material science of aluminum, gold, and 
  • 11:09AM Apple Watch in Action 
    • Day in Life of an Apple Watch
      • Beginning of the day : Events, schedules, stock, sports, twitter, Salesforce
      • "Hey Siri" like "OK Glass" interacting with Siri without tapping
      • Fitness reminder
      • Apple Pay for grocery
      • #AppleWatch full integrated with #Uber #GPS enabled
      • Passbook boarding pass on your wrist
      • Digital touch can draw and track drawing send to friend (snapchat on wrist)
      • SPG Starwoods Hotel partnership, check in, unlock the door. Shazam for the music. Remote control of garage door with 
      • Dictation or as an audio of my voice (like WeChat)
      • Instagram on Apple Watch
      • Use Apple Watch for Instagram

  • You can view photos, pay with #ApplePay on #AppleWatch #Siri #notification #ESPN sports, Social Media
  • How Apple Watch helps a marathon: Christy uses #AppleWatch to check for distance, altitude and other course data
  • iWatch in action half marathon in Tanzania Africa Christy Turlington
  • #Apple iWatch is a full blown fitness tracker #FitBit #NikeFuelBand all watch out
    • 3 ring graphic display
    • Apple iWatch 3 Ring visualization of your physical activities - fitness data visualization example.
    • Live coaching, motivation
    • Give a fitness tracker to your friend 
  • Read full emails
  • 10:58 AM receive calls from Apple #iWatch with build in microphone and speaker
  • 10:56 AM Apple iWatch express time like it's never being done before, add any rich details
Many faces of Apple Watch, watch face of a blooming flower.

Apple Watch gets playful with watch faces featuring the classical
Mickey Mouse and moving hands design.

  • 10:17 AM Apple Health Changing Medical Research
  • Apple ResearchKit partners with hospitals and university to deliver a new era of medical research. Partnership includes University of Oxford, Stanford Medicine, Penn Medicine, UCLA Public Health, Mass Gen - Massachusetts General. 
    • Challenges: 
      • Recruiting subjects, small sample sizes
      • Subjective Data: e.g. Parkinson patients get arbitrarily rated by physicians,  
      • Snapshot data: quarterly trip to office
      • One way communication: don't hear back until end of study
    • with 700 MM iPhones sold
Apple ResearchKit app shows partnership between Apple, University of Rochester, Qinghua University, Sage Bionetworks on Parkinson's disease.
Apple will diagnose Parkinson partnership with university hospitals turn Apple into a #ResearchKit #MedicalResearcha

#Apple partners with #MassGeneral on #Diabetes, #Asthma with #MountSinai, #HeartDisease with Stanford #ResearchKit  iPhone = Diagnostic tool

  • 40 new models of cars shipping with Apple CarPlay
  • Apple iPhones 700 Million sold. Last quarter doubled rate of the industry nearly 50% growth
  • iPhone is now the top best selling smart phone on earth
  • Apple Pay started with 6 banks now over 2500 institutes
  • 40K Coca Cola vending machines now accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.
    • 40K Coca Cola vending machines now takes Apple Pay

  • Apple TV price lowered to $69 
  • 10:11AM Game of Throne exclusive trailer debuts during the live event
  • 10:07AM Apple TV -  HBO CEO announces exclusive partnership with Apple for HBONow (subscription includes past present future and featured movies requires an Apple device $14.99 per month April premiere Game of Thrones). Famous shows: sopranos, entourage, sex and the city, VEEP, Silicon Valley, game of throne
  • 10:00 AM - Apple gives tribute to its Chinese customers by showing videos of popularity of Apple products in China (Hangzhou Xihu - West Lake China new store opening)
    • 21 stores so far aiming for 40
Apple puts Chinese customers first opening its live event with video features of the new Xihu West Lake China store opening.

Apple live event video features Chinese customers, one of its most important customer populations.

  • 10:00AM watch the live event on safari


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