Sunday, May 9, 2021

Coding for Good, Coding as a Service resources

 Did you know that being a developer you are at an unique position to help the society? There are many public service opportunities to contribute your skills

  • Code for America. Join your local Code for America chapters called Brigades. Perhaps not a perfect analogy, it is sort of like Americorp but for coding. They need engineers, product managers and data scientists. In fact, the talents at CoA are very impressive.
  • The federal government now has Chief Information Officer, as well as innovation fellowships for those mid-career in tech.
  • You can definitely volunteer through coding
  • Stanford CS for Good class and Social Entrepreneurship classes teach how to best using code for social good
  • Join a public sector themed Civic Hack, hackathons for those want to do CS for Good.
  • CSforGood

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