Monday, February 6, 2017

11 Things You Can Do at the Crunchies 2017

Hot off the press, use your super powers and unleash your inner extrovert at the Crunchies award ceremony today in San Francisco! adapted from Medium

  1. Meet famous founders, tech investors and journalists such as Mark Zuckerberg, Dave McClure and Ron Conway. Kungfu hustle for your budding tech product in after party open bar
  2. Take fabulous runway pictures at this tech oscars on the green carpet
  3. Get advice and mentorship from fellow founders, YCombinator 500 Startup alumni and tech workers
  4. Find inspiration and actionables for your startup
  5. Trend spotting and policy crunching.
  6. Indulge in the sparkles and glamours of tech giants like Kevin of Instagram, Pinterest, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and famous investors like Ron Conway. It’s hard to resist a selfie even if it is mildly impressing.
  7. Take a selfie. Take lots of selfies.
  8. Chuckle at occasional tech nerd humor squeezed into the ceremony by guest artists, hosts, comedians and even opera singers. Past guest artists include the Daily Show actors.
  9. Drink and hustle. There is a bar with flowing champagnes and cocktails that can give you a boost and bring out your networking inner extrovert. Prep dinero, it ain’t no free ride.
  10. This year’s nominee’s include SpaceX and Pokemon GO! Expect to see Elon Musk and the Niantic studio in the crowd?
  11. Network with reporters from VentureBeat, Mashable, TechCrunch … for your baby startup?

What is the Crunchies award ceremony?

Here’s a whimsical opera intro to Crunchies! Enjoy

In short it is the oscars for the tech community where all the startup and tech giants and inner circles meet. Like HBO’s Silicon Valley show? You will likely really enjoy this award ceremony. But if you are not huslting in tech, this event may be nothing more than a selfie opportunity.

Crunchies’ Past

In the past Crunchies, people arrived at the events in style in their fabulous outfits and with their tech gadgets. Travis of Uber had his pampered lap dog with him. People showed off their Google Glasses and Tesla in the past. This year, expect Snap to make a splash with their unique personality and Snap Spectacle glasses before their big IPO.
Past guest speakers included Mayor Ed Lee and Ron Conway “the Godfather of Silicon Valley”. They provide great insights for the future of the Silicon Valley.

My Crunchies’ Past

Fun fact, I shared the stage with Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Meyers and Kevin Systrom of Instagram at the 2012 Crunchies award ceremony. I was at 2 YC startups. Dave McClure 500 startup and I follow each other on Twitter :P


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