Saturday, February 11, 2017

Udacity Machine Learning Udacity Connect Lesson 01 Syllabus

In-person Udacity Connect Machine Learning Nanodegree syllabus
  • Practice running python from within a Jupyter Notebook (FKA IPython Notebook).
  • Become familiar with importing useful modules and packages, e.g. pandas, numpy, matplotlib.pyplot.
  • Learn about the pandas data structures, including the Series and DataFrame objects.
  • Create a DataFrame object from data in a comma-separated variable (csv) file using pandas.read_csv
  • Index and select data from Series and DataFrame objects using loc and iloc
  • Compute descriptive statistics on a Series or DataFrame, including the mean, the median, and the min & max
  • Explore a public data set found on Kaggle
  • Conduct some exploratory data analysis, and visualize trends in data using matplotlib

Pre Lesson Activities
  • Student Handbook
  • Class schedule and holidays
    • It's an aggressive schedule
  • Logistics
  • Github repo
Lesson 1 in-person activity
  • Meet classmates
  • Meet and greet
  • First lunch is provided. No free lunches in future sessions

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